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[Tier: Moons]Genesis Ristar (USA/Europe) "Bonus Stages" in 04:31.43 by nfq.
Gens movie (.gmv) (date: 2010-05-20)
MP4 file via BitTorrent (size: 17.95 MB, length: 04:46)
Mirror www.archive.org
Watch on (www.youtube.com)
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Submission #2655 — Author's comments
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Rating: 6.4 (5.5 votes)
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- Aims for in-game time instead of real-time
- Takes damage to save time
- Uses a level password
- Genre: Platform

This movie has been obsoleted!

Click here to see the movie that obsoleted it.
Ristar is a colorful platformer with good music.

In this TAS, the author uses a password to play only the bonus levels.

[Tier: Moons][Has commentary]N64 Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion (USA) in 41:45.55 by nfq.
Mupen64 movie (.m64) (date: 2010-05-03)
MKV file via BitTorrent (Modern HQ) (size: 400.82 MB, length: 48:53)
MP4 file via BitTorrent (Compatibility) (size: 432.07 MB, length: 48:53)
Mirror www.archive.org (MKV Modern HQ)
Mirror www.archive.org (MP4 Compatibility)
Watch on (www.youtube.com)
Submission #2637 — Author's comments
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Rating: 6.3 (15 votes)
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- Contains speed/entertainment tradeoffs
- Takes damage to save time
- Uses hardest difficulty
- Genre: Action
- Genre: Shooter
It's Turok 3! Not very many dinosaurs in this game though, mostly just weird mutants and monsters. nfq blows through the game with multiple sequence breaks and kills several bosses very swiftly.
The author has made a series of youtube encodes with annotated commentary available in the submission comments.

[Tier: Vault][Fastest Completion]SMS Phantasy Star (USA/Europe) in 2:17:37.97 by nfq.
Dega movie (.mmv) (date: 2010-04-09)
MKV file via BitTorrent (Modern HQ) (size: 167.32 MB, length: 2:20:35)
MP4 file via BitTorrent (Compatibility) (size: 172.74 MB, length: 2:20:35)
Mirror archive.org (MKV Modern HQ)
Mirror archive.org (MP4 Compatibility)
Watch on (www.youtube.com)
Submission #2560 — Author's comments
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Rating: 4.4 (17 votes)
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- Genre: RPG
The original Phantasy Star is one of the pioneers of console RPGs, featuring fully traversible overworld maps, random enemy encounters, and turn-based battles. It was also one of the first games to feature a female protagonist.

One peaceful day in Algol, the benevolent King Lassic decides to convert to a new religion. Unfortunately, this new faith turns him into a cruel dictator who silences all who go against him. When Alis' brother tries to rebel, he is killed by Lassic's robot-cops. After seeing this, Alis sets out to stop him, not only to get revenge, but also to liberate the people from the King's oppressive rule.

This movie contains long leveling-up sequences from 47:26-1:09:40 and 1:16:56-1:40:45. You may want to skip them.
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