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Mugg / Platformer

This page serves as an info dump and TODO list for my latest game project, tentatively called "Platformer".


I have dreamed of getting into game programming for a while now. The game I'm envisioning is an adventure-platformer that aims to implements loads of things (lots of items, NPCs, enemies, weapons, missions) and make the game world as atmospheric, open and interactive as possible.

You can see my attempts at a game project here:

These attempts have not gotten very far for a number of reasons: Being too ambitious, lack of programming knowledge, lack of motivation and being dissatisfied with my code by trying to deal with too many things at the same time.

This marks the third time I seriously attempt a game project. Basicly I'm converting my previous attempt (a Bizhawk Lua script) into the Love2D framework, with promising results.


Game engine

Action: Ledge climbing
Sliding on slopes
Make it so you can ledge climb out of water, but not when fully submerged in water
Make it so you can grab ledge out of crouch-jumping
Create seperate sprite box
(Didn't work out how I had it in mind)
Centered position on slopes
Action: Tumble when falling large distance
Action: Change Ledge climbing into "hanging on ledge" and "climbing up the ledge"
Action: Crouch into crawling
(Seems like a bad idea)
Action: Tripping
Action: Tripping into "slow sliding"
Action: Walk off ledge into "hanging on ledge"
Make crouching take a while to activate and de-activate
Placeholder sprites for player Actor
Add "on and off" state for wall tiles (Open door, in-between animation, closed door; same for switch, button, etc.)
Wall tile: Lava
Wall tile: Sloped ceilings
Wall tile: Bus stop
Wall tile: Buried Fruit
Wall tile: Floor Button
Wall tile: Wall switch
Wall tile: Door
Wall tile: Loading Zone
Wall tile: Save point
Wall tile: "Pray" point
Wall tile: Sign
Wall tile: Tomb stone
Wall tile: Quick sand
Wall tile: Enemy spawn point
Status Ailment:Poisoned
Status Ailment:Burning
Status Ailment:Sick
Status Ailment:Drunk
Status Ailment:Blinded
Status Ailment:Slowed
Status Ailment:Stunned
Status Ailment:Confused (Reverse Controls)
Status Boost:Speed-Up
Status Boost:Powered-Up
HUD: Health and breath bars
HUD: Money
HUD: Timer
Camera is not instantaneous
Pre-Title Screen
Title Screen
Settings Screen
Settings: Window resolution, Fullscreen and Windowed mode
Settings: Text speed
Settings: Show FPS
Settings: Show Timer
Settings: Key Config
Enemy, NPC and Object Actors
Object/Item: Shuriken
Object/Item: Bow & Arrows
Object/Item: Ball
Object/Item: Gun & Bullets
Object/Item: Boomerang
Object/Item: Bomb
Object/Item: Potions
Object/Item: Chain
Object/Item: Key
Object/Item: Umbrella
Object/Item: Stick/Sword
Object/Item: Magic wand/Magic scrolls
Object/Armor: Boots
Object/Armor: Gloves
Object/Armor: Helmet
Object/Armor: Body Armor (includes: Jetpack)
Object/Item: Accessory
Object/Enemies: Bats, Knights, Archers...
Object: Spear trap
Object: Spring board
Object/NPC: NPCs...
Reward drop on enemy death
Different death animations
Replace static graphics with Animated Graphics
Draw Background and Foreground (per tile)
Draw Tiles not based on tile ID, but separate tile graphics ID
Background Animation? (Weather, Day and night etc.)
Animation when collecting stuff (sparkle)
Animation when walking/running (dust)
Animation when landing on the ground (dust)
Animation when falling into water (splash)
Animation when falling into lava (smoke etc.)
Animation when falling into sand (sand flying around)
Animation when swimming / staying in water (bubbles)
Animation after leaving water (water drops)


? Fix "jump into slopes at flat angle" bug
(to some extent)
Fix "crouching next to tunnel" bug
Fix that running speed is lost when landing where platform transits into solid wall
Fix "tripping inside of slopes" bug
Fix that crouching on a slope does not initiate sliding, when corner of hitbox is directly on a wall tile.
Fix bugs that arose from the "centered slope position" change: Bad behavior when entering sand from slope; Bad behavior when walking at a wall from slope.

Fixed Bugs

Fix Sliding bugs
Fix "crouch + ladder" bugs
Fix "grab ledge one tile lower" bug
Fix "wall that zips you leftwards" bug
(might still happen if your speed is faster than 2)
Fix "ladder climbing before landing" bug
Fix "press wall switch one tile off" bug
Fix "climb ledge while on slope" bug
Fix "false sliding state when starting to slide in sand or water" bug
Make it so character moves forward in sand only when pressing left or right
Make it so character becomes airborne when walking into sand while on a slope
Fix "erroneous 1 pixel left boost when landing on a sandy slope" bug
(A bit hacky, but...)
Fix that "in sand" state is not checked while tripping.
Fix erroneous tumble action when falling deep into sand.
Fix "keep moving in sand by holding up or down".

Work on Music, Story, Missions, Level and world design starts only after everything above is done.



You can direct any and all feedback to me in this topic, in a forum PM and on Twitter.

Thank you.

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