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Test run WIPs

Test run: possible improvements

Disclaimer: this is the list of possible speed & entertainment improvements for my test run of the upcoming Super Metroid low% TAS. The test run is released as WIPs and only available to Super Metroid experts I know and trust. If you think you have useful suggestions, feel free to contact me using known ways.

Note: the speed improvements listed here are theoretical for the most part. Realistically, the actual savings will most likely be smaller than those stated below the headings. Finishing time goals are listed as a range of "theoretical minimum" to "barely acceptable". Total theoretical improvement: up to 107 frames.


Total: up to 27 frames.
  • Actually optimize it — should save 23-26 frames.
  • Use the acceleration storing method to enter doors earlier — should save 0-1 frames.
  • Saturn claimed he had to manipulate luck for 5 frames to get 49.15. Test the amount of time to spend on manipulation if reaching Ridley faster. Use the intro cutscene for luck manipulation purposes if possible (confirmed).
  • Test different room states in all rooms to determine the timing.
  • Saturn also claimed that finishing Ceres in 3130 might be possible if disregarding the escape timer. Combined with better optimization, it might still be possible to reach it without hurting the timer.
Finishing time goal (by explosion cutscene): 3130—3134 frames.

Crateria (first visit)

Total: up to 13 frames.
  • See if the elevator hop at the beginning saves time — 0-1 frames (confirmed; doesn't work).
  • Manipulate subpixel position better for the turf (16000—16500), to help jumping off of it, and try to improve moozooh jump™ (16550—16700) — 10-11 frames (confirmed by hero of the day).
  • Fix the embarrassing mistake in the dropdown section (16800), shoot some doors on the way if possible — 0-1 frames (confirmed, not a mistake).
  • See if boosting off of another corner at the bottom of the OTES can save a frame (confirmed, possible to do but the frame has to be sacrificed regardless).
  • Implement second CWJ in the OMBR (17800—17900) — 2 frames (confirmed).
  • Gain back a phantom frame on the elevator (confirmed, I actually didn't lose it in the test run).
Finishing time goal (by fadeout during elevator ride): 5226—5231 frames.

Blue Brinstar (Morphball and Missiles)

Total: up to 9 frames.
  • See if the elevator hop at the beginning saves any time — 0-1 frames (confirmed, doesn't save anything).
  • Try to adjust the subpixel position better during the fall at 18900, might help to gain a frame before taking Morphball — 0-1 frames.
  • Scrutinize the landing and mockball part (19300—19450) — 2 frames (confirmed by me and hero of the day).
  • Do something to reach the damn door in time (19600) — 1 frame.
  • Improve catnap jump™ further, maybe use an additional corner boost (19750—19850) — 0-1 frames.
  • Improve the mockball entry, make it at speed 2.0 px/f if possible (20500—20550) — 1 frame (confirmed by hero of the day).
  • Optimize the climbing part (20750) — 1 frame (confirmed by Cpadolf).
  • Gain back a phantom frame and optimize the subpixel position on the elevator if possible.
Finishing time goal (by fadeout during elevator ride): 7011—7020 frames.

Crateria (Bombs)

Total: up to 22 frames.
  • Shoot more stuff in the mainstreet cavern (23250—23600) and pre-Torizo room (23950—24050)!
  • Optimize the door entry further (24050—24150) — 1-5 frames.
  • Use lower door entry during Torizo skip (24900—25150) — 5 frames (confirmed by hero of the day).
  • Optimize the subpixel position at the mid-air morph (25600) — 0-1 frames.
  • Use new refilling strategy and shoot everything possible in the diagonal room (26100—26350) — 8-11 frames (confirmed by Cpadolf).
Finishing time goal (by fadeout during elevator ride): 10412—10428 frames.

Green Brinstar (Super Missiles, Charge Beam)

Total: up to 36 frames.
  • See if a different subpixel position at the start of the Super Missile room can help, also ensure that the jump can't be done earlier (28850—29175) — 0-1 frames.
  • Try doing the vertical part differently, probably with another spot for damage boost (29200—29250) — 0-1 frames.
  • Ensure that the vertical part at the supers is done optimally, and try to get the Waver closer to the sweet spot (29350—29875) — 0-1 frames.
  • Try to improve the mockball part in the dachora room by shooting the Rio at different time/position (30500—30525) — 0-1 frames.
  • Manipulate a missile refill from the Rio and try to improve the bombing part by using mockball to lay each bomb a frame earlier than usual (30650—30975) — 0-4 frames.
  • Scrutinize the horizontal position during the fall and see if it's possible to take a successful damage boost a frame earlier (31500—31575) — 0-1 frames.
  • See if mockball is actually needed at 32650—32400 — 0-2 frames.
  • Remove the unneeded shot at 32430.
  • Optimize the damage boost and shooting the gate, run past the sidehopper instead of waiting for his refill now that it's largely unneeded (33000—33275) — 21-25 frames.
Finishing time goal (entering red Brinstar): 13982—14012 frames.

To be continued…

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