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Lsnes / Task List

This is list of various past and current tasks with lsnes:

Todo: Not started yet
In <branch>: In specific branch, but not yet in any version
In <version>: Merged in that version.
Pending <branch>: Will be pushed to specific branch, but not propagated yet
Topic Branch: There is topic branch for this
In work: Working on it

Feature/Bug/Regression status
Fix Wxwidgets --load In rr1-Δ15
Improve sound quality in UI In rr1-Δ15
Commentary track tool In rr1-Δ15
input.joyget In rr1-Δ15
Provide patches for libgambatte r358 In rr1-Δ15
Memory watch on dedicated window In rr1-Δ15
Recent ROMs / Movies In rr1-Δ15
Libao support In rr1-Δ15
SNES: Accurate lag counter In rr1-Δ15
Fix crashing on GTK when hidden In rr1-Δ15ε1
If a ROM and movie are DnD'd, load both at once In rr1-Δ15ε1
Gambatte: Don't save spurious movie SRAMs In rr1-Δ15ε1
Make loading SGB ROMs possible without black magic In rr1-Δ15ε1
Fix saving not creating a recent movie entry In rr1-Δ15ε1
Don't open multiple commentary track editors at once In rr1-Δ15ε1
Lua: Memory mapping In rr1-Δ15ε2
Lua: Fix bus_address to not behave like GB was SNES In rr1-Δ15ε2
Bsnes: Fix functions dependent on debugger In rr1-Δ15ε2
Gambatte: Fix bus_address In rr1-Δ15ε2
Fix resets in presence of save-every-frame In rr1-Δ15ε2
Fix crash on certain memory watch expressions In rr1-Δ15ε3
Lua: memory.read_expr In rr1-Δ15ε3
Fix memory commands on addresses longer than 8 hex digits In rr1-Δ15ε3
Fix autohold menu In rr1-Δ15ε3
Fix superscope and justifier In rr1-Δ15ε3
Lua: Fix bit.extract with booleans In rr1-Δ15ε3
Fix off-by-one in stop-at-end In rr1-Δ16, rr2-β0
Fix crash if lsnes is closed when piece of commentary track is playing In rr1-Δ16, rr2-β0
OggOpus voice stream import/export support In rr1-Δ16, rr2-β0
Support 16-button gamepads In rr1-Δ16, rr2-β0
Voice record&playback volumes in UI In rr1-Δ16, rr2-β0
Upgrade gambatte patches to SVN364 In rr1-Δ16, rr2-β1
Autoload XML if it exists even without gamepack In rr1-Δ16, rr2-β1
Screen flip & rotate In rr1-Δ16, rr2-β1
Bit.popcount, bit.test_any, bit.test_all In rr1-Δ16, rr2-β2
Bit.clshift, bit.crshift, bit.flagdecode, bit.rflagdecode In rr1-Δ16, rr2-β2
Update voice clips in editor in real-time In rr1-Δ16, rr2-β2
Update subtitles in editor in real-time In rr1-Δ16, rr2-β2
Fix music volume adjustment In rr1-Δ16, rr2-β2
Fix memory watch rendering In rr1-Δ16ε1, rr2-β3
Allow setting voice stream gain In rr1-Δ16ε1, rr2-β3
Improved volume control & VU display In rr1-Δ16ε1, rr2-β3
Lua: Render text with custom fonts (8x16 is pretty big for a dump) In rr1-Δ16ε1, rr2-β3
Fix double counting of rerecords if loading a recent movie In rr1-Δ16ε1, rr2-β3
Regenerate bsnes patches without extra path component In rr1-Δ16ε1, rr2-β3
Input editor In rr1-Δ17, rr2-β3
Input editor enhancements (insert frame, delete (sub) frame) In rr1-Δ17, rr2-β3
Fix VU meter with no sound input/output In rr1-Δ17, rr2-β3
Movie editor: Jump to specified frame In rr1-Δ17, rr2-β3
Movie editor: Run to specified frame In rr1-Δ17, rr2-β3
Movie editor: Truncate movie In rr1-Δ17, rr2-β3
Movie editor: Append multiple frames In rr1-Δ17, rr2-β3
