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There are a lot of formerly unwritten rules and policies to speak of when it comes to judging, or otherwise dealing with submissions. This page aims to detail some general procedures of things related to submissions.

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Things to take into account when judging a submission:


  • If a submission is accepted and the game has one or more existing publications, clarify which, if any, of the movies is obsoleted. If a movie is obsoleted, link to the movie in question. If the submission is accepted as a new branch, also clarify this in your submission statement.


  • If a submission is rejected in favor of another submission, link to the appropriate submission in the rejection message.
  • If a submission is rejected for violating a certain movie rule, link to the rule on the MovieRules page in question.

Grandfather clausing/improvements

The quintessial philosophy of TASVideos is as follows: "Past mistakes do not justify repeating those same mistakes". As such, there are limitations on what sorts of improvements may or may not be accepted.

  • If a publication would not get published in its current state due to a deprecated category (e.g. "first track"), an improvement of that movie with the same category will not be accepted. Instead, it must be obsoleted by a run of a different, more complete, and more acceptable category.
  • If a publication improves on a nonstandard category, but does not reach a sufficient entertainment level for the tier the publication is in, it must still be accepted for being an improvement. (Debatable?)
    • This does not apply to playarounds, which are not improved by speed but instead by consensus of being more entertaining than its predecessor.

Replacing submissions

Replacing the input file of a submission can be done for various minor types of improvements.

When to replace and when not to replace

A submission input file may be replaced when:

  • The author finds a minor improvement to his movie after submission.
  • Input file truncation (see below)

A submission input file should not be replaced when:

  • The improvement is by someone other than the author, and the author has not given written consent to replace the submission file (and credit the new co-author if warranted).
  • The improvement is a major improvement, major enough that viewer feedback would be (noticably) affected. In this case, cancelling the old submission and creating a new one is preferred.

Input file truncation

Input file truncation (known as "Spiking" in certain circles) is when a submission file gets unnecessary blank input at the end truncated, typically by an outside person who is otherwise uninvolved with the submission, in order to lower the time of the movie (sometimes significantly) without actually making any visual difference. Since the consequences are often insignificant, a truncated fix may replace a submission file without requiring approval from the author.

When replacing a submission file with a truncated fix, do note the following:

  • Truncating is a minor improvement at best, and does not warrant co-authorship.
  • As with other submission file replacements outside of the author's doing, the judge replacing the submission file must verify sync.
  • Truncating must not influence the game ending or affect the movie's appearance in other ways. If it does, then it is not truncating but infringing on the author's stylistic choice of how to end the movie.

Things to take into account when replacing a movie file

  • It is up to the author to verify that a new movie file still works.
  • If the improvement is done outside of the author's consent (e.g. truncating input), it is instead up to the judge replacing the movie file to verify that the new movie file still works.
  • Verifying a replacement file entails the following:
    • The new submission file must still sync and be complete.
    • The new submission file must achieve the same goals and/or limitations as the current movie.
    • The new submission file must be verified to be an improvement to the current movie.

Other stuff

Miscellaneous submission edits

As a general note: respect the submission's authenticity to the author. Do not do anything to a submission that the author might not necessarily agree with. As a general mantra: fix, don't change.

  • It is preferred to leave submission information (e.g. branches, authorship) as is, and if a change is needed, ask the author to modify the submission data themselves. Interfere in this only if necessary.
  • Preferably, stay off submission data altogether, other than fixing misspelled game names, poor formatting, or removing "any%" from a branch name if unneeded.
  • Do not change branch information of a submission, unless you are fully certain that the movie still qualifies for the new branch name.
    • This includes removing aspects sometimes seen as redundant, such as 2-player where no 1-player equivalent exists. Only change if it is known and verified that the branch aspect is redundant to list, and not actually limits the category in e.g. Vault-eligibility.
  • Do not change game names if there is no already agreed-upon way to write the game name.

todo: I'm sure there are tons of other subjects to cover here

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