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Total count: 459

4603SNES 1943: The Battle of Midway in 1:16:38 by ToniLawtan
4604SNES 1943: The Battle of Midway "all levels, no cheat" in 1:16:31 by ToniLawtan
5410SNES Adventures of Dino Riki "no weapon upgrades" in 20:07 by coolpapa
5419SNES Adventures of Dino Riki in 18:51 by coolpapa
6353SNES Baseball "Fastest Win" in 10:45 by Captain Forehead
2338SNES Blue Super Mario in 06:31 by Vlass14
5336SNES Caveman Games "Playaround" in 06:43 by DrD2k9
4799SNES Chase in 01:15 by arandomgameTASer and Samsara
3063SNES Chettahmen 3 - The Final Climax in 01:53 by Sonikkustar
4632SNES Citizen Kane in 06:04 by nitrogenesis
614SNES Dikki Painguin in TKO for the Third Reich in 00:47 by GeminiSaint
5935SNES Family Computer - Othello in 00:25 by Jigwally
4634SNES FCEUX "Unlock MLG Mode" in 00:06 by EgxHB
6486SNES Felix the Cat (Dragon Co) "glitch exit" in 07:40 by KAGE-008
6487SNES Felix the Cat (Dragon Co) "glitch exit" in 04:33 by KAGE-008
4642SNES Final Fantasy VII Advent Children "stairs glitch" in 52:34 by Fortranm
409SNES Fisher Price's Perfect Fit in 04:01 by sliverjazz
3693SNES Fisher Price: I Can Remember "Level 1" in 02:58 by devanwolf
3699SNES Fisher Price: Perfect Fit "Level 1" in 01:23 by devanwolf
4641SNES Flappy Bird "maximum score" in 5:19:36 by TehSeven
5260SNES Galaga - Demons of Death "High Score" in 00:57 by LazerLemonGaming
6281SNES Hello Kitty World "all balloons" in 31:29 by McW4v3-X
1704SNES Igo - Kyuu Roban Taikyoku in 04:50 by Bisqwit
2358SNES JAP Super Mario The Lost Level in 09:32 by sonicmason
5475SNES Late for Work (SMB1 hack) in 01:40 by Jhynjhiruu
6677SNES Lion King 5, The "fastest suicide game overs" in 03:45 by PGCX864
2515SNES Mario Evolution! in 16:46 by MrOmicron
3920SNES Mega Man 5 "flying hack" in 32:54 by nitrogenesis
6717SNES Mermaids of Atlantis "Stacked" in 00:28 by McW4v3-X
6580SNES Minelvaton Saga in 48:08 by Ninja-kun
6265SNES Nebs 'n Debs in 10:25 by juef
1504SNES NES Test in 01:31 by curtmack
6526SNES New Mario Bros. "skips" in 10:17 by kierio04
4721SNES Nintendo World Championships 90 in 05:35 by Boricuaretrogamer
4550SNES Othello in 00:26 by Jigwally
5218SNES Overlord in 03:57 by FatRatKnight
6783SNES Overlord in 03:57 by FatRatKnight & link_7777
4955SNES Pac-Man in 5:08:39 by wcgbg
5104SNES Palamedes "Tournament" in 06:26 by McW4v3-X
5884SNES Pictionary: The Game of Video Quick Draw "Alternative Game" in 01:03 by Spikestuff
5939SNES Pictionary: The Game of Video Quick Draw "all minigames" in 02:33 by warmCabin
5940SNES Pictionary: The Game of Video Quick Draw in 01:37 by DrD2k9
5066SNES Pocket Monster "game end glitch" in 00:51 by dekutony
4575SNES Popeye no Eigo Asobi in 02:43 by Jigwally
2554SNES Publication Grue in 07:54 by TASVideos Grue
6712SNES Punch-Out!! featuring Mr. Dream (VC) "maximum KOs" in 34:01 by DJ Incendration
6054SNES Puss 'n Boots - Pero's Great Adventure in 07:02 by EZGames69
5060SNES Puss 'n Boots: Pero's Great Adventure in 06:58 by McBobX & Samsara
6682SNES Rampage "Pacifist George in California" in 13:16 by Dacicus
6795SNES Road Worker in 06:11 by Spikestuff
5411SNES Robo Warrior in 01:21 by ruadath
2634SNES Rockman 2 Minimum (Megaman 2J) in 28:03 by woabclf
2603SNES Rockman Dash (Megaman 2) in 26:55 by woabclf
2717SNES Rockman Exhaust "Rockman Hack" in 24:26 by aglasscage, woabclf
2601SNES Rockman L (Megaman 2) in 26:25 by woabclf
5586SNES Sesame Street ABC "100%" in 05:14 by TajTheGenie
6708SNES Sid Meier's Pirates! in 00:07 by Spikestuff
6524SNES SMB1 Hard Type "warps" in 05:23 by kierio04
600SNES SMB2J in 01:02 by Mechakoopa_DTTVB
4558SNES Spot: The Video Game in 01:14 by Jigwally
6519SNES Spot: The Video Game in 00:25 by Bluely
3069SNES Stack-Up "R.O.B. Version" in 03:00 by Cardboard & R.O.B.