Movie editor: Fix scrolling with scrollwheel In rr1-Δ17, rr2-β3
Movie editor: Fix bug on rewinding movie with scroll locking enabled In rr1-Δ17, rr2-β3
Movie editor: Hilight selected column In rr1-Δ17, rr2-β3
Fix various undefined return values In rr1-Δ17, rr2-β3
Wxwidgets: --lua=<file> In rr1-Δ17, rr2-β3
Wxwidgets: <file> to load ROM In rr1-Δ17, rr2-β3
Hostmemory should always be reloaded on load In rr1-Δ17ε1, rr2-β4
Allow Lua scripts to read hotkeys In rr1-Δ17ε1, rr2-β4
Allow Lua scripts to create inverse bindings In rr1-Δ17ε1, rr2-β4
Don't crash if Lua VM is reset with pending bitmap draw In rr1-Δ17ε1, rr2-β4
... The same for pending custom font draw In rr1-Δ17ε1, rr2-β4
gui.text: Properly clip bottom border instead of corrupting memory In rr1-Δ17ε1, rr2-β4
input.lcid_to_pcid2, input.port_type In rr1-Δ17ε1, rr2-β4
Lua: Controller information function In rr1-Δ17ε1, rr2-β4
Lua: on_button, input.veto_button In rr1-Δ17ε1, rr2-β4
Fix saving screenshots on Windows In rr1-Δ17ε2, rr2-β5
Load current slot in various modes In rr1-Δ17ε2, rr2-β5
Fix typo in manual for name of movie.read_subframes In rr1-Δ17ε2, rr2-β5
Preserve and invert user for input.joyset In rr1-Δ17ε2, rr2-β5
Treat point-of-save specially In rr1-Δ17ε2, rr2-β5
Fix bsnes mouse input patching In rr1-Δ17ε2, rr2-β5
Default to .lsmv in load/save movie/savestate dialogs In rr1-Δ17ε2, rr2-β5
Add missing glyph 70 to data/verysmall.font In rr1-Δ17ε2, rr2-β5
Custom font rendering with halos In rr1-Δ17ε2, rr2-β5
Fix memory search by value with byte-sized types In rr1-Δ17ε2, rr2-β5
Fix statusbar/movie editor flicker In rr1-Δ17ε3, rr2-β6
Show effects of on_input in input display In rr1-Δ17ε3, rr2-β6
Offer filter for .lsmv.backup in loadstate In rr1-Δ17ε3, rr2-β6
Subframe advance, fix the hellish speed when repeating In rr1-Δ17ε3, rr2-β6
Include snes9x Lua fonts In rr1-Δ17ε3, rr2-β6
Show current save slot info In rr1-Δ17ε3, rr2-β6
Fix settings dialog breaking hotkeys In rr1-Δ17ε3, rr2-β6
Fix wrong input if movie editor extends finished movie In rr1-Δ17ε3, rr2-β6
Autoupdate memory watch In rr1-Δ17ε4, rr2-β8
Memory search: Use framebuffer panel instead of textbox In rr1-Δ17ε4, rr2-β8
Movie editor: Repaint when movie data is changed In rr1-Δ17ε4, rr2-β8
Lua: Apply delta to gap and return old gap In rr1-Δ17ε4, rr2-β8
Fix RTC when loading in readonly mode In rr1-Δ17ε4, rr2-β8
Hostmemory should be saved/restored by unsafe rewinds In rr1-Δ17ε4, rr2-β8
gui.text: Properly clip top/left border instead of corrupting memory In rr1-Δ17ε4, rr2-β8
Implicit creation of inverse binds for aliases In rr1-Δ17ε4, rr2-β8
Fix subtitle generation In rr1-Δ17ε4, rr2-β8
read-*: Fix reading of signed/byte values In rr1-Δ18, rr2-β9
Copy&Paste in movie editor In rr1-Δ18, rr2-β9
Load PNGs as (d)bitmaps In rr1-Δ18, rr2-β9
Load BITMAP/PALETTE from string In rr1-Δ18, rr2-β9
SNES: Y-cabled gamepads In rr1-Δ18, rr2-β9
Lua: Allow shortening evaluate-lua to L In rr1-Δ18, rr2-β9
Lua functions for movie data types In rr1-Δ18, rr2-β9
Lua: Fix bug with methods if Lua is reset (rr1) In rr1-Δ16ε1
Fix readonly load of non-extended movie (rr1) In rr1-Δ16ε1
