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Lsnes / Memory Map

lsnes memory map

This is list of mappings used by memory manipulation functions.

Not all mappings are active at once. All addresses are in hexadecimal

Codes used in notes:

Shorthand Meaning
- Always present
RTC Only present on cartridges with an RTC chip
DSP Only present on cartridges with a DSP chip
BSX BS-X only
ST Sufami Turbo only
SGB Super Game Boy only
CART Presence depends on the cartridge
V10 Only present on lsnes rr1-Δ10 and newer
V10.1 Only present on lsnes rr1-Δ10ε1 and newer

SNES memory map

Start Address End Address Size Description Notes
0000 0000 0000 FFFF 64kB Audio RAM -
0001 0000 0001 FFFF 64kB Video RAM -
0002 0000 0002 021F 544B Object Attribute Memory -
0002 1000 0002 11FF 512B Palette Memory -
0002 2000 0002 2013 20B S-RTC or SPC-7110 Clock Memory RTC
0002 3000 0002 3FFF 4kB DSP RAM DSP
007E 0000 007F FFFF 128kB Main RAM -
0100 0000 01FF FFFF 16MB SNES Bus V10
1000 0000 (varies) (varies) Main cartridge[1] RAM / SRAM CART
2000 0000 (varies) (varies) BS-X RAM BSX
Sufami Turbo Slot A Cartridge RAM / SRAM ST,CART
3000 0000 (varies) (varies) BS-X PRAM BSX
Sufami Turbo Slot B Cartridge RAM / SRAM ST,CART
8000 0000 (varies) (varies) Main cartridge[1] ROM -
9000 0000 (varies) (varies) BS-X Flash ROM BSX
Sufami Turbo Slot A Cartridge ROM ST
DMG Cartridge ROM SGB
A000 0000 (varies) (varies) Sufami Turbo Slot B Cartridge ROM ST
F000 0000 F000 FFFF 64kB DSP program ROM DSP
F001 0000 F001 0FFF 4kB DSP data ROM DSP
1 0000 0000 1 000F FFFF 16MB Table of area pointers and sizes V10.1
1 0100 0000 (varies) (varies) CPU internal state V10.1
1 0200 0000 (varies) (varies) PPU internal state V10.1
1 0300 0000 (varies) (varies) SMP internal state V10.1
1 0400 0000 (varies) (varies) DSP internal state V10.1

DMG/CGB memory map:

Start Address End Address Size Description Notes
0000 0000 (varies) (varies) Main RAM -
0001 0000 (varies) (varies) Video RAM -
0001 8000 (varies) (varies) I/O RAM -
0002 0000 (varies) (varies) Save RAM CART
8000 0000 (varies) (varies) Main cartridge ROM -

MMIO area (rr1-Δ14 and newer):

Address Type Description
FFFF FFFF 0000 0000 Unsigned Qword Frame counter
FFFF FFFF 0000 0008 Unsigned Qword Movie length
FFFF FFFF 0000 0010 Unsigned Qword Lag counter
FFFF FFFF 0000 0018 Unsigned Qword Rerecord counter

[1] In case of BS-X, Sufami Turbo or Super Game Boy, the main cartridge is the adapter cartridge, not the actual game cartridge!

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