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Samurai Goroh / FFV Walkthrough Plan

Walkthrough Outline

Notes Before Starting

- After you entered Tycoon Meteorite but before getting off of Boko (the Chocobo), set config to the following:
  • Battle Mode to Wait
    • WAIT pauses enemy counters while you are in the magic or item windows. ACTIVE never pauses.
  • Battle Speed to 4 (because it affects how fast the enemy can take a turn, very important!)
    • If you set it to 3, you'll have like 5 frames to perform your command, which sometimes isn't enough time, even with frame advance... (like for breaking a rod...)
  • Text/Message Speed to 1 (for quicker conversations)
  • Command Set to Short (You can choose any command with only 1 button instead of sometimes 2, to change rows or defend you'll have to press either L or R)
  • Gauge to Off (Not sure if it saves some frames – by avoiding lag – but definitely looks more impressive IMO)
  • Cursor to Memory (Saves frames when you have to repeat something, which comes frequently)
  • Leave Re-equip as Optimum (Remember that sometimes certain item will equip to the person you don't want, but that doesn't happen often if you change jobs in an specific order, just remove it when it happens)

Keep at least 1 person a Thief as often as possible to Dash in dungeons. Dash ability can come handy but you must remember it takes 1 ability slot.

In a TAS, it should always be faster to escape normally than using an ability. Using !Flee is faster than !Smoke as it has no special animation.

You can avoid random battles most of the time by resetting the danger meter. Here's a video that explains it: https://youtu.be/y2tD230lPUE

Stay in the back-row at all times (well, beyond the Wing Raptor). It will reduce physical damage (both given and received) but magical damage will still affect fully. Also, running away while on the back row saves you about 8 frames in comparison to the front row.

If possible, when you're idle in a battle, try to plan ahead with item usage by using the free time in animations or talks (like Sargent transforming into Cray Claw). Keep them closer to the top of the inventory for quicker access to them (like for equipping, selling or using an item). Note that however, it might be possible to create lag this way, so be really careful if you want to do it.

Don't grab any chest unless pointed (even if an item is good, deviating to get it plus text message wastes valuable time, like 32 frames in average just from the dialogue).

Rods or Scrolls

Scrolls are cheaper than Rods, but your magic power affects its damage. Ninja's with !Black lv 1 ability equipped can ditch some nice damage (although is still better to break rods just for the raw damage)

Boss list info

  • Time: In-game time obtained before fighting the boss. (For that I use a memory address)
  • Jobs: Jobs used against the boss.
  • Levels: The current party levels.
  • Strat: Strategy used against the boss.
  • BAW: Stands for Boss Attack Wanted. It's the desired attack you want the boss to make each turn.
  • Commands: The total number of turns took to finish the battle.
  • ABP: How much ABP you get after the battle.
  • Drops: Item that drops, either Always (A) or Rarely (R)


  • Take 2 extra steps after the last battle against those Goblins x2. This will allow you to save 1 random battle & let you encounter a battle against Killer Bee x2 + Goblin (which is faster than White Snake + Black Goblin and Goblin at the Beginner's Room, though you won't loot the treasures there) when you return from the Wind Shrine.
  • In Pirate's Cave, run from all battles (while being on the back row saves 8 frames, opening the menu to change their rows wastes more time than what you could had saved, so is not useful to do it yet)
  • Head to Wind Shrine immediately (Don't go to Tule nor let the Pirate lead the way)

Use on boss floor, pick Broadsword (leftmost room) and equip it on Galuf while fighting

Wing Raptor

  • Time: 0 hrs, 15 min, 24 secs, 6 Frames
  • Jobs: N/A
  • Levels: 2/1/1/3
  • Strat: Attack ASAP
  • BAW: Fight, Fight
  • Commands: 9
  • ABP: N/A
  • Drops: (A) Phoenix Down, keep it (to sell it later)

Change Jobs to Blue/Black/Thief/Black, that is for Butz/Lenna/Galuf/Faris (always in that order). Learn Goblin Punch while returning to Tule from Bee x2 + Goblin fight (Zone [5,3], Common formation #2), which also lets you gain the experience needed to get 2/2/2/3 (is a bit less exp than fighting White Snake + Black Goblin & Goblin, but is irrelevant in that aspect).