Backport input.get2 and input.set2 (rr1) In rr1-Δ17ε1
Fix system control reading using input.get2 (rr1) In rr1-Δ18
Fix crash if Lua method (not function) throws (rr1) In rr1-Δ18
Support GB WRAM and HRAM for SGB In rr1-Δ18ε1, rr2-β10
Installer script In rr1-Δ18ε1, rr2-β10
Support blitting BITMAP+PALETTE -> DBITMAP In rr1-Δ18ε1, rr2-β10
Automatically prompt for ROM if loading movie with no rom In rr1-Δ18ε1,rr2-β10
Fully reinitialize movie on ROM load according to some sane rules In rr1-Δ18ε1,rr2-β10
Lua: gui.arrow In rr1-Δ18ε1,rr2-β10
Lua: Extend print() to print all types In rr1-Δ18ε1,rr2-β10
Fix wrong use of lua_error In rr1-Δ18ε1,rr2-β10
Tilemaps In rr1-Δ18ε1,rr2-β10
Prevent editing reset of current frame after it has been read In rr1-Δ18ε1,rr2-β10
Fix crash if loading new ROM with non-default controllers active In rr1-Δ18ε2,rr2-β12
Gambatte: DC level fixes In rr1-Δ18ε3,rr2-β14
Fix counting subframes in frame spanning page boundary In rr1-Δ18ε3, rr2-β15
SNES debugging Lua functions In rr2-β0
Fix compiling with MXE In rr2-β1
Fix button configuration In rr2-β1
Support different input and output devices In rr2-β2
Lua: Render screen objects to buffer / render buffer to screen In rr2-β3
Move sound device select to a dialog In rr2-β3
Fix totally borked movie saving In rr2-β3
Fix movie saving if some ports are unconnected In rr2-β3
Portaudio: Do split-duplex on different input/output devices instead full-duplex In rr2-β3
Modify save slot set handling In rr2-β3
Fix totally screwed controller mapping In rr2-β3
Fix controller keys being missing In rr2-β4
System controls need to be set before running on_input In rr2-β5
More useful autofire In rr2-β5
TAS input plugin In rr2-β5
Analog passthrough In rr2-β5
Fix crashes on Win32 In rr2-β5
Fix reading of movie data In rr2-β5
Fix bug where autofire is falsely shown on/off In rr2-β6
Fix print() stopping working on Lua VM reset In rr2-β6
Fix possible crash on startup In rr2-β6
Fix crash if input.[gs]et{,a} is called outside on_input In rr2-β6
Fix crash on loading GB(C) ROM In rr2-β7
Fix slot info to work properly with slotset changes In rr2-β8
Lua: Per-VMA read/write In rr2-β8
Lua: Create commands In rr2-β8
Projects support In rr2-β8
Fix memory watch with projects In rr2-β8
Fix reading invalid buttons In rr2-β8
Fix desync when loading movie via project switch In rr2-β8
Implement project switch as kind of loadstate In rr2-β8
Close ROM In rr2-β8
Report controller iname not hname to Lua In rr2-β8
Revamp setting changing In rr2-β8
Fix wrong parameters bug with coroutines In rr2-β8
Input macros In rr2-β8
Select Core from load ROM dialog In rr2-β9
Core actions In rr2-β9
Override standard lag detection In rr2-β9
Joystick driver for Mac OS X In rr2-β9
Show important errors in message box In rr2-β9
Binary movies/savestates In rr2-β9
Project out-of-range analog macro outputs to edge In rr2-β9
Remember past gamepads In rr2-β9
Redesign joystick config dialog In rr2-β9
Allow unbounded number of keys for reverse bind In rr2-β9
Allow unbounded number of keys for controller bind In rr2-β9
Load a savestate as rewind point In rr2-β9
Split Lua functions to own manual In rr2-β9
Lua: gui.adjust_transparency In rr2-β9
