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PJ Boy

Hey everybody, this is P.JBoy.

I'm 23 years old, I was born and live in the UK, I (used to) play electric guitar, I used to do aikijitsu (5th kyu), I now do Brazilian jiujitsu (white belt), I like any melodic or emotive music, the Metroid series are my favourite, I own a Wii, XBOX and PlayStation4 (but barely play them), I did a Computer Science degree at university.

I'm keeping all my TAS related stuff on this page, and I have my Dump page with some helpful info for people. Now let's get started.

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Runs I might make

Donkey Kong 64

It would also be awesome to see Donkey Kong 64 completed under 5 hours, but hopes are looking low. Support for this game is very primitive (ie. non-existent)

Movie ratings

You can view my ratings on my ratings page. Note that in that URL, it says "912" instead of "P.JBoy" due to the full stop breaking the link.

My movie rating system


It's like an actual scale when I rate entertainment, though I rate things lower if I think that I can do better.

Technical quality

  • 10 - I give 10s when a movie has been pretty much proven to be perfect.
  • 9 - I give these when a movie is perfect only to a scale of 1-5 frames.
  • 8 - I give 8s when they've left out 1 noticeable time-saving trick.
  • 7 - I give these when a movie has left out multiple time-saving tricks.
  • 6-0 - I give these when the movie is poorly played. Depending on how poorly it's played, I give a lower value.

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