In Tule: Buy Bolt Magic & Ice Magic, then head to Zokk's house to get the Key. Ice magic is for the Tatu's before Northern Mountain (to level up) while Bolt Magic is to take the next boss quickly.

Note: You'll get healed when you visit Zokk, which Black Mages will benefit with their current low MP being filled.

Now, head for Canal and prepare for Karlabos. Change jobs to Black/Black/Thief/Black and also change rows to the back since most of the time you'll be dealing magical damage, which is not penalized by the row.


  • Time: 0 hrs, 25 min, 11 secs, 6 frames
  • Jobs: Black/Black/Thief/Black
  • Levels: 2/2/2/3
  • Strat: Zap him with Bolt
  • BAW: Specialty, Fight/Tailscrew
  • Commands: 8
  • ABP: 5
  • Drops: (A) Tent, keep it (you'll use it on world 2)

Note: You'll leave Galuf as Thief and let him get stunned to have his next turn skipped. Is faster than if Karlabos simple attacked anyone.

In the Graveyard of Ships, change jobs to Blue/Blue/Blue/Thief. Grab the box that has 990 GP. You'll use the money to buy a rod in Karnak.


  • Time: 0 hrs, 31 min, 43 secs, 4 frames
  • Jobs: Blue/Blue/Blue/Thief
  • Levels: 2/2/2/3
  • Strat: Goblin Punch
  • BAW: Mute, Scan
  • Commands: 7
  • ABP: 5
  • Drops: (A) Bronze Armor, keep it (you'll sell it later)

Note: Remember to equip your blue mages with swords and daggers so their attacks are potent, meaning that Faris should be unarmed. Also not that Mute can miss, saving some frames.

Head to Kerwin, obtain Ice Rod; head to North Mountain. Before entering the mountain, fight a formation of Tatu x2 to level up (beat it with Ice magic). Equipping the Ice Rod to deal more damage is just a bit shy from killing them in a single spell (4 HP), to bad. Note: Consider calculating if killing them with an attack is faster than with a second spell...

In the North Mountain, do not cross over the poisonous grass. You won't get healed any time soon and it slows you 1 frame each time you walk, so is only useful in a speedrun to perform the Cover + Guard tactic, which is not needed in a TAS to take down Galura later on.


  • Time: 0 hrs, 34 min, 53 secs, 22 frames
  • Jobs: Black/Black/Blue/Thief
  • Levels: 3/3/3/4
  • Strat: Break the Ice Rod
  • BAW: Whatever that doesn't kill you (even if your HP is replenished)
  • Commands: 2
  • ABP: 6
  • Drops: (A) Whip, keep it

- Head to Worus Castle to see the King (don't think its optional) & trigger the event that allows you to enter into the Tower.

Head to Worus Castle to see the King (don't think it is optional) & trigger the event that allows you to enter into the Tower. In Worus Tower, Steal a Mythril Sword (or more) from Ice Soldiers, then equip them to a Blue Mage for improving damage (saves an action). You can also steal Mythril knives from Wyverns, though they are weaker than the swords BUT still better than your current weapons (& Blue Mage can equip them to). Encounter the battle naturally, it'll allow you to skip 1 turn and is slightly faster (plus you also gain a weapon). Also, take Ether from treasure chest before the boss, as you'll need to use it in Karnak due to the low mana.


  • Time: 0 hrs, 38 min, 29 secs, 20 frames
  • Jobs: Blue/Blue/Blue/Bare
  • Levels: 3/3/3/4
  • Strat: Use Goblin Punch with the Mages, and paralyze Galura with Faris using the whip
  • BAW: Fight w/o counter
  • Commands: 7
  • ABP: 5
  • Drops: (A) Hi-Potion, keep it (You can sell it later)

Use the Meteorite to head to Karnak Town. In there, head to weapon shop, buy an Ice Rod (with discount) and get arrested. Come back and sell some items in order to buy another Ice Rod & 2 Thunder Rods. Then, head outside to the Fire Ship. (Do not sell the whip, it'll be useful later, nor all weapons as Ninjas need them for a bug)

In the Fire-Powered Ship open the treasure with a Phoenix Down (which is next to the World Map) as else you'll be a bit short in money for not getting the items from the Beginner's House.

