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<arandomgameTASer> we should make a TAS quiz

Due to people creating very low quality TASs repeatedly, it'd been suggested that we have some kind of objective quiz which newbie TASers can take to see if they possess the basic skills, understanding, and creativity required to actually make a worthwhile TAS.

If you take this TAS quiz, you can send me your answers to receive a grade.

  1. Explain when and why rewinding or undoing would be useful in creating a TAS.
  2. What is the benefit of frame advance?
  3. In a Super Mario Bros. uses-warps run, which power-ups should be collected, why?
  4. In a Super Mario Bros. does-not-use-warps run, which power-ups should be collected, why?
  5. If you were to make a TAS for Super Mario Bros. using warps, what is the frame count, which must be beaten for a submission of this game and category to be accepted?
  6. In Sonic The Hedgehog, what are the pros and cons of collecting rings?
  7. For a Zelda run, the most import aspect is _____ planning.
  8. During auto-scrolling stages, what is the most important objective after actually completing it as fast as possible?
  9. In Mega Man games, what determines the order the stages should be played in?
  10. Describe when dying can be beneficial, give at least 5 reasons.
  11. Give at least 3 reasons why Color a Dinosaur isn't a good game to TAS.
  12. What in your opinion makes Super Metroid so popular to create all kinds of TASs for?
  13. Explain how pressing up and down or left and right at the same time can be beneficial for a TAS, and when these benefits can occur.
  14. In the original Mario Bros. game, what is the key thing one needs to optimize for in each enemy phase?
  15. In a level which is completed by reaching the rightmost segment of it, when is it beneficial to not proceed to the right as quickly as possible? Give at least 3 possible reasons.
  16. In Pokémon, what TAS technique can be used to avoid receiving damage?
  17. What in your opinion made Brain Age publishable as a TAS on this site?
  18. When should enemies be fought, and when should they be ignored?
  19. What makes the feather/cape item in Super Mario World so useful?
  20. Give 3 reasons why one would use pause game in a TAS.

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