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Current Projects

Note: I'm currently doing projects spontaneously and depending what I feel like doing. Not all listed projects are going to be finished. These are mostly just ideas that have higher priority on the list of things I want to do.

Project Note Progress ETA
MLSS Luascript youtube video I will try to finish MLSS luascript v0.12 before I make a video. - idk
Q&A youtube video - - idk
GBA Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga TAS Sub 1 hour should be possible. ACTIVE

25% done

at Mountain

I'm livestreaming the TASing, if you're interested
GBA Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga Luascript This is a luascript that lets you
- view and edit a lot of values such as flags, items, savegames, stats, green pipes, position, action commands etc.
- run ingame events (save game anywhere, shop anywhere, start boss battles anywhere, etc.)
- warp to another room

The main purpose of this script is to be useful to TASers and console speedrunners in regard to routeplanning and testing.
- Download
- How to use
- Upcoming features

100% done (main part)
20% done (remaining part)
Video series Video series for youtube, discussing certain topics, such as:
-Luascripting in general, how to do simple scripts
- Showing all luascripts I ever did, leading up to the MLSS luascript
- Dinkie Dino tamagotchi, version diffs, speedrun strats, mem corruption
- Super Mario Land, unexplained glitches
- Version differences in general, pointing out resources (tcrf, tasvideos)
- briefly show all major glitches I found, talking about glitch hunting, how I found all my bugs etc

I might dub it the mugg1991 show or something, lol.
NOT STARTED 2016~2017?
NES Nintendo World Cup There are some interesting bugs and things you can do, especially on the Japanese version. NOT STARTED 2017
GB Motocross Maniacs A-courses. TODO: Make staff ghost utility in the luascript for easier comparison PAUSED

2 / 8 courses done
(2nd course needs redo)

Progress is halted because of lack of motivation (game is very tedious to optimize)
GB Hyper Lode Runner I started a new WIP in 2016 starting from level 16, the last one that doesn't require a password. I got until level 30 before finding an improvement in level 21. Now I'm taking the opportunity to make the project an "all levels" run, so I'm restarting from level 1. PAUSED

8 / 50 levels done
(levels 16~30 are TASed already and are pending to be spliced in)

Progress is halted because of lack of motivation (game is very long and kind of tedious to optimize)


Project Note
GBC Survival Kids all endings You can finish all endings in one playthrough using saving and reloading. Will require quite a bit of routing and testing but I think I'm motivated to tackle this one day.
Kirby & The Amazing Mirror Luascript Like I did with Mario & Luigi, I have a lot of insights into the memory of Katam, so I could make a good script for this game too.
GB The Adventures of Star Saver any% TAS v2 Maybe will do this at some point..
GC Mario Party 5 Story Mode I attempted this already, but got screwed by atrocious RNG. Not feeling like doing this again unless I somehow get motivated for it.
GBC Motocross Maniacs 2 All courses time attack Easy difficulty
GBA Kirby & The Amazing Mirror 100% TAS I can save like 5 minutes.
DS Kirby Squeak Squad 100% TAS Hasn't been worked on for 2 years but I will resume it
GB Super Mario Land 2 any% glitchless Glitchless run to compete with the existing glitchless RTA times.
GBA Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland any% I have an unfinished WIP. Will probably never continue or restart it, though. But never say never.
NDS Kirby Super Star Ultra 100% This would be cool and I have an unfinished WIP (but it uses hard resets, which I found was a bad choice I made in hindsight). Some other people have made good TASes that can be used as reference.
NDS Mario & Luigi Partners in Time any% Full game run. I started routing it but stopped it because of no motivation. I also think people like Anwonu would be more qualified for routing..
Maybe if a gamebreaking bug arises..

Finished TASes

See here for a list of all the submissions I worked on.

Youtube videos

My Youtube channel can be found here.


>> Mugg / Dinkie Dino
>> Mugg / F Zero GX
>> Mugg / Mario Party 5
>> Mugg / MLSS Lua Script
>> Mugg / SSBM
>> Mugg / Unexplained Glitches

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