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Hello, hello!
It's me, a former TASVideos publisher!

A short story behind me.

I wandered here, on TASvideos (Nesvideos back then), in the beginning of year 2005. I then got really interested in speedruns, equally to actual speedruns and TASes. After a year or so, I began to work on my very first TAS, Megaman & Bass (GBA), which was rejected. I completely understand why it was rejected, especially now that i'm half-publisher. After Megaman & Bass I have started numerous TASes but for some reason i didn't finish any of them :). To name a few: Megaman Zero 1, Megaman Zero 2, Alfred Chicken, Super Mario All Stars and so on.

Some time after that I came to think that I could try some encoding, after all I have my PC on for 24/7. So i started testing out and believe me, the first tries sure werent pretty :D. Now that I have somewhat mastered encoding, I'm glad to help the site as much as I can. And because of my enthusiasm to helping the site via encoding, some people started talking about promoting me to publisher (mainy because of JXQ's Encoding and publishing issues topic. So here I am, half way there ;P.

About my TASes.

As I mentioned, my first TAS was Megaman & Bass, which in fact is my only finished TAS :). After it I have started TASing many games but for some reason I didn't finish them. To name a few of these "failures": Megaman Zero, Megaman Zero 2, Pokemon Crystal, Alfred Chicken, Glover ...

As you can propably see, I'm interested in TASing games which hasn't been TASed before. Maybe because I want people to notice those games too and start a little "competition", increasing the TASing of those games.


I started my encoding-tryouts with VirtualDub+NanDub combination, but the result wasn't so good and the process took quite long. So, I decided to give a try to Mencoder and got one of Phil's encoding scripts. I was very pleased with the quality, though it took quite a lot time to master encoding with Mencoder, because I have (almost) always used Graphic-based softwares. But in the end, all the trouble really was worth it: now I can help so much keeping TASvideos alive.

Here you can see my current encodings which are on the way to be published: http://koti.mbnet.fi/maza-/encoded_avis.txt
Yep, back in the good old days I did some encoding and page editing to TASvideos when ever I could. It was fun helping our society, but now my time has grown limited and I have retired back to plain member - Watching and commenting movies now and then. Although, small part of me feels still like a staff member here so when ever I notice something correct-worthy, I'll be bugging the real staff immediately to get it fixed ;)


At one time before all my school and work this society felt like a second home to me and I want to thank everyone who made that happen. So thank you all past, present and even future TASvideos members!

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