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Though there are several TAS projects I've finished, there are of course many more that I'm either currently doing, planning, or considering. Finishing as many of these TASes as possible is my goal, since every publication makes the TASVideos site more complete. Games with incomplete TASes that I've considered, planned, or am working on currently are all listed on this page.

Please note that if one of the games listed here also happens to be a game that you are TASing, planning, or considering as well, then I highly recommend for you to please let me know so that we can collaborate. Thank you.

Currently working on


  • GBA Dora the Explorer: Super Spies "100%" - with EZGames69
  • SNES Super Troll Islands - with EZGames69


These are all projects that I am positive or at least pretty sure that I'm going to do at this point, and am just at the planning stages.


This is an extremely long list of TASes I'm considering. I may or may not have ever played these games yet. Many of them are from my childhood, and others I came across via Google search. Basically how this works is I go through this list when I need new ideas. I play the game in question until I know the game and feel comfortable enough to say that I'd like to TAS it. Then I start planning, and then I start the actual process of TASing the game.

Always when I'm TASing, I find some extra time to screw around. This helps me to find glitches and tricks by either accident or curiosity that I wouldn't find otherwise.


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