6348SNES Stack-Up "Direct Max Points" in 01:54 by link_7777
4170SNES Street Fighter II in 02:48 by N?K
6226SNES Street Fighter IV in 08:13 by Mihoru
4633SNES Summer Carnival '92: Recca "Straight to the ending" in 00:03 by fsvgm777
5152SNES Super Arabian in 02:13 by fcxiaopengyou
6257SNES Super Clip Bros. ""no mushroom"" in 01:33 by DMTASpeedruns
6258SNES Super Clip Bros. ""no mushroom"" in 01:33 by DMTASpeedruns
6259SNES Super Clip Bros. in 01:02 by DMTASpeedruns
3701SNES Super Duper Mario Bros. "''glitched''" in 00:58 by dragonmiles18
4618SNES Super Mario Bros. Bowser's Jumping Challenge in 07:54 by Baddap1
2379SNES Super Mario Forever in 02:53 by Vlass14
2569SNES Super Mario Forever in 02:35 by Weirwindle
4659SNES Super Mario Forever in 02:31 by MarioUniverseZone
2340SNES Super Mario Forever (Frustration) in 03:08 by Vlass14
2445SNES Super Mario Registry in 03:09 by MrOmicron
4619SNES Super Mario Unlimited in 13:03 by Baddap1
4672SNES Super Mario Unlimited "warps" in 11:57 by MarioUniverseZone
5057SNES Super Mario World (Nes Bootleg) in 02:46 by Sabitsuki
5058SNES Super Mario World (Nes Bootleg) in 02:46 by Sabitsuki
5059SNES Super Mario World (Nes Bootleg) in 02:46 by Sabitsuki
833SNES TG Mario in 05:58 by Lieza McDohl
6785SNES The Smurfs in 08:10 by ViGadeomes, Tomygood & Blazephlozard
6794SNES The Wing of Madoola in 16:01 by Arc
5250SNES Track & Field II "Olympic Mode, No Exhibition Events" in 28:01 by DrD2k9
5864SNES Troll Burner in 02:17 by ItsameMario203
4249SNES Videomation in 00:35 by nitrogenesis
5564SNES VS Super Mario Bros in 10:14 by KnucklesMaster368
6710SNES Yoshi's Cookie "Round 1" in 01:04 by bentglasstube
4605SNES Zunou Senkan Galg "first loop" in 16:17 by ToniLawtan
6064SSNES A Bug's Life in 07:59 by EZGames69
6027SSNES Barbie Super Model in 03:35 by LylatR & tutelarfiber7
4172SSNES Classic Kong "Entertainment" in 02:39 by saomoore94
2713SSNES Dinomar (SMW hack) in 16:42 by Hadron
5875SSNES Disney's Magical Quest 3 Starring Mickey & Donald "Donald" in 33:02 by jmosx36
6329SSNES Disney's Toy Story "Warps" in 04:59 by EZGames69
4158SSNES Final Fight Guy "Punching Tricks" in 41:10 by saomoore94
6750SSNES Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 in 54:06 by lapogne36
3456SSNES Hong Kong 97 in 00:38 by mlw7
3457SSNES Hong Kong 97 in 00:38 by mlw7
6250SSNES Hong Kong 97 in 00:40 by Mihoru
5335SSNES Janked Up Mario Party "warps" in 13:43 by BrunoVisnadi
4372SSNES Judge Dredd in 27:49 by Archanfel
3273SSNES Kaizo Mario World 2 in 19:26 by kaizoman666, Fethy75 & TheFinalBoss726
6337SSNES MARIO (Super Mario World hack) "any%" in 03:53 by Asumeh
5217SSNES Mario in Another Land "Low%" in 06:15 by jipjups
4119SSNES Mario is Sick! "100%" in 03:22 by ToonLucas22
3922SSNES Mario the lost woodds "title screen moder" in 00:12 by the BEST taser
5951SSNES Mario's Keytastrophe: Rebirth Edition "100%" in 19:37 by Mario3264
5719SSNES Mario's Time Machine in 22:46 by EZGames69
5759SSNES Math Blaster Episode 1: In Search of Spot in 07:53 by qflame
6715SSNES Ms. Pac-Man in 20:25 by Technickle
6718SSNES Ms. Pac-Man in 13:12 by Technickle
6600SSNES New Super Mario Land "1P only" in 12:07 by Pancake001
6601SSNES New Super Mario Land "1P Only" in 11:55 by Pancake001
5125SSNES Phantom 2040 "Good End" in 26:54 by CReTiNo
5082SSNES Pokemon Stadium in 14:51 by McW4v3-X
5684SSNES Robocop 3 "no damage 100%" in 22:05 by NightmareAlex
4138SSNES SMW : Master Hand's Doomsday in 1:29:07 by kengenken
5072SSNES SNES Test Program in 02:02 by kaizoman666
