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BizHawk 2.3

Note that I'm not affiliated with the developers, these are mostly my personal lists.

My emulation posts

My emulation test movies

Missing features per cores 2.3

NES emulation

  • no subframe input (where input polled multiple times in games)
  • 1-2 frame difference when loading (lag frames) between NESHawk and FCEUX 2.2.3 sometimes at random points (any console tests?)
  • laggy games complete disasters, what is the situation (NES Jackal, Rockin Kats)?
  • cpu/ppu cycle dependent games (Indiana Jones temple of doom, Narc, circus caper)?

(outdated) GBA emulation (outdated)

  • no subframe input
  • GB addams family starting stil fishy
For bizhawk 2.2 the fastest starting:
    • 565 S
    • 566 S
    • 567 empty
    • 568 S

(as far as I remember, using an older version of lsnes-rr1 (rr13 triangle epsilon???), doing super weird combinations (8th subframe S, wait, wait, 2nd subframe S) was the fastest method which was slower on other emus because of the way audio is used?... Ilari knows more)

SNES emulation

  • 93% accuracy, TODO question random lagframes difference (SMW loading time, Assault Suits Valken game lag), check console verifications

SMS emulation

  • question how does reset button works (more info in my smshawk thread), is it possible to interrupt at any cpu cycle?

Missing home-console emulations that I might TAS

Missing handheld emulations

More stuffs


Digital Eclipse

Duck Tales 2 MU gray column glitch
doesn't seems to be replicable! Note Digital Eclipse have different implementation than other emulators (needs more proof).
Chip n dale infinite zipping
impossible to replicate in real time, requires frame advance and memory watch.
Duck Tales glitches
works, because of same ROMs.
Megaman glitches
works, because of same ROMs. Most of the ROMs only omits the title screen text. The extra glitches (new ones) comes from the new implementation (teleports).

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