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Mothrayas / Awards / 2018 / First Edition

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[3731] GC Super Mario Sunshine (JPN v1.0) by zelpikukirby & Goldfire in 1:08:33
[3827] Linux SteamWorld Dig 2 (v1.1) by keylie in 18:12

Stars2 movies

[3622] DS Newer Super Mario Bros. DS (USA 1.04) "warps" by Soig in 26:04
[3635] Windows Touhou Kanjuden ~ Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom (JPN) "Extra Stage, maximum score" by kopiapoa in 27:54
[3636] DS Pokémon: Diamond Version (USA) "glitchless" by Fortranm & MKDasher in 3:09:07
[3719] SegaCD Sonic the Hedgehog Megamix (US 4.0b) by Evil_3D, kaan55, nitsuja & WST in 13:53
[3751] PSX Wild Arms (USA) by lapogne36 in 1:07:33
[3810] Saturn NiGHTS into Dreams... (USA) "all levels" by Nye in 19:27
[3833] Linux TowerFall Ascension ( "all trials, 1000 fps" by keylie in 03:27

Moons7 movies

Total of 9 movies

List of discounted entries:

[3636] DS Pokémon: Diamond Version (USA) "glitchless" by Fortranm & MKDasher in 3:09:07.2
[3795] FDS Castlevania II: Simon's Quest (JPN) "warp glitch" by Fortranm & Burb in 05:35.71

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