6325SSNES Steamed Hams But It's a Super Mario World ROM Hack in 01:37 by EZGames69
6480SSNES Stone Protectors in 28:23 by Technickle
6727SSNES Stone Protectors in 22:01 by Technickle
5270SSNES Super Baseball Simulator 1.000 "edit" in 01:27 by McW4v3-X
5907SSNES Super Caesars Palace in 00:27 by ViGadeomes
5723SSNES Super Mario All-Stars "All Four" in 34:14 by KinsleU
4563SSNES Super Mario Bros. Deluxe "warps" in 11:02 by IgorSantos777
1915SSNES Super Mario World Hell Edition in 11:55 by Panda
6310SSNES Super Mario World: 2 Player Co-op Quest "all normal levels" in 05:31 by DarkDevil
6311SSNES Super Mario World: 2 Player Co-op Quest "all normal levels" in 05:20 by DarkDevil
6319SSNES Super Mario World: 2 Player Co-op Quest "small only, all normal levels" in 04:21 by DarkDevil
4978SSNES Super Metroid - Escape2 in 23:12 by Zakem66
2635SSNES Super Metroid Angry Fire Chozo "101%" in 35:53 by Hoandjzj
2283SSNES Super Metroid Maze in 01:10 by ZENEO9
2284SSNES Super Metroid Maze in 01:05 by ZENEO9
3172SSNES Super Metroid Phazon in 35:11 by Hoandjzj
5477SSNES Super Off Road "fast max upgrades" in 13:57 by jmosx36
4237SSNES Super Road Blaster in 17:21 by RealMyop
6010SSNES Taekwon-Do in 17:03 by N?K
5296SSNES Tetris & Dr. Mario "Tetris B-Type Vs. Com" in 00:58 by McW4v3-X
6283SSNES Tetris & Dr.Mario "tetris, fastest 999999" in 27:39 by doomjoshuaboy
5469SSNES The Chessmaster "Checkmate ,Variant Standart, KI Standart " in 02:36 by Valentin_Svet
6385SSNES The Great Waldo Search in 01:01 by Le Hulk
6685SSNES Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose! in 07:35 by EZGames69
6769SSNES Tiny Toon Adventures: Wacky Sports Challenge in 1:04:24 by jmosx36
5255SSNES Top Gear 3000 in 2:05:09 by jmosx36
6714SSNES Top Gear 3000 "Final Tracks" in 18:42 by Technickle
6043SSNES Wing Commander "Bad Ending" in 05:21 by McW4v3-X
3937SSNES Xka Shack "107%" in 03:29 by DarkMoon
4852SSNES Yuu Yuu Hakusho (J) "Story Mode " in 34:53 by julius_x
3178SGenesis Action 52 "Alien Attack" in 06:01 by Aqfaq
3179SGenesis Action 52 "Ninja" in 05:46 by Aqfaq
4240SGenesis Action 52 "The Cheetahmen, level 1" in 00:52 by Guga
4459SGenesis Arrow Flash "100%" in 30:40 by zoboner
4466SGenesis Arrow Flash in 26:11 by zoboner
2530SGenesis Art Alive! in 00:00 by Flygon
5780SGenesis Barney's Hide & Seek Game in 05:00 by Drakodan
642SGenesis Barney's Hide and Seek in 13:04 by braceyj
1903SGenesis Barney's Hide and Seek in 00:02 by Sticky
4643SGenesis Barney's Hide and Seek "Low%" in 00:00 by KDEuserX
4073SGenesis Battletoads and Double Dragon in 22:42 by Gvozdevik
5173SGenesis Clue in 00:27 by Lars
5764SGenesis Clue in 00:27 by Meerkov
3296SGenesis ColinC10's Sonic VR in 07:52 by marzojr
5885SGenesis Crazy Bus in 00:48 by EZGames69
4840SGenesis Demolition Man in 09:26 by arandomgameTASer
2211SGenesis Desert Bus in 41:17:15:06, or in 1001:15:05 by alden
6330SGenesis Disney's Toy Story "Warps" in 02:35 by EZGames69
4251SGenesis ESPN Baseball Tonight "Infinite Jedi Throw" in 02:49 by Aqfaq
5438SGenesis Felix THE HET "HET%" in 00:18 by PGCX864
5375SGenesis Granada in 10:00 by Zupapa
5936SGenesis Lose Tails or Else "100%" in 05:43 by Zekann
6136SGenesis Mortal Kombat 5: Sub-Zero in 26:25 by Dimon12321, zoboner
6297SGenesis Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures in 23:29 by SelfDestructor
2402SGenesis Pokemon Crazy Drummer "all notes hit perfectly" in 08:23 by McW4v3-X
4631SGenesis rad "rad" in 00:09 by Aqfaq
4615SGenesis Road Blasters in 20:32 by AndyDick
4964SGenesis Road Rash 3 in 1:53:43 by Lars_Hendrick