Lua: loadfile/dofile: Support basenames In rr2-β9
Lua: gui.bitmap_load{,_png,_pal}: Support basnames In rr2-β9
Lua: Support special token @@LUA_SCRIPT_FILENAME@@ In rr2-β9
Fix get_slotinfo to grok binary savestates In rr2-β10
Multi-ROM support In rr2-β10
ROM guessing In rr2-β10
Fix "unpause on exit with ROM unloaded" bug In rr2-β10
View VMA In rr2-β10
Memory search: Poke In rr2-β10
Memory search: Select in hex view In rr2-β10
Memory search: Save/Load In rr2-β10
Memory search: Undo/Redo In rr2-β10
Movie editor: Graphical scale for axes In rr2-β11
TAS input: Show target for lightguns In rr2-β11
Multitracking capabilities In rr2-β11
Fix TAS input on loadstate In rr2-β11
Fix TAS input lightgun buffer size calculation In rr2-β11
Lua: Memory.* scatter-gather In rr2-β12
Speed up save/load by refactoring rerecord count handling In rr2-β12
Use correct file for rerecord counting In rr2-β12
Fix save slot type to be correct in project context In rr2-β12
Even more savestate speed optimization In rr2-β12
Recent Lua scripts In rr2-β13
Wxwidgets: Command line history In rr2-β13
Bsnes: Latch callbacks In rr2-β13
Support in-memory saves In rr2-β13
Messages window: Copy & Save In rr2-β13
Messages window: Scroll with wheel In rr2-β13
Lua: Unified debugging In rr2-β13
Autodetect bsnes version when building In rr2-β14
Null core: Set hidden flag In rr2-β14
Attempt Autosave on crash In rr2-β14
Gameboy disassembler In rr2-β14
Gameboy: Fix colors being lost on reload In rr2-β14
Set current slot command In rr2-β14
Allow turning off background audio In rr2-β14
Fix loading a new core from library In rr2-β14
Fix compile for bsnes accuracy In rr2-β14
Bsnes: Support modified poll timings In rr2-β14
Allow loading default font as custom font In rr2-β14
Lua: random.* In rr2-β14
Zip: Create/Enumerate In rr2-β14
Lua: gui.screenshot_bitmap() In rr2-β14
File upload: Don't corrupt emulator state if closed via X In rr2-β14
SNES: PPU registers In rr2-β14
SNES: Create needed directories on build In rr2-β14
Lua: BITMAP/RENDERQUEUE methods In rr2-β14
Lua: Apply delta gaps to render queue correctly In rr2-β14
Lua: Render queue to dbitmap In rr2-β14
Lua: Allow specifying colors by name In rr2-β14
Prettyprint the joystick config file In rr2-β14
Plugin manager In rr2-β14
Lua: Fix miscounting of objects in renderqueue In rr2-β14
Lua: render_queue_function In rr2-β14
Fix crashes from RNG/upload hashing In rr2-β14
Don't crash on canceling tracelog file select In rr2-β15
Fix emulator not to freeze if there is a memory watch In rr2-β15
Fix crash on certain invalid memory read/write commands In rr2-β15
Include DMG/CGB bus if gambatte is debug-capable In rr2-β15
Fix PNG screenshots (again) In rr2-β16
Rewrite memory watches In rr2-β16
Fix core selection for downloaded movies In rr2-β16
Slots: Branches In rr2-β16
Edit customfont post-creation In rr2-β16
Character set conversions, string.byteU, string.charU In rr2-β16
Bitmap scaling In rr2-β16
Porter-Duff blits In rr2-β16
Color priority blits In rr2-β16
Lua: Identify object class, enumerate classes In rr2-β16
Lua: Support pairs() for classes (requires Lua 5.2) In rr2-β16
Lua: bit.compose, bit.binary_{ld,st}_*, bit.quotent In rr2-β16
