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Patryk 1023

About me...

Hey! I'm Patryk1023. I started to TAS at the end of 2010. I knew about this site much earlier. I'm from Poland and I'm 15.

TODO: whole page

Me encoding!

I'm not even sure will I encode TASes anymore, but you might see some of it in far future.

TAS projects

Minesweeper 7-missions TAS (no skip)


My own YouTube account

IRC quotes

Polish hate Poland

<Flurret> Is it true that the Polish hate Poland?
<Flurret> I've only spoken to one Polish person about it
<Patryk1023> You've lol'd me!
<Flurret> And from what I've been told, it's "Yes"
<Patryk1023> wow
<BrandonE> and now it syncs
<Patryk1023> I can all Polish language!
<Patryk1023> cuz I'm from Poland xd


<fsvgm777> WELCOME
<fsvgm777> END
<nitrogenesis> WELCOME
<nitrogenesis> TO DIE
<nitrogenesis> WELCOME
<nitrogenesis> THE WORLD OF GAME
<fsvgm777> A GAME
<fsvgm777> END
<Patryk1023> ;d

Kaspersky, do not scan me! (feos' post)

21:07 -> Kaspersky вошёл в tasvideos
21:08 <feos> hi Kaspersky
21:08 <feos> we have no viruses here
21:08 <feos> i sware
21:08 <feos> no, really
21:08 <feos> <_<
21:19 <Kaspersky> hey feos...
21:19 <Kaspersky> >_>
21:19 <Kaspersky> I'm not scaning your computer
21:19 Kaspersky изменил псевдоним на Patryk1023

Be eaten by... (Nach's post)

<Patryk1023> Nach: translate that: Dzisiaj jemy obiad na granicy niemiecko-polskiej. :)
<Nach> Patryk1023: sounds good, whose for lunch?
<Patryk1023> me!
<Patryk1023> me for lunch!
<Nach> Patryk1023: oh, delicious
  • Nach invites brother leeches to enjoy first dibs
<Patryk1023> Nach: Well, I wanna to eat from all guys from here, but flygon can't fly to Poland from Australia...

Sometimes I really wonder if we speak the same language...

Some time later:

<Nach> Patryk1023: is Polish meat good?
<Patryk1023> Nach: yeah! ^^
<Nach> Patryk1023: so how many people have you devoured?
<Patryk1023> errr... WHAT!?

(summary after those years: thanks Nach, now I'm into vore. <_<)

That's all! Bye!

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