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I'm a publisher at TASVideos since 2013-08-12. After having lurked for about half a year I joined the forums on 2013-02-03, showed up on IRC regularly and started helping out with quick- and publication encodes.


I can but will only sporadically encode movies for all of the approved platforms, since my main OS is GNU/Linux and I dual-boot to Windows only occasionally.

I have written an (incomplete) encoding guide for Dolphin: Dolphin audio/video dumping and encoding guide (given how rapidly Dolphin changes things around it's kinda moot to maintain, just ask for your Dolphin encoding needs if you don't get something)

The following is a list of movies I published (I encoded some more, but didn't publish them myself): Total publications: 21

2016-12-23 22:46:10[3288] Wii Muramasa: The Demon Blade (USA) "Momohime" by Hetfield90 & RachelB in 1:03:44.55
2016-10-30 15:58:06[3248] Wii Muramasa: The Demon Blade (JPN) "Kisuke" by Bernka in 1:03:49.15
2016-07-27 19:51:45[3186] GC Pac-Man World 2 (USA) by TheRuseman in 39:25.07
2015-11-30 04:46:13[3009] GC Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (USA) by USTA2877 in 2:19:07.82
2015-06-08 13:40:24[2864] GB After Burst (JPN) "1P VS mode" by jlun2 in 05:42.74
2015-05-18 00:05:59[2851] DOS Commander Keen 3: Keen Must Die! (v1.0) by slamo in 01:38.49
2015-05-04 14:41:44[2836] GC Ikaruga (USA) "maximum score" by keylie in 21:29.4
2014-10-16 00:40:00[2702] Genesis Zero Tolerance (any) by Dimon12321 in 19:52.65
2014-09-16 11:27:02[2686] GB Last Action Hero (USA/Europe) by TehBerral in 11:31.26
2014-09-06 14:26:15[2681] Genesis Dungeons & Dragons: Warriors of the Eternal Sun (USA/Europe) by ars4326 in 22:15.22
2014-08-30 10:07:27[2679] Wii Anubis II (USA) by CoolKirby in 02:17.48
2014-08-22 18:47:35[2672] GBC The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland (USA) by TASeditor in 03:00.65
2014-06-17 17:37:37[2617] GC Billy Hatcher And The Giant Egg (USA) by STBM in 1:02:49.1
2014-04-28 08:45:29[2587] GC Luigi's Mansion (USA) "chest glitch" by solarplex in 10:11.85
2014-04-04 10:34:31[2568] GC Super Monkey Ball 2 (USA) "Expert through Master Extra" by byrz, diddykong14, keylie, Nexta, Jcool114 in 14:23.02
2014-04-04 10:34:19[2567] GC Super Monkey Ball (USA) "Expert through Master" by byrz, diddykong14, keylie, Barhunga in 13:10.78
2014-02-05 14:34:50[2525] GC SoulCalibur II (USA) by N?K in 03:02.55
2013-12-27 02:57:35[2501] GC Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut (USA) "Tails" by THC98 in 22:54.02
2013-11-30 15:25:32[2490] SNES Paladin's Quest (USA) by janus in 2:05:04.71
2013-10-13 12:20:56[2464] GC Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut (USA) "Sonic" by THC98 in 30:12.02
2013-08-19 17:11:03[2443] GC 007: Nightfire (USA) by gamerfreak5665 & aleckermit in 39:55.45

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