6013SGenesis Road Rash II "Level 1" in 09:37 by Rewstarr
4728SGenesis Robotnik's Revenge "2 Players" in 04:45 by Felipe
4737SGenesis Robotnik's Revenge "Boss Rush" in 05:08 by Felipe
5906SGenesis Sonic 1 over 9000!!! "I was bored%" in 15:43 by kaan55
4939SGenesis Sonic 2 & Knuckles "Ringless" in 18:09 by Tee-N-Tee, Hat, WST & skychase
5889SGenesis Sonic 2 Hold Right To Win Edition "Holdright%, Capsule warps, Perfect bonus" in 08:57 by Evil_3D
5080SGenesis Sonic 2 Recreation "farts abuse" in 02:09 by WST
2850SGenesis Sonic Boom in 03:32 by DDRKhat
4136SGenesis Sonic Boom in 03:03 by WST & Got4n
4246SGenesis Sonic Boom "glitched act3" in 04:29 by WST
6421SGenesis Sonic CD++ in 15:51 by TheRandomMaster
6422SGenesis Sonic CD++ in 15:51 by TheRandomMaster
5981SGenesis Sonic Classic Heroes "Team Super Sonic" in 27:47 by Zekann
6024SGenesis Sonic Classic Heroes "Team Super Sonic" in 31:07 by Zekann
6140SGenesis Sonic Classic Heroes "Team Super Sonic" in 30:17 by Duault
3518SGenesis Sonic the Hedgehog: Omochao Edition "PURAYAROUND" in 13:56 by theenglishman
4301SGenesis Steel Empire, The in 35:32 by martandelus
5070SGenesis Street Fucker in 01:16 by tormented
5657SGenesis Super Mario Bros. in 17:04 by Nothembur
5546SGenesis Syd of Valis in 08:32 by maTO
6187SGenesis Tintin in Tibet in 18:44 by Grogir
3933SGenesis VB6 "fastest Hello World" in 00:02 by Espyo
5052SGenesis Virtua Fighter 2 in 01:31 by Spikestuff
4168SGenesis Virtual Pinball "maximum score" in 00:05 by Aqfaq
4305SGenesis Worms "playaround" in 14:19 by Dimon12321
6505SGB Castlevania the Adventure in 17:41 by Mazzin
5312SGB Ichi Ni San! in 00:33 by Spikestuff
4892SGB Minesweeper - Soukaitei in 00:01 by arandomgameTASer
6284SGB Side Pocket in 04:56 by Eltrion
5001SGB Snoopy Magic Show in 45:15 by McW4v3-X
5495SGB Spider-Man and the X-Men in Arcade's Revenge "Low %" in 00:34 by jaysmad
6731SGB The Bouncing Ball in 09:50 by KiwiCracker
5386SGB The Lion King "Cub" in 03:14 by StarvinStruthers
5430SGB The Lion King "all levels" in 00:47 by Spikestuff & Ferret Warlord
6684SGB Uno "Fastest Uno" in 01:01 by dekutony
4125SGB X (Japan) "100%" in 1:09:00 by promise
1907SSGB Game & Watch Gallery - Manhole in 01:33 by girfanatic501
5767SSGB Rolan's Curse II in 21:56 by hejops
6340SGBC 10 Pin Bowling "worst possible score" in 03:21 by Darkdevil
5890SGBC Blue's Clues: Blue's Alphabet Book in 02:33 by dekutony
3082SGBC Catz - Your Virtual Petz Palz "E. A. P." in 01:24 by AKheon
5453SGBC Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure in 15:10 by ThunderAxe31
5901SGBC Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure in 13:15 by ThunderAxe31, WarHippy, xy2_, mugg & ruadath
4253SGBC Käpt'n Blaubär - Die verrückte Schatzsuche "Password, any%" in 00:47 by SuperFlorian12
4414SGBC Kou Dai Yao Guai - Bai Jin Ban in 03:19 by dekutony
5580SGBC LEGO Island 2 in 17:13 by Lu9
6746SGBC Pokémon: Crystal Version "save glitch" in 03:55 by CasualPokePlayer
6775SGBC Pokemon Red "save glitch" in 01:15 by MrWint & Alyosha
5414SGBC Pokemon: Red Version "Any% No Save Corruption" in 12:31 by Graystripe
4551SGBC Scrabble in 00:15 by Jigwally
4602SGBC Super Mario Special 3 in 00:54 by dekutony
6343SGBC Tetris "fastest loss" in 00:09 by DJ Incendration
1574SGBC Who Wants to Be a Millionaire in 04:16 by MikeRS
5947SGBC Who Wants to Be a Millionaire - 2nd Edition in 04:20 by Jigwally
2891SGBC Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? in 04:18 by LSK
6237SGBC Zoboomafoo: Playtime in Zobooland in 02:54 by floppyfish420
6705SGBA Diddy Kong Pilot 2001 "fastest Redneck Krash" in 00:06 by PGCX864