Liquid Flame

  • Time: 0 hrs, 48 min, 21 secs, 49 frames
  • Jobs: Blue/Blue/Blue/Thief
  • Levels: 3/3/3/4
  • Strat: Break the 2 rods (beware of the hand transform, avoid it at all cost)
  • BAW: Fight, <Fire>
  • Commands: 3
  • ABP: 6
  • Drops: (A) Whirlwind form drops a Flame Bow which sells for some nice cash.

Back in the castle get out immediately. No time for even grabbing the treasures with gold.

Iron Claw

(Transform of Sergeant) with Wild Nack x3

  • Time: 0 hrs, 52 min, 3 secs, 12 frames
  • Jobs: Blue/Blue/Blue/Thief
  • Levels: 5/4/4/5
  • Strat: Break a Thunder rod, and wait until he transforms, learn Death Claw before breaking another Thunder rod.
  • BAW: DeathClaw
  • Commands: 3
  • ABP: 3
  • Drops: (A) none, (R) Glasses, EyeDrop & Potion, avoid it.

Note: You can use the time when the Sergeant speak to sort out your inventory and not spend time at all.

Head again to the Town to replenish your stock of rods. This time sell more items in order to purchase 2 Ice Rods & 1 Lightning Rod. Reminder to not sell all the weapons that a Ninja can equip, so you can perform the infinite money glitch later on.

Change Jobs to Blue/Trainer/Blue/Thief and trigger a battle against Aegil x2 + GrassTurtle while you head to the Ancient Library. Kill Galuf, capture an Aegil and break a Lightning Rod. This is so that only Galuf has a level divisible by 5 in order to Learn that Blue spell and to release the Aegil to leak Archeavis and avoid his transformations.


  • Time: 0 hrs, 55 min, 5 secs, 46 frames
  • Jobs: Blue/Blue/Blue/Thief
  • Levels: 6/6/5/6
  • Strat: Break 2 Ice rods
  • BAW: None
  • Commands: 3
  • ABP: 5
  • Drops: (A) Flame Tech, keep it

Note: You can trigger an Pre-Emptive and avoid his attack, which is faster despite of the message popping out.

Learn Level 5 Death from predetermined battle with a book (Page 32/Page 64; 64 teaches Level 5 Death), use Death Claw to weaken the enemies. Just be sure that such battle will trigger such enemy formation.


  • Time: 0 hrs, 56 min, 50 secs, 47 frames
  • Jobs: Blue/Blue/Blue/Thief
  • Levels: 6/6/5/6
  • Strat: Death Claw, then hit
  • BAW: None
  • Commands: 3
  • ABP: 7
  • Drops: (A) Protect Drink, not needed

Note: You can trigger an Pre-Emptive and avoid his attack.

No need to heal, the next event will do that for you. Return to Karnak & get the ship, then sail towards Crescent Isle. Note that zones that cover Tule seas have no encounter, use it on your advantage when you seal:

Change jobs to Blue/Ninja/Ninja/Thief in order to be able to perform the infinite item glitch.

Fight a Prototype, perform the bug to steal 255 Ethers and run away. Next learn Dark Shock from Black Flame x5 (throw a flame scroll to win). Or you can do it the other way around to if you take a different path. Prototypes appear on the zones (5,8) and (6,8) while the Black Flames appear in zones (6,6) (7,6) and (7,8). Black Flames also appear near Istory, but that deviates from the course you're taking, so I'm not mentioning them. Arrive to Crescent Island to lose the boat. Then to the forest for new jobs and Black Chocobo

Head to Lix (Butz home town) to buy:

  • 11 Kunai (Increases Speed +1, only Ninja can equip)
  • 3 Water Scrolls (Buying exactly 3 is 2 frames slower but frees the spot)
  • 21 Thunder Scrolls
  • 11 Green Berets (Increases Speed +1)
  • 11 Stealth Clothes (Increases Speed +1)
  • 11 Ethers (You just sold 255 and now need to buy some, huh)
  • 11 Potions
  • 11 Antidotes
  • 11 Maiden Kiss

Note: You buy first from upstairs to have the Scrolls set at the top and save some frames when using them against Sandworm. Also, the items rounded to (10n + 1) are bought faster than the exact (since you'll press Up instead of Right several times), though you will end up with to many items in the inventory but that shouldn't be troublesome.

