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Added NES The Adventures of Rad Gravity (USA) by Blublu & Alyosha in 16:45.69
- obsoletes NES The Adventures of Rad Gravity (USA) by Blublu in 16:47.68
Added NES Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu (USA) by Baxter, Randil, Alyosha in 16:32.75
- obsoletes NES Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu (USA) by Baxter in 16:36.17

Added GBC Survival Kids (USA) "Ending 8" by MUGG in 27:58.59

Added [Has commentary]NES Rad Racer (USA) by FatRatKnight in 20:32.89
- obsoletes NES Rad Racer (USA) by Saturn in 21:55.98
Added NES RoboCop (USA) by Dimon12321 in 09:49.68

Added [Notable improvement]Genesis Flashback: The Quest for Identity (USA) by Alyosha in 22:29.99
- obsoletes Genesis Flashback: The Quest for Identity (USA) by nifboy in 23:54.57

Added NES Atlantis no Nazo (JPN) by exposure in 02:20.12
- obsoletes [Has commentary]NES Atlantis no Nazo (JPN) by Sonikkustar in 02:23.11

Added NES Wally Bear and the NO! Gang (USA) by Yep2yel in 06:23.25

Added GBC Donkey Kong 5: The Journey of Over Time and Space (USA) by Heplooner in 04:48.54

Added DS Over the Hedge (Europe) "100%" by jlun2 in 22:09.47

Added DS Over the Hedge (Europe) by jlun2 in 17:45.64

Added A2600 River Raid (USA) by Lord Tom in 1:22:47.9
- obsoletes A2600 River Raid (USA) "fastest 100000" by Lord Tom in 08:10.65

Added GBC Lucky Luke (USA) by TheKDX7 in 24:12.61
- obsoletes GBC Lucky Luke (USA) by TheKDX7 in 24:19.08
Added NES Final Fantasy (JPN) "stairs glitch" by TheAxeMan, Inzult & Gyre in 06:58.25

Added SNES The Blues Brothers (USA) "1 player" by Asdrien in 15:51.25

Added NES Spelunker II: Yūsha e no Chōsen (JPN) by ventuz in 15:12.05

Updated DS Nanashi no Geemu (JPN) by jlun2 in 54:20.63

Added NES Orb-3D (USA) by AndyDick in 21:10.86

Added NES Donkey Kong: Original Edition (any) "all items" by adelikat in 01:33.83
Updated DS Myst (USA) by Scepheo in 01:07.16

Updated Genesis Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom (USA) by Acmlm in 1:37:55.98

Added NES Rush'n Attack (USA) by Randil & MESHUGGAH in 09:35.63
- obsoletes [Console-verified]NES Rush'n Attack (USA) by Randil in 09:35.9
Updated NES Solitaire (any) by FractalFusion in 00:42.8

Updated NES Adventures of Lolo (USA) by Baxter & Zugzwang in 22:24.68
Updated GB Final Fantasy Adventure (USA/Europe) "warpless" by MattyXB in 1:33:09.43

Updated SNES Zombies Ate My Neighbors (USA) "all victims saved" by Walker Boh in 59:14.87

Updated GBC Doug's Big Game (USA) by Jigwally in 03:39.91
Updated GBA Manic Miner (Europe) by DaJaWi in 13:15.73
Updated NES Kid Dracula (JPN) by Phil & Genisto in 20:41.57

Updated Genesis Prince of Persia (USA) by Aqfaq in 19:03.48

Added WSWAN Guilty Gear Petit 2 (JPN) by Cooljay in 04:38.53

Added GBC Doug's Big Game (USA) by Jigwally in 03:39.91
Updated NES Urban Champion (JPN/USA) by t3h Icy in 00:26.97
Updated NES Wizardry III: Legacy of Llylgamyn (JPN) "game end glitch" by MiezaruMono in 00:12.86
Updated DS Rubik's World (USA) by Kumquat & alden in 01:20.23