5062SGBA Dogz 2 "paw-around" in 14:49 by NidoqueenOfPain
5629SGBA Donkey Kong Country 3 ""105%"" in 2:20:37 by SpectrumDisasterTM
5645SGBA Donkey Kong Country 3 "105%" in 2:13:34 by SpectrumDisasterTM
5153SGBA Dora the Explorer: Dora's World Adventure in 12:21 by Snodeca
3068SGBA Dora World Adventure in 03:58 by NitroGenesis
6752SGBA Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in 1:30:05 by DBXV
6331SGBA iDubbz the Game "i'm gay%" in 12:27 by DarkDevil
3035SGBA Made In Wario in 31:43 by Patryk1023
3811SGBA My Little Pony - Crystal Princess - The Runaway Rainbow in 24:04 by jlun2
3285SGBA My Little Pony Crystal Princess - The Runaway Rainbow in 28:14 by Ferret Warlord
3292SGBA My Little Pony Crystal Princess - The Runaway Rainbow "CATERPILLAR CATCH HIGH SCORE" in 13:53:45 by Anoobis & Aqfaq
1972SGBA POKEMON THE GAME in 03:01 by Lorenzo_The_Comic
6732SGBA Puyo Pop Fever "Endless Fever" in 09:02 by McW4v3-X
5526SGBA Snake "maximum score" in 03:36 by thegoldfish
5079SGBA Super Kappa Advance 4: Super Kappa Bros. 3 "Kappa%" in 01:12 by Kowka
6527SGBA Tetris Worlds "Marathon Mode" in 08:43 by Hexadigital
3545SGBA The Fairly OddParents, Volume 1 "Gameboy Video Version" in 00:17 by funnyhair
1033SGBA Wario Ware, Inc.: Mega Microgame$! in 50:44 by LAVOS5
2682SGBA Wario Ware, Inc.: Mega Microgame$! in 29:19 by MUGG
1989SGBA WarioWare Twisted in 53:31 by DonamerDragon
6393SGBA Who Wants to be a Millionaire in 03:19 by EchoedMelodies
5948SGBA Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Junior in 03:25 by Jigwally
1450SGBA Wonderboy in Monsterland in 13:23 by xebra
1494SGBA Wonderboy in Monsterland in 13:23 by xebra
3622SN64 Super bowling 64 "lowest score" in 04:45 by poptart1234
3623SN64 Super Bowling 64 "all strikes" in 02:55 by poptart1234
6356SDOS ??? ???? "Fastest Loss" in 00:00 by c-square
6120SDOS Crystal Caves: Volume 2 - Sluggin' It Out in 23:40 by DungeonFacts
4429SDOS Joust in 01:48 by dwangoAC
5893SDOS Mario Teaches Typing "100%" in 25:57 by c-square
5069SDOS QBasic Gorillas in 00:02 by c-square
3090SDOS RobotFindsKitten "Not incomplete" in 00:00 by Ilari
6449SDOS Skunny: Back to the Forest in 11:41 by Lizstar
5761SDOS Space Quest III: The Pirates of Pestulon in 11:55 by DrD2k9
5718SDOS Space Quest: Chapter II - Vohaul's Revenge in 02:58 by DrD2k9
5721SDOS Space Quest: Chapter II - Vohaul's Revenge in 02:52 by DrD2k9
6596SSMS Alex Kidd - High tech world "any %" in 06:39 by gamerretro2
4908SSMS Alex Kidd in High-Tech World in 07:50 by gamerretro2
6067SSMS Alex Kidd: High-Tech World in 06:42 by gamerretro2
4806SSMS Golvellius in 40:30 by Beefster
5019SSMS Spider-Man Vs. The Kingpin in 03:31 by arandomgameTASer
4972SSMS Summer Games "Speedy TAS of 2016" in 00:25 by Aqfaq
6702SPSX 1 on 1 in 04:17 by Spikestuff
6759SPSX Arthur! Ready to Race in 19:57 by Meerkov
6326SPSX Crash Bash "arbitrary code execution" in 02:25 by ThunderAxe31
3066SPSX Dance Dance Revolution - 5th Mix in 05:45 by Mister Epic
5553SPSX Digimon Rumble Arena in 05:42 by Spikestuff
6724SPSX Ganbare Goemon: Ooedo Daikaiten in 1:13:05 by Kiet_Tezend
5391SPSX International Track & Field "World Records" in 10:05 by Napoleon
6382SPSX Lost World: Jurassic Park in 26:24 by arkiandruski
6033SPSX Monster Rancher 2 in 59:33 by N?K
5707SPSX Namco Museum Vol.3 Dig Dug "DIG Achievement with 8 enemies" in 11:07 by IDK
5326SPSX Ridge Racer "any%" in 04:00 by I like bleach 64
5709SPSX Ridge Racer "T.T.#12 in 2'20"529" in 04:36 by IDK
4495SPSX Rockman Complete Works in 15:49 by paosidufygth
