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Masterjun / Staff Conduct

Default state

By default, staff members can conduct neither heat nor electricity in a proper manner. They fall short of using their maximum potential.

The purpose of this page is to teach how to properly reach the highest state of conductivity.


When heated matter is coming your way, it is important to avoid avoiding it, and instead to take it in. At this stage it is important to neither let it cool down, nor heat up further. It is your job to emit it as flawlessly as possible, while keeping the matter as stable as possible.

Abstract the idea of taking in and emitting the matter, distinguish between them, and keep them in your memory for faster and more precise access the next time.



Mothrayas: imo this should include advice on how to get struck by lightning for optimal conduction



You get permakicked if you ever say LUA. Wait... OH SHI~


It's 0x7FFF, not $7FFF.

EZGames69: if a staff member is made out of copper, can they conduct more? this should also be addressed.

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