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Nach / Pets

Some of the users on this site are my pets. Apparently, I have kittens, moths, and more. Some pets are spiky, others are fluffy, some are even different kinds of household appliances.

Pets are useful for doing activities, and being all around good fun. They enjoy playing games.

Pets for therapeutic reasons are petted. When pets are petted, they purr. The following types of pet maneuvers exist:

To avoid being petted, one must use a p-p-p-pet breaker!!!

Noxxa has inserted a cool-pet directly above the triple-pet.

Petting has been tested on animals and has been scientifically proven to be good for health reasons.

Pets also like certain foods like muffins, but can be eaten too. When they're eaten, they taste crunchy.

Pets possess incredible weaponry. Sometimes they receive upgrades too.

If you don't get the references on this page, your loss.

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