4750SPSX Rockman Complete Works: Rockman in 15:44 by paosidufygth
4685SPSX Rockman Complete Works: Rockman 1 "glitchless" in 21:36 by paosidufygth
5712SPSX Runabout "with a hidden command" in 02:10 by IDK
6672SPSX Simple 1500 Series: The Sniper in 10:05 by Spikestuff
4871SPSX Street Fighter - The Movie "Playaround" in 28:14 by Lars_Hendrick
5821SPSX Time Crisis "Arcade Mode" in 12:39 by DrD2k9
5078SPSX Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? in 11:19 by gameworld1
4209SPSX WWF The Arcade Game in 09:54 by STV_Brozer
6777SPCE Neutopia in 40:38 by sveniroth
6781SPCE Neutopia "no fire wand" in 39:50 by sveniroth
6299SPCE Pac-Land in 23:09 by EZGames69
5832SWSWAN Clock Tower for WonderSwan in 04:02 by ruadath
6719SNGP Delta Warp in 42:09 by callumbal
4433SLynx Joust in 02:14 by dwangoAC
4579SDS Another Code: Two Memories in 56:06 by Hoandjzj
5956SDS Big Brain Academy DS in 06:37 by Marcio
4630SDS Butterfly 64 DS "100 loops" in 03:41 by Fortranm
4639SDS Catz "Purr-around" in 01:31 by TASeditor
4888SDS Chrono Trigger in 6:16:21 by Fortranm
2770SDS Deal or No Deal "max score (€500000)" in 02:18 by turbofa
2947SDS Deal or No Deal "all games" in 15:39 by TheKoopaPatrol
3070SDS Elf Bowling 1 & 2 in 02:54 by Atma
6351SDS Elite Beat Agents "low score" in 1:00:52 by arkiandruski
6709SDS Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kizuna: Dai Ichi Kan "Tatari" in 1:27:24 by Fortranm
4655SDS Jenga World Tour in 02:38 by jlun2
3844SDS JPN Moero! Nekketsu Rhythm Damashii: Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2 "100%, S rank" in 04:50 by toadette
4983SDS Mario Party DS in 1:14:52 by GRDM
5804SDS Mario Party DS "Boss Bash" in 10:07 by thatchbro
5424SDS Mario VS Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayham! in 02:54 by RandomGameTASes
3810SDS My Little Pony - Pinkie Pie's Party "100%" in 10:34 by jlun2
6683SDS Nintendogs: Lab & Friends "Pet the Dog" in 02:32 by EZGames69
3549SDS NitroTracker "fastest song" in 00:53 by Supper
6344SDS Spanish for Everyone "completo%" in 14:20 by theenglishman
5067SDS The Legendary Starfy "SRAM glitch" in 02:38 by dekutony
4283SDS Ultmate Mortal Kombat "100% finish" in 13:24 by ComboMaster7
5332SDS Victorious: Taking the Lead "100%" in 44:29 by Ready Steady Yeti
2672SDS WarioWare: Touched! in 54:00 by DiamondPhoenix
3383SDS WarioWare: Touched! in 29:50 by SuperFlorian12
4779SDS ZeldaDS in 02:41 by xy2_
4887SGG Dragon Crystal in 01:07 by gamerretro2
4139SGG Mega Man in 14:31 by heldtogetherwithtape
6244SArcade '88 Games in 13:00 by Mihoru
4264SArcade Blue's Journey "pacifist" in 11:35 by mamuuuut
6443SArcade Bongo "maximum score" in 23:43 by Lizstar
6019SArcade Dragon Ball Z V.R.V.S. (Japan) in 01:30 by BrunoRaji
5245SArcade E-Swat - Cyber Police in 06:50 by CReTiNo
5205SArcade Garou - Mark of the Wolves "All Characters" in 19:30 by Dark Noob
4825SArcade Genix Family in 00:15 by Gay
4228SArcade League Bowling "maximum score" in 02:09 by mamuuuut
6260SArcade Mystic Warriors: Wrath of the Ninjas "Yuri" in 24:13 by Mihoru
6243SArcade Pochi and Nyaa in 05:30 by Mihoru
6558SArcade Samurai Shodown in 17:28 by Ninja-kun
5284SArcade Shadow Dancer in 08:51 by BrunoRaji
4477SArcade Shadow Dancer (set 3, US) in 09:49 by BrunoRaji
4906SArcade Street Fighter III - 2nd Impact "Superplay" in 15:55 by Lars_Hendrick
4297SArcade Sunset Riders "pacifist" in 16:17 by mamuuuut
4334SArcade Sunset Riders "Steve" in 16:32 by Kaizoboy
5132SArcade Three Wonders "Midnight Wanderers" in 11:43 by xy2_
