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Due to my personal philosophy on the issue of copyright laws, I hereby release *anything* that I have the full rights to into the public domain. This applies worldwide.

What does this mean? Well, that means that any content I publish is not copyrighted. Anyone may use anything I originally write or create, and publish, including on TASVideos, for any purpose whatsoever (whenever this is legally possible). This means that you can quote, remix, mirror, etc. any of my content. You do not need to ask me for permission to use my content. I hope and expect that you credit me when you use my work, but I don't wish to hold anyone legally accountable for not doing so.

Examples of public domain material on TASVideos

What do you mean "whenever this is legally possible"?

As I am a gamer, obviously I will be fairly using quite a bit of copyrighted content, just like most of the rest of us here. Content that uses copyrighted content in a way that falls under the doctrine of fair use is legal but cannot be released into the public domain until all of the original copyrighted works used expire automatically (which generally happens 95 years after they're published). So, in the cases when works I publish apply fair use, you may use such works for any purpose, in any way that it is legally possible to do so, with respect to the original owners of the fairly used content in the original video/game/written work.

Some examples of this would be my profile pictures, YouTube videos I send here that show gameplay, and any video encodes of my TASes. To put it simply, any content I own that applies the fair use doctrine can be used for any purpose, as long as due respect is given to the copyright owners of the fairly used material.

As a side note, whenever the original copyrighted content fairly used expires automatically, my content that fairly uses it will be released into the public domain by default. In most cases, that won't happen in a really long time, though...something like 85 years!!! So don't worry about it.


Privately sent messages (i.e. Discord DMs, IRC DMs, or TASVideos private messages) sent by me should in some cases be asked about before being used elsewhere.

Crediting me

You should credit me when you use my work, and I expect you to. I think it is respectful to credit someone else for their own work, even if the work is public domain. I would highly appreciate it if you credit me when you use my work. However, when I say I won't hold you legally accountable for not crediting me, that just means that by my own orders, no one will sue you for not crediting me. My opinions on what is dishonorable and what should be illegal are two very, very different things. Showing up to your customer service job in a clown suit one day and getting fired for it isn't illegal either, and it shouldn't be illegal, but it's still a stupid thing to do and I'd advise that you still shouldn't do it.

Why would you allow this?

It's complicated, but to put it simply, I am pretty much an informational anarchist. I'll be writing a huge essay somewhere else (not on TASVideos) about why I don't like copyright laws. Maybe I'll link to that here eventually, just in case you're interested.


This entire page, obviously, is also in the public domain. Also, that previous sentence saying that this page is obviously in the public domain is also in the public domain. Oh, and that sentence saying that the other sentence saying that the page is in the public domain is in the public domain is in the public domain too. Try saying all that without stuttering!

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