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P 4wn 3r

About Me

Hi, my username here is p4wn3r and this is my homepage. Wiki formatting screwed my name though. I can't really blame it. Though my nickname completely pwns, it's one of the most misspelled ones in the site. More seriously, I'm a brazilian guy and became a TASer in late 2008, I discovered the site by watching primorial#soup's SGB Pokémon Green run, which got me interested in TASing in general.

Finished projects

Status: unsubmitted

This was actually a test run I did with the objective of getting more familiar with the game. It however has a major route flaw, had too many arbitrary goals and luck manipulation is really sloppy. Though this run has been really awaited by the Pokémon community, my attempt surely isn't publishable by this site. I'm currently redoing this with only complete pokédex, which will be a lot more entertaining.

For those who want to sit through the four hours needed to watch this run, it has been uploaded to nicovideo in four parts, earning some positive feedback there.

http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm12402841 http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm12418446 http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm12438392 http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm12464305

Status: unsubmitted

Inspired by the Battle Chess framewar between Weirwindle, adelikat, DarkKobold, Sonikkustar and Nach, I made this joke TAS. It reproduces an artistic position I've come across in my years playing chess. It's mildly funny for chess players, but the TASing joke itself isn't enough to abuse the submission queue or a judge's patience, so I didn't submit it.

Status: published

Pokémon TCG is a very nice game to play, not so fun to watch. I recommend it if you have played this game before or have seen a lot of TASes and want something new. Luck manipulation was really interesting, there are some really good stunts where the player draws the exact card he needs to win, but the menus are cancelled so fast that it's not possible to see it at 100% speed.

That project had been abandoned for a long time and I thought that game needed a run, so I took FractalFusion's WIP and his groundwork and finished it. It was incredibly fun to TAS, I looked more at VBA's memory viewer and Scite's Lua IDE than the game screen.

It beats cstrakm's run of the (J) version by 4.2 seconds even when the (U) version's intro is 1:30 longer.

Aside from that, it's the first card duel game ever published by the site!

Status: rejected

Rejected because people didn't approve of the platform chosen. I was surprised that people hadn't played the GB version of the game, which would make the movie interesting. At that time, I wasn't aware that a submission could be rejected in favor of something that was never done.

Since nobody has really pointed out why a run of this game on a newer platform could be published and there's nothing to indicate that this game could be accepted despite the site's aversion to puzzle games, I don't intend to TAS this series again.

Status: published

A frame war I won from primorial#soup. An improvement of 10 frames from his movie. With 30k more rerecords, I might be able to save around 5 more frames, but there's really no enthusiasm with this run to justificate such commitment, so I'm fine with it.

Status: published

My improvement on the best rated Pokémon movie in TASVideos. I never expected to improve this after my second submission. However, after looking better at the game's RAM, I could glitch it even more and improve it. I tested everything I could to make it optimal, and I claim this to be the fastest "route". I can only think of improvements for this if something completely different from what's known now is found or someone does some black magic to eliminate enough scrolling lag to bust frame rules (which I couldn't do no matter how hard I tried).

Status: published

The canonical any% completion of the 1st generation, which doesn't abuse save corruption. I managed to improve the previous movie by more than 37 minutes. The large time saver comes from exploiting a warp glitch similar to the Yellow run. However, by banning save file corruption, the execution is completely different and also showcases a good set of glitches to get the fastest time and notoriously uses the ZZAZZ glitch, which, because of several emulation inaccuracies and "randomness" in the behavior of the game when it's activated, was thought to be impossible to be used as a time saver. That may be one of the reasons that made primo's previous movie last since 2007, even when this bug was already known.

Current projects

Status: Sabrina's badge gotten

A big project that will take months to complete. This demands excessive luck manipulation and is a nightmare to plan the route due to the huge number of possibilities risen by glitch abuse. The RNG uses hardware register entropy, making it almost impossible to predict. This run requires an enormous amount of brute-forcing and we keep having to redo segments because of improvements found.

Still, this run is very active, and despite being busy in real life, I'm making good progress in it.

Contacting me

I'm often at the IRC channel and will respond if rang. The most effective way to contact me, though, is by PM on the forums.

I speak Portuguese and have seen some brazilian TASers having trouble with English. If that's your case, feel free to ask for help in translating a submission text or a webpage.

Also, I can program in Lua, having used Lua scripts in most of my TASes. I can offer some help in that if you'd like.

I don't take requests to run games, sorry. I only TAS games I've liked playing and don't care if they get rejected for bad game choice.

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