6268SArcade Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa in 18:23 by Mihoru
6792SSaturn Clockwork Knight in 14:04 by EZGames69
6713SSaturn Delisoba Deluxe in 02:52 by Shentok
2037SSegaCD Dragon's Lair in 10:45 by DarkKobold
5888SSegaCD Dragon's Lair in 10:48 by Spikestuff
6423SSegaCD Sonic CD++ "any%" in 15:51 by TheRandomMaster
5861SSegaCD Sonic Megamix in 33:22 by NO0BPLAYER
4394SFDS All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros. in 04:59 by kusoman
5755SFDS All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros. "warps" in 05:26 by nobodycallsmetubby
6554SFDS Big Challenge! Go! Go! Bowling "Perfect games" in 32:03 by Ninja-kun
4971SFDS Cybernoid: The Fighting Machine in 04:35 by Randil, Alyosha
4259SFDS NES Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA) ""princess only"" in 08:28 by TASvideos 1985-2012
4260SFDS NES Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA) "princess only" in 08:28 by TASvideos 1985-2012
4257SFDS NES USA Super Mario Bros. 2 ""princess only"" in 08:28 by TASvideos 1985-2012
4258SFDS NES USA Super Mario Bros. 2 ""princess only"" in 08:28 by TASvideos 1985-2012
6394SFDS Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels "warpless" in 21:16 by Xela
4036SPCECD Zero4 Champ II in 29:44 by AmaizumiUni
5653SMSX Blagger in 14:21 by Zupapa
4974SMSX Thexder in 12:37 by shevek
4239SGC Crash Bandicoot: Wrath of Cortex "100%, Wombat, 360 no Spin" in 00:32 by -ziplock-, /*-, aaa2, AB1, Abahbob, abeshi, Acmlm, addbball, Adebis, adelikat, AGGRESSiON, Aglar, aglasscage, agwawaf, airman2, Airwe, ais523, AjAX, AKheon, ALAKTORN, alden, AlejaKaiser, Alexandre, alexis_neuhaus, alexpenev, alexph, Alorxiel, alpha1233
4844SGC Def Jam Vendetta "Briggs Story" in 35:21 by DwainiumB
5200SGC Metroid Prime in 54:33 by itsPersonnal
4695SGC Resident Evil Code: Veronica X in 1:53:51 by Gfx
4705SGC Resident Evil Code: Veronica X in 1:53:25 by Gfx
4573SGC Tom and Jerry - War of the Whiskers "Hard difficulty" in 03:22 by The_Trust
4895SGC US "johnsonu" in 39:55 by johnsonu
4896SGC US "johnsonu" in 39:55 by johnsonu
6403SWii Art Style: Rotohex in 07:54 by Musicombo
6405SWii Art Style: Rotohex "playaround" in 14:31 by Musicombo
5655SWii Fast Draw Showdown in 10:41 by Cyorter
4979SWii Kirby's Return to Dream Land in 02:10 by Wii Videos
4984SWii Kirby's Return to Dream Land in 09:17 by Wii Videos
6221SWii Mario Party 9 "Time Attack" in 09:27 by jmosx36
6624SWii MLB Power Pros 2008 "Success mode" in 21:34 by Chamale
5228SWii Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii in 1:34:32 by Unknown394
5235SWii Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii in 1:33:17 by Unknown394
5244SWii Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii in 1:32:27 by Unknown394
5437SWii The Smurfs Dance Party in 00:47 by Fog
6522SWii Wii Party "Puzzle Pick-Up Minigame" in 01:16 by Wipeoutjack7
6537SWii Wii Party "Match-Up" in 02:47 by Wipeoutjack7
4274SWindows Betasuppe in 01:49 by mr_eeh
4662SWindows BomBun in 01:46 by CoolKirby
4234SWindows Castle In The Darkness Prologue "true ending" in 04:03 by Sopreti
4235SWindows Castle In The Darkness Prologue in 01:33 by Sopreti
5283SWindows Cho Ren Sha 68K "SHOW TIME!!, no bombs" in 01:21 by xy2_
5938SWindows Cho Ren Sha 68K "showtime" in 01:27 by xy2_
4292SWindows Doge's Adventure in 00:47 by Kaizoboy
3760SWindows Ing's Adventure in 03:04 by Abahbob
3771SWindows Ing's Adventure "No OoB" in 06:57 by Abahbob
3438SWindows Lost Silver in 03:17 by mlw7
5073SWindows Minecraft "game end glitch" in 05:11 by Samsara
