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There's been a few long standing community issues that have been going on with the site's members for a while.

The first one is that most N64 submissions of popular games seem to always generate a ton of controversy, which even continue long after a movie has been published. The suggested cause is that the N64 is a more modern platform than the others that the site launched with, and therefore, many of its players are young and immature. Jokingly, it has also been suggested we disable N64 submissions for a few years to fix the problem. The horribleness of Mupen may also somehow factor into this.

The second one is that some users have felt that non-English speakers are at a disadvantage with the site, and that many Asian countries have large TASing communities, but are somehow discriminated against here. Of course this is untrue, as we've always tried to make everyone feel welcome, and the site started based on videos from Morimoto. Also, many of our emulator hackers and some of our best TASers are from China and Japan. We've at one point offered auto-translation into Japanese on our site, and we also support Nico Nico Douga in submissions and publications, as well as embedding videos on the forums for 5 different Asian video sites. The cause probably has something to do with USA versions of games generally being preferred of their Japanese counterparts, but we only prefer them in order to aim for wider audience recognition. In any case, we even offer registration in Japanese, and also special language help forums.

On April 15 2011 both these controversies combined into a single post. This was followed up with many sarcastic remarks, starting with moozooh, and then from myself, turska, and Mothrayas. turska's comment was actually based on a sarcastic remark I made on IRC about how we need to discriminate against non TASers, and how Reich 4-6 aren't good enough for us to do so.

After these posts, both Mothrayas and turska edited their signatures and locations to quote the post and reflect upon the running joke. I also added a new image made by Mothrayas to my avatar image rotation. It's a modification of the colonel from Mega Man X4, an image of an in-charge looking figure, with a fiery 7 emblem on his upper arm.

Ever since then, The Seventh Reich has been a long running joke on IRC.

Why 7?

Well obviously if three failed, another three might fail too, so we need to do better than that!

More seriously though, the number was chosen because of it's association with the number you see in slot machines, and its connotation with luck. TASing is about studying games to breaking luck down to an exact science, and therefore forcing the luck to be optimal every time.


The stated goal of the Seventh Reich is to discriminate against people who have nothing to do with TASing, which mainly means people that we'll never meet in association with TASVideos. The rationale behind this goal is that in the early days of TASVideos, many speedrunners came to the site to complain about how we were cheating and making them look bad. Therefore in essence, all of TASVideos discriminates against those players who don't use TASing tools.

Of course, this is nothing more than a running joke, as many TASVideos members, as well as open members of The Seventh Reich have made movies without using any TASing tools at all. Taking the goal at face value would also mean we would have to discriminate against our own friends and family who don't even have anything to do with video games, something which we would never do.


Some users have gotten offended by seeing German words tossed around, and seeing references to supporting Racism and Nazism. On the contrary, the entire idea is to parody and mock such things, which Hollywood has also done many times.

Words used are Reich/reich, which means rich, empire, and nation, apt terms for any flourishing productive communities. As well as F├╝hrer, which means commander, guide, or leader, also an apt term for one in charge of a household or community.

Negative Reactions

Of course at times some people have gotten offended. Various causes for offense were thinking there is real racism involved, the similarity to Nazism, or strong dislike for German terminology despite being nothing more than mere words in that language.

However, many site members, even numerous Jewish ones have found the running joke funny, and appreciate it for its mock value of the perpetrators of a dark chapter in human history.

As to my perspective, I personally have also lost relatives in concentration camps, and find minimizing the enormity of that to be offensive. I am even offended to see reports that 6 million people died in the holocaust, as that is merely the number of people counted during the first few years of World War II, with many more dying long after counting ceased. I am also offended by people saying the holocaust happened - past tense, in that there is still plenty of genocide, bombings and attacks against civilians, and curtailing of civil liberties going on around the world even until this day. Therefore I find it welcoming to see those who fight against such evil, even to the extent if they only mock the perpetrators of such crimes.

Is TASVideos a Supremacy group?

To an extent it is. It was even highlighted to an extent in an article in Kill Screen.

However, unlike supremacy groups based on race, skin colors, religion, geography, birth, education, and other pointless factors, we here at TASVideos really just want awesome mind blowing movies of games we grew up with and loved. We're always throwing away inferior runs for better ones.

A great thing about TASVideos is that we value our people. Many of the fallen empires of the past all focused on amassing wealth and other things they viewed as riches, and eliminating their citizens they viewed as sub-human. We here appreciate all our contributing members, and really try to push everyone to contribute in whatever way possible. We show how we value our members with awards ceremonies, and player rankings, and all kinds of positive feedback and appreciation all over. Our staff also tries to be very accommodating with new users, helping them build the skills they need. It is also a pleasure to see people helping each other make movies, or working together on movies. It isn't about "me me me", our top players and staff are quite happy to share the spotlight as long as the movies made are good in the end.

I also find it remarkable how time and again, that a top player here, not only did not feel hurt or lessened by a movie which obsoleted one of theirs, but became all gung ho about the new movie, and wholeheartedly welcomed the obsoletion by something better. Such an attitude is quite rare, and yet it is found within our top players in abundance.

We've also time and again catered to the little guy. We honestly appreciate feedback, and try to make the site a friendly place for everyone. We've acquiesced to requests of just a single person (who is for all intents and purposes a member with little background or standing in the community) more times than I can easily count.

So is a supremacy group which aims to get along and has modesty and selflessness demonstrated time and again really a supremacy group? Probably not. We really just run after those entertaining perfect movies. Even the obsoleted movies still have their place and are clearly attributed and recorded to show how their existence has contributed towards the later masterpieces.

Video games

The Seventh Reich enjoys plenty of popular games where you get to kill Nazis, such as Wolfenstein 3D or Bionic Commando, or the grandson of the legendary B. J. Blackowitz, Billy Blaze. However, despite the fact that known Seventh Reich supporters are part of our judging and publishing staff, such affiliation in no way affects how other games are handled by them. All runs no matter by who or of what will receive the same treatment as anyone else or any other game, in accordance with the rules on the site.

Of course the above is part of the running joke. All our open members enjoy a wide spectrum of games at TASVideos, based on the same merits everyone else sees in them.

April Fools Joke

I once posted an article on April Fools day mocking Nazism and promoting this joke. It included changing how people appeared on the site, causing some confusion as nearly everyone had the same user name appearing.

Some prominent anti-Nazi clauses included: However we do not want your body, we want your mind. The mind is the power and cause behind every well functioning human. As we have gathered the smartest thinkers world wide, from a wide array of backgrounds, knowledge bases, and walks of life into a single unified powerhouse, we will succeed.

Straight up sarcasm and pure ridiculousness was also evident: As part of the Seventh Reich, TASVideos and its members will lease our global think-tank to the highest bidder to enhance the quality of living, and solve world hunger, disease, strife, and conflict. As we have so effectively cleansed our own house from these problems to the extent that we can now reach agreeable unanimous consensus on every issue, we will provide these services beyond.

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