Added NES The Great Waldo Search (USA) by MESHUGGAH in 00:51.83
- obsoletes NES The Great Waldo Search (USA) by Jigwally in 00:52.41
Updated NES Skate or Die 2: The Search for Double Trouble (USA) by JXQ in 10:28.37

Added GB Tennis (any) by MUGG in 04:51.42

Added NES BreakThru (any) by MESHUGGAH in 06:35.65
- obsoletes NES BreakThru (USA) by dave_dfwm in 06:37.13

Updated Genesis The Humans (USA) by Aqfaq in 43:19.22

Added SNES Q*Bert 3 (USA) by JoshButro in 1:02:59.19
Updated SNES Battletoads & Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team (USA) by White Gastra in 17:50.27

Updated GB The Final Fantasy Legend (JPN v1.0) by knbnitkr in 01:47.17
Updated SNES Soul Blazer (USA) by Kaz in 1:46:55.73

Added WSWAN Crazy Climber (JPN) "Arcade" by dwangoAC in 04:41.55

Updated A2600 Star Wars - Return of the Jedi: Death Star Battle (USA) by jlun2 in 00:08.73
Updated A2600 Superman (USA) by jlun2 in 00:11.42
Updated NES Action 52: The Cheetahmen (USA) by Swordless Link in 03:56.06
Updated Genesis Dark Castle (USA) by Aqfaq & Stanski in 00:56.37
Updated SNES Illusion of Gaia (USA) by Halamantariel in 2:09:19.3

Updated Genesis Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (USA) by maTO in 06:43.12
Updated SNES The Simpsons: Bart's Nightmare (USA) by Samhain-Grim in 14:09.3

Updated SNES Final Fantasy Mystic Quest (USA) by DonamerDragon in 1:49:20.0

Added GB Dr. Franken II (USA/Europe) by Flip in 12:58.23
- obsoletes GB Dr. Franken II (USA/Europe) by Flip in 13:41.9
Updated GBA Mario vs. Donkey Kong (USA) by Chef Stef in 44:52.42
Updated NES Super Pitfall (USA) by Arc in 06:20.22

Updated Genesis The Immortal (USA/Europe) by Aqfaq in 10:32.92
Updated Genesis Beavis and Butt-Head (USA) by adelikat in 09:27.03
Updated NES Dragon Warrior II (USA) by TheAxeMan in 46:25.0

Added GB Volley Fire (JPN) by MUGG in 09:31.23
Updated Genesis Shining in the Darkness (USA) by DarkKobold in 43:27.2

Added GBC Hugo 2 1/2 (Germany) by Aqfaq in 10:39.17
Updated SGB Pocket Monsters: Green (JPN v1.0) by Primorial#soup in 04:24.53
Updated NES Adventures of Lolo 2 (USA) by Hanzou in 23:31.52
Updated NES The Karate Kid (USA) by nitsuja in 03:09.12
Updated GBA Silent Scope (USA) by mmbossman in 05:29.28
Updated NES A Boy and His Blob (USA) by TheAxeMan in 03:37.0

Updated SNES Vegas Stakes (USA) by hero of the day in 03:30.93
Updated NES Dragon Warrior IV (USA) by adelikat in 2:09:06.58

Updated Genesis Sunset Riders (USA) by zggzdydp in 10:00.47
Updated Genesis Mercs (World) by adelikat in 09:52.9
Updated NES Jaws (USA) by adelikat in 03:36.48

Updated Genesis Jurassic Park (USA) by ideamagnate in 02:43.37

Updated NES Circus Charlie (JPN) by Randil in 03:24.05

Added Genesis Bonanza Bros. (USA v1.1) by SprintGod & Spikestuff in 08:53.79
- obsoletes Genesis Bonanza Bros. (USA,r1) by SprintGod in 09:03.02

Added [Has commentary]SMS Ys: The Vanished Omens (USA/Europe) "game end glitch" by CoolKirby in 00:17.46

Added GBA Manic Miner (Europe) by DaJaWi in 13:15.73

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