5593SWindows Normal Super Mario Bros. ""Any/100%"" in 02:18 by Jhynjhiruu
5317SWindows Pause Ahead in 00:59 by ThunderAxe31
4985SWindows Touhou Eiyashou "Extra Perfect" in 15:04 by HakureiReimu
5433SWindows Touhou Eiyashou - Imperishable Night in 01:43 by Fortranm
5007SSG1000 Dragon Wang in 09:12 by Lars_Hendrick
6498STI83 Daleks in 02:44 by TiKevin83
4874STI83 Snake in 20:36 by dwangoAC
5288SA2600 Aquaventure in 03:30 by dekutony
6782SA2600 Boing! in 04:48 by KiwiCracker & Blazephlozard
6321SA2600 Bowling "perfect game" in 01:25 by Spikestuff
6320SA2600 Brain Games "go to college and get a PhD in advanced calculus" in 00:00 by DarkDevil
6350SA2600 BurgerTime in 00:44 by DarkDevil
6386SA2600 Cabbage Patch Kids: Adventures in the Park in 02:28 by EchoedMelodies
6637SA2600 Cabbage Patch Kids: Adventures in the Park in 02:39 by SonicFan53
6335SA2600 Drake's Life "make drake arrested for life%" in 04:19 by DarkDevil
4996SA2600 FlapPing "Poorlords" in 00:16 by dwangoAC
5010SA2600 FlapPing "PoorLords, perfect score" in 00:00 by xy2_
5011SA2600 FlapPing in 00:00 by TASeditor
5012SA2600 FlapPing "best ending" in 00:00 by BrunoVisnadi
5035SA2600 FlapPing in 00:00 by TASeditor
4732SA2600 Garfield in 00:46 by Gay
4430SA2600 Joust "1 Player" in 00:56 by dwangoAC
6166SA2600 Jungle Hunt in 02:45 by GameBreaker64
6167SA2600 Jungle Hunt in 02:29 by GameBreaker64
5898SA2600 McDonald's: Golden Arch Adventures in 00:00 by Ready Steady Yeti
6384SA2600 Pitfall! "Fastest Completion" in 18:19 by Lobsterzelda
6327SA2600 Rad Dance Party "dance 'till you're dead" in 00:00 by DarkDevil
6390SA2600 Road Runner in 06:47 by Lobsterzelda
6392SA2600 Road Runner in 06:44 by Lobsterzelda
6322SA2600 Skee-Ball "max score" in 00:29 by Spikestuff
6379SA2600 Smurfs - Rescue in Gargamel's Castle in 00:23 by DarkDevil & EchoedMelodies
6333SA2600 Snoop Dogg's life "snoop dogg and tydolla$ign kiss and get married and die and then there children get married and die%" in 04:01 by DarkDevil
4404SA2600 Vanguard in 06:32 by kusoman
3808SA2600 X-Man in 00:23 by TASeditor
5810SA2600 Yars' Revenge "first level" in 00:02 by donnaken15
5811SA2600 Yars' Revenge in 00:11 by donnaken15
5837SA2600 Yars' Revenge "100%" in 13:52 by donnaken15
5905SA2600 Yars' Revenge "fastest Easter egg" in 00:05 by hopper
5950SColeco Galaxian in 00:22 by Quibus
6247SColeco Looping in 01:41 by Dimon12321
6339SC64 ??? ???? "Fastest Loss" in 00:02 by c-square
6355SC64 ??? ???? "Fastest Loss" in 00:02 by DrD2k9
5554SC64 Decathlon "maximum score" in 11:26 by DrD2k9
5596SC64 Donkey Kong in 02:55 by DrD2k9
5552SC64 Double Dragon "OCEAN Port" in 13:36 by DrD2k9
5595SC64 Double Dragon "OCEAN Port" in 12:53 by DrD2k9
5599SC64 Galaxian in 00:26 by DrD2k9
6447SC64 Monty on the Run in 12:35 by DrD2k9
6300SLinux Deltarune (Chapter 1) "Any% NG+" in 25:37 by tendog
6787SLinux FTL: Faster Than Light in 03:11 by keylie
6699SLinux Linux "Linux" in 04:22 by Masterjun
6528SLinux You Have to Win the Game in 05:00 by letcreate123
5891SAppleII Zork I - The Great UnderGround Empire "Fastest eaten by a grue" in 00:15 by adelikat
5830SINTV Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Treasure of Tarmin "easiest" in 00:19 by Winslinator
6235SINTV Beauty and the Beast in 01:13 by EZGames69
6233SINTV Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack "Maximum Earnings" in 01:07 by Winslinator
5997SUzebox Melli's Retro land in 04:38 by EZGames69
6367SZXS Tapper in 08:45 by DarkDevil
6369SZXS Tapper in 08:31 by DarkDevil

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