Next, head to Karnak to buy:

  • 11 Thunder Rods
  • 11 Mythril Shields (+25 evasion, +3 Defense)
  • 11 Plumed Hat (Gives + 5 magic evasion)
  • 11 Silk Robe (Gives +16 magic evasion)
  • 11 Silver Armlet (Gives + 5 magic evasion)
  • 21 Phoenix Downs (For Mixing & reviving purposes)

Now head back to the Ancient Library, change jobs to Ninja/Ninja/Ninja/Thief. Don't heal, the Sand Worm will use Demi A LOT, it won't kill you but will reduce your HP anyway, well actually the holes are the ones that use Demi... Now go to the Desert.

Sand Worm + Holes

  • Time: 1 hrs, 8 min, 35 secs, 47 frames
  • Jobs: Ninja/Ninja/Ninja/Thief
  • Levels: 8/8/7/8
  • Strat: Use 3 Water Scrolls (Note: You don't need to select the Sand Worm ;) )
  • BAW: None, although the holes will counter with Demi each time...
  • Commands: 4
  • ABP: 5
  • Drops: None

Note: Make the Sandworm stop at the farthest hole (#1), so it's Demi counters travel less distance. Also try to make at least one of them miss each time (the furthest one).

Change Butz to Blue Mage and fight a Bomb x4 to level up. Throw a Lightning Scroll to kill them in 1 shot. (Change Faris to Bard?). They appear from a rare formation in zones (2,6) (3,6) (4,6) (4,7) and from common #2 from zones (2,5) (3,5) (plains only) & (2,7) (3,7) (all terrains). They don't have a common drop, so avoid it.

Change jobs to Blue/Blue/Blue/Thief after that. Equip some Thunder Rods beforehand for the next boss battle IF it is faster than equipping them at the fight.

Go through the Ruined City and machine beneath.

Cray Claw

  • Time: 1 hrs, 14 min, 27 secs, 45 frames
  • Jobs: Blue/Ninja/Ninja/Thief
  • Levels: 9/9/8/9
  • Strat: Break 1 Thunder Rod
  • BAW: Tailscrew (miss)
  • Commands: 4
  • ABP: 5
  • Drops: (A) Frost Bow, not needed

Return to the Ruined city, then go back & talk to Cid. Now head to TYCOON meteor & fight Adamantium.


  • Time: 1 hrs, 17 min, 28 secs, 19 frames
  • Jobs: Blue/Ninja/Ninja/Thief
  • Levels: 9/9/8/9
  • Strat: Lv 5 Doom
  • BAW: Fight x2
  • Commands: 3
  • ABP: 5
  • Drops: (A) Turtle Shell, not needed

Go back to Crescent Isle, then to the Lonka Ruins.

For the Rocket Launchers/Flame Guns, use 2 Thunder Scrolls per battle (equip Black lv 1 ability). They always drop Drinks, but they are useless.

Sol Cannon with Launchers

  • Time: 1 hrs, 20 min, 36 secs, 41 frames
  • Jobs: Blue/Blue/Ninja/Ninja
  • Levels: 9/9/8/9
  • Strat: Break Thunder rods and throw Thunder Scrolls
  • BAW: "None"
  • Commands: 8
  • ABP: 7
  • Drops: (A) Dark Matter + Hi-Potion x2 (Toss it, so you can perform the infinite steal bug later on)

In the ruins, take the Sleep Sword, which will come useful later.


  • Time: 1 hrs, 23 min, 8 secs, 8 frames
  • Jobs: Blue/Mediator/Thief/Ninja
  • Levels: 9/9/8/9
  • Strat: Lightning Scroll + Release Aegil (Leak) + Lightning Rod
  • BAW: Fight
  • Commands: 4
  • ABP: 10
  • Drops: (A) Drink (Depend on form), not needed

Note: Due to a bug, he can't change form and the battle will automatically end. He drops a drink depending on which form it dies, in this case a Giant Drink. Also, Faris should have gained enough ABP to learn Dash. You can now use other jobs and still run in the map w/o having to have a Thief in the party.

