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Samurai Goroh

Samurai Goroh's Shrine

About Samurai Goroh

My nick comes from the famous futuristic racing game called F-zero. He's the best racer to make records on the SNES game ;)

  • Samurai Goroh is a bounty hunter, just like Captain Falcon. He's the boss of an intergalactic group of bandits with a terrible reputation. His hideout is said to be located at Red Canyon. Antonio Guster used to be the right hand of Goroh, but Guster betrayed him.

  • His car is called Fire Stingray (which is the car shown on top). In general lacks in acceleration but compensates in Max Speed & Body. It's a good vehicle to start in any F-zero game that has this car :P...

  • His wife is Lisa Brilliant & his son is Dai Goroh. Lisa only appears on F-zero GP Legend & Dai only appears on F-zero GX.

  • His rival are Captain Falcon & Antonio Guster.

  • According to F-zero Climax profile, Goroh has 45 years, was born on April 22nd & has a bloodtype of O+

About Me (the guy behind the nick)

I live in Aguascalientes, Mexico.
I know 2 languages, English & Spanish (native). Because of this, I'm now helping in translating the site to Spanish ;)


One of the RPG games I love the most is Final Fantasy V. Back in the days (90's and early 2000's) this game did not had the same attention it has nowadays (with a yearly charity event & even Speedruns); so I was fond of this game and wanted to know as much of it as I could. This lead me to create several content which includes a Low Level Guide, ROM editor, save state editor, Lua Script & even a walkthrough plan for a TAS, which I eventually took the challenge and made my first Published Run. Years later I decided to improve it!
I also love to play chess. I play online at FICS, using the nick samuraigoroh. I can play any variant but I rather play the standard modes (blitz or normal). Well, it has been a while since I logged there, *sigh :(


I frequent several forums (including this one). Here's the list:

F-zero Central
Harvest Moon Forum
Slick Forums

In all of them I have the same nick (sometimes w/o space due to restrictions).


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