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Here I'm collecting some of the worst answers I've received so far.

A common mistake I've seen was to answer general questions with very game specific responses, as opposed to generalizing it and using various games as examples. However, such responses aren't funny or poor enough to warrant being made fun of. But the following are:

  1. Explain when and why rewinding or undoing would be useful in creating a TAS.
    1. It would be useful in cases where you accidentally overwrite a savestate.
    2. It is useful when you need to do tricks that require such stuff.
  2. What is the benefit of frame advance?
    1. The frames look better than frame standard.
    2. Jumping over pits perfectly.
  3. In a Super Mario Bros. uses-warps run, which power-ups should be collected, why?
    1. I only play SMB as a gamer, I haven't TAS'd it, so how should I know?
    2. The question seems weird, wouldn’t it be a very precise answer depending on what tests you’re doing to try and improve the run, rather than a simple answer true for every run under such a category?
    3. The question obviously wants an exact route for the game, not fair.
    4. Fire flower because then Mario's palette looks cooler.
    5. Mushroom, so one can use time saving glitches like wall clipping.
  4. In a Super Mario Bros. does-not-use-warps run, which power-ups should be collected, why?
    1. The magic mushroom is collected, because it is faster in some areas to break blocks to progress.
    2. Fire Flower, to quickly kill enemies.
    3. See answers for above question.
  5. If you were to make a TAS for Super Mario Bros. using warps, what is the frame count, which must be beaten for a submission of this game and category to be accepted?
    1. Ask HappyLee.
    2. 2, because more than that, there's nothing left to improve.
    3. 21 frames.
    4. At least 100.
    5. Around 17,000.
    6. 9,739.
  6. In Sonic The Hedgehog, what are the pros and cons of collecting rings?
    1. Jumping higher.
    2. Getting extra lives.
    3. Has something to do with scoring.
  7. For a Zelda run, the most import aspect is _____ planning.
    1. Party.
    2. Event.
    3. Hype-planning.
  8. During auto-scrolling stages, what is the most important objective after actually completing it as fast as possible?
    1. Not slowing down.
    2. Getting to the next section of the stage.
    3. Dying.
    4. Not dying.
  9. In Mega Man games, what determines the order the stages should be played in?
    1. I suspect doing Chilled Penguin’s stage first would be best, as that gives you the dash boots which make you a lot faster; this considering a no-glitch or low glitch run, at least.
    2. Whichever order would result in getting to the Wily/Sigma/Cossack/Mr. X/etc stages first.
    3. The one your cursor starts on.
    4. Which ones have glitches.
  10. Describe when dying can be beneficial, give at least 5 reasons.
    1. Mario has had enough and wanted to end it.
      1. Two different people answered this!
    2. When it's just not worth it anymore.
    3. When you've lost control of your life.
      1. Hope this person meant to say they were trapped otherwise.
    4. When you are overwrought with misery.
  11. Give at least 3 reasons why Color a Dinosaur isn't a good game to TAS.
    1. This is a trick question.
      1. Two different people answered this!
    2. The art is ugly.
    3. The game doesn't support drawing with a mouse.
  12. What in your opinion makes Super Metroid so popular to create all kinds of TASs for?
    1. It's a good and well loved game.
    2. It had rerecording emulators for a long time, and players haven't looked at newer games yet.
    3. It's a long game.
  13. Explain how pressing up and down or left and right at the same time can be beneficial for a TAS, and when these benefits can occur.
    1. That's not possible.
    2. It lets you block attacks in both directions at once.
  14. In the original Mario Bros. game, what is the key thing one needs to optimize for in each enemy phase?
    1. Patience and perseverance.
    2. Subpixels and frame rules.
      1. I hope this person was thinking of Super Mario Bros. or Super Mario Bros. 2 (either version).
    3. Manipulate the RNG for least amount of wasted time, and to be outside of your path so as not to have to fight them.
      1. I hope this person was thinking of Super Mario Bros. 3 (map).
    4. Speed.
    5. Huh?
    6. Ceiling glitch.
  15. In a level which is completed by reaching the rightmost segment of it, when is it beneficial to not proceed to the right as quickly as possible? Give at least 3 possible reasons.
    1. Nothing.
    2. You want to be slower.
    3. The exit is really at the left.
      1. For an answer like this, I hope the person meant to say there's a shortcut at the left.
    4. Depends on the game.
  16. In Pokémon, what TAS technique can be used to avoid receiving damage?
    1. Frame advance.
    2. Competence.
  17. What in your opinion made Brain Age publishable as a TAS on this site?
    1. The art was entertaining.
      1. This same person said about Color a Dinosaur: Art isn't entertaining...
    2. It uses TAS strategies.
    3. Nothing.
  18. When should enemies be fought, and when should they be ignored?
    1. When it's faster to do so, for both questions.
      1. Two different people answered this!
  19. What makes the feather/cape item in Super Mario World so useful?
    1. It gives Mario a cool yellow cape.
    2. To go fast.
      1. Two different people answered this!
  20. Give 3 reasons why one would use pause game in a TAS.
    1. Taking (bathroom) breaks.
      1. Two different people answered this!
    2. Frame advance.
    3. RAM Watching.

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