You'll get more jobs, Galuf's leaves with Krile. Return to Tycoon Meteor, then the hunt to the other 3 meteors begins. You can take them in any order and traveling would be the same, only difference is the times you need to switch jobs.


  • Time: 1 hrs, 32 min, 28 secs, 40 frames
  • Jobs: Samurai/Blue/Thief
  • Levels: 9/9/9
  • Strat: GP Toss
  • BAW:
  • Commands: 3
  • ABP: 5
  • Drops: (R) Potion, not needed


  • Time: 1 hrs, 33 min, 15 secs, 44 frames
  • Jobs: Samurai/Trainer/Samurai
  • Levels: 9/9/9
  • Strat: Whip Stun, GP Toss x2
  • BAW: None
  • Commands: 3
  • ABP: 5
  • Drops: (A) Hi-Potion, irrelevant

Chim. Brain

  • Time: 1 hrs, 34 min, 24 secs, 1 frames
  • Jobs: Blue/Trainer/Ninja
  • Levels: 9/9/9
  • Strat: Death Claw + hit
  • BAW: Fight
  • Commands: 3
  • ABP: 6
  • Drops: (A) Phoenix Down

Time to leave this world (And in less than 1h 50 min in real-time, yay)


Use a tent (or cottage) to continue & you'll fight the Abductor vs Butz only.


  • Time: 1 hrs, 36 min, 48 secs, 46 frames
  • Jobs: Samurai or Blue
  • Levels: 9
  • Strat: Use GP Toss (win), or Goblin Punch to kill yourself (lose)
  • BAW: None
  • Commands: 1
  • ABP: 1
  • Drops: (A) Ether

Note: Losing is faster in both real-time and in-game time (Time won't get added when you lose).

Galuf will infiltrate Exdeath castle in order to save the day. Gilgamesh battle is next. Change his job to Samurai


  • Time: 1 hrs, 39 min, 21 secs, 18 frames
  • Jobs: Samurai
  • Levels: 8
  • Strat: GP Toss
  • BAW: None
  • Commands: 1
  • ABP: 0
  • Drops: (A) Elixir

aside from the first with Lil Chariots, (use GP Toss). They rarely drop Hi-Potions, which are not needed. ASCII map here


  • Time: 1 hrs, 40 min, 35 secs, 2 frames
  • Jobs: Blue/Blue/Samurai/Thief
  • Levels: 9/9/9/9
  • Strat: Old (with Sword) + Lv 5 Doom
  • BAW: Fight
  • Commands: 4
  • ABP: 0
  • Drops: (A) Tricorn, not needed

No need to stop on Rugor village, so continue towards the the Moogle Forest


  • Time: 1 hrs, 43 min, 52 secs, 43 frames
  • Jobs: Chemist/Samurai/Chemist/Thief
  • Levels: 9/9/9/9
  • Strat: Use a Phoenix Down on him :P
  • BAW: Fight
  • Commands: 1
  • ABP: 9
  • Drops: (R) Elixir, not needed

Moogle Village has some nice treasures. Unfortunately, you don't need them (except for the Dancing Dagger) so don't pick them up. BTW, you have around 17 seconds to dance with the Moogles.

When back at Val Castle pick up the Teleport spell from the treasure chest. Buy 11 Holy Waters from the store. (You'll use one soon on Gilgamesh). Also sell the Dark Matter if you didn't dropped it.

The basement has some enemies called Statue which die instantly against Level 5 Death; they yield either 4 or 8 ABP depending on how many you face (2 or 5). Refill magic with Ethers you'd saved previously. Look for formations #3 & #4.

Change jobs before fighting the Abductor


  • Time: 1 hrs, 51 min, 58 secs, 25 frames
  • Jobs: Chemist/Samurai/Chemist/Thief
  • Levels: 9/9/9/9
  • Strat: GP Toss
  • BAW: Fight
  • Commands: 4
  • ABP: 2
  • Drops: (R) Potion, not needed

In Dragon Valley, run into a battle with ZombieDragon and steal 99 Dark Matters. Win the battle with a Phoenix Down, as is easy experience. Also Battle the formation of ZombieDragon + Sting Eagle + Drippy for more experience. Don't forget to pick the Bone Mail.

