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Hi there. Welcome to my personal page.

Having spent 3 years away from here, this page is currently somewhat out of date. Please bear with me while I clean off the cobwebs.

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Introduction (who are you?!)

Hi there. I'm Farrell Hayman, known as Raiscan on TASVideos and other places. I could fill this page with all sorts of boring and useless information about myself so you might pry into my life more, but instead I have decided (for now) to focus on more important matters.

What I Do (so feel free to question me on such matters)

What I Don't (so I'm probably not the person to ask)

TAS Emulators and Tools Page

Around February, JXQ created a temporary website which solved the problem on TASvideos whereby many of our emulator links were outdated or broken. His solution was to host the emulators and tools himself until a more permanent solution was found. While JXQ no longer hosts the site, I have created a mirror and new design layout which I will update whenever required. It can currently be accessed via this link and the many others on various TASVideos wiki pages.

Recently, emulators have become more backwards compatible and most now have their own homepage. However, the page is still available for downloading older versions that might not be available anywhere else.


(3:28:33)<jimsfriend> raiscan i have a bet with myself for $1 that he won't be back by end of september
(3:28:45)<jimsfriend> myself being adelikat
(3:32:31)<Raiscan> <jimsfriend> myself being adelikat
(3:32:33)<Raiscan> split personality or what
(3:32:44)<jimsfriend> yes
(3:32:44)<adelikat> nah

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