Messages window: Use text render panel In rr2-β16
Movie editor: Branches In rr2-β16
Import simple old memory watches In rr2-β16
Fix the games list in upload dialog In rr2-β16
Tracelog dialog In rr2-β16
Disassembly dialog In rr2-β16
Show error dialog if ROM/Movie load from cmdline fails In rr2-β17
Delay running Lua scripts until emulator is started up In rr2-β17
Tracelogger: Breakpoints In rr2-β17
Special menu for recent projects In rr2-β17
C core interface (rr2) In rr2-β17
Fix loading project if there are multiple cores available (rr2) In rr2-β17
SNES: Invoke bus breaks with correct address In rr2-β18
Fix lag counting in cores without LSNES_CORE_CAP1_PFLAG In rr2-β18
Fix mouse electronics test In rr2-β18
Enlarge settings windows and allow resizing In rr2-β18
Joysticks: Show disabled even if offline In rr2-β18
Portaudio: Fix closing playback devices In rr2-β18
Fix deleting executing breakpoint In rr2-β18
movie.lagcount() In rr2-β18
SNES: Fix disassembly of long offsets In rr2-β18
Faster SNES breakpoint register/unregister In rr2-β18
Fix movie.find_frame() performance issue In rr2-β18
Fix crash on new project creation In rr2-β19
GB: Fix crash on trying to reset memory search In rr2-β19
Fix loading memory watches out of project In rr2-β19
GB: Fix A, PC and CycleCounter not updating In rr2-β19
GB: Make tracelog not screw up breaks In rr2-β19
Lua: bit.multidiv, bit.test, bit.testn, string.hex, string.lpad, string.rpad In rr2-β19
Fix 0-length movie bug In rr2-β19
Fix some potential Lua crashes In rr2-β19
Security: Fix high RNG In rr2-β19
Save settings immediately after closing settings dialog In rr2-β19
Allocate PALETTE/BITMAP/DBITMAP/TILEMAP extra memory as part of object In rr2-β19
Fix compare objects and allocate extra memory for those as part of object In rr2-β19
SNES: APURAM, VRAM, CGRAM and OAM breakpoints in unified framework In rr2-β19
Have status bar update even without status panel/memorywatch window In rr2-β19
Fix livelock on high enough speeds In rr2-β20
Lua: gui.solidrectangle In rr2-β21
Lua: (D)BITMAP:draw_clip, (D)BITMAP:draw_outside In rr2-β21
Win32: Fix crash saves (fuck Windows) In rr2-β21
Fix macro frame duplication after loadstate In rr2-β21
...And don't skip a frame there In rr2-β21
Fix SA1 open bus In rr2-β21
Trace logger: Show frame start In rr2-β21
Trace logger: Allow deleting lines / clearing In rr2-β21
lsnes-dumpavi: Download movie file if needed In rr2-β21
Allow defining URL scheme aliases In rr2-β21
Movie editor: Fix column hilight on draw In rr2-β21
Movie editor: Clear line In rr2-β21
Movie editor: Insert # of frames In rr2-β21
Fix loading save slot with postmovie without ROM loaded In rr2-β21
Ask for core if multiple matches before adding to recent ROMs In rr2-β21
Tasinput: Revamp keyboard handing In rr2-β21
Fix Lua callback Lua instances Todo
Win32: Fix loading ROM with non-ASCII path (including directories) Todo
Usabilty fixes for starting a new movie Todo
Lua: auxillary windows (rr2) Todo
Support OpenGL output via FBOs (rr2) Todo
More cores (rr2) Todo
Fix frame advance after loadstate (rr1) Todo

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