HiryuuSou + Hiryuuka

  • Time: 2 hrs, 5 min, 3 secs, 15 frames
  • Jobs: Chemist/Samurai/Chemist/Blue
  • Levels: 11/11/11/11
  • Strat: Death Claw + GP Toss
  • BAW: "None"
  • Commands: 4
  • ABP: 10
  • Drops: (A) Elixir, (R) Phoenix Downs from flowers

Use the EXIT spell & head back to the castle (cure Dragon). Then visit Gil's cave & then to Zeza's Fleet.

You'll fight some goblins here before battling Gilgamesh. You can easily defeat it with a Doom Potion (Phoenix Down + Dark Matter) or GP Toss. Jobs should be Blue/Bard/Blue/Time.


  • Time: 2 hrs, 7 min, 23 secs, 29 frames
  • Jobs: Blue/Bard/Blue/Time
  • Levels: 12/12/12/12
  • Strat: Mix a Kiss of Blessing (Maiden's Kiss + Holy Water), then mix Doom Potion (Phoenix Down + Dark Matter)
  • BAW: Fight
  • Commands: 4
  • ABP: 0
  • Drops: (A) Golden Shield, take it

Note: The Kiss of Blessing is to skip Gilgamesh speech.

Scale Barrier Tower, remember doing the Galuf cloning bug :P



  • Time: 2 hrs, 10 min, 48 secs, 2 frames
  • Jobs: Blue/Bard/Blue/Time
  • Levels: 12/12/12/12
  • Strat: Dark Shock + Lv 5 Death
  • BAW: nothing, nothing, nothing
  • Commands: 4
  • ABP: 12
  • Drops: (A) Dark Matter, irrelevant

Head to Gil's Cave to retrieve the branch, use Teleport to get out. Skip going to Mua, is no longer needed.

In Mua forest, grab Aegis Shield. The step counter still advances, so you can manipulate further battles here with some ease. Heal from the Cave waters before facing the Seal Guardians.

Change Galuf to a Job that can go faster than Ex-Death, like Thief and don't forget to equip him with the Bone Mail

Seal Guardians

  • Time: 2 hrs, 21 min, 0 secs, 53 frames
  • Jobs: Blue/Bard/Thief/Time
  • Levels: 12/12/12/12
  • Strat: Mix 4 Doom Potions (Phoenix Down + Dark Matter)
  • BAW: Fight
  • Commands: 8
  • ABP: 15
  • Drops: (R) Soot, not needed

Galuf vs Ex-Death

  • Time: 2 hrs, 23 min, 48 secs, 51 frames
  • Jobs: Thief
  • Levels: 12
  • Strat: Phoenix Down on self (Equip the Bone Mail)
  • BAW: none
  • Commands: 1
  • ABP: 0
  • Drops: Nothing

Ex-Death's Castle next, at some point run into a Magic Dragon and Learn Level 2 Old (Use Dancing Dagger to confuse, Dragon Armor mix to reflect magic). Remember to use the shortcuts: , ,

DON'T FIGHT Gilgamesh (meaning don't look in the Chest before ExDeath's floor), sorry :(


  • Time: 2 hrs, 31 min, 35 secs, 35 frames
  • Jobs: Thief/Bard/Blue/Thief
  • Levels: 12/12/12/12
  • Strat: Lv 2 Old + Lv 5 Death
  • BAW: Fight
  • Commands: 4
  • ABP: 0
  • Drops: Nothing

Note: You can have him kill a character, like Leena



  • Time: 2 hrs, 37 min, 50 secs, 27 frames
  • Jobs: Thief/Blue
  • Levels: 12/12
  • Strat: Lv 2 Old + Lv 5 Death
  • BAW:
  • Commands: 2
  • ABP: 5
  • Drops: (A) Cottage, irrelevant

Note: Before Gil's cave, step out of Boko in order to avoid a small cinema. After Exdeath sends you to the Ancient Library, walk through to the Oldest Tree (Avoid cinema by walking away from the tree), then go to the Pyramid.


  • Time: 2 hrs, 45 min, 14 secs, 13 frames
  • Jobs: Thief/Blue/Thief
  • Levels: 12/12/12
  • Strat: Mix 2 Doom Potions (Phoenix Down + Dark Matter)
  • BAW: Fight
  • Commands: 6
  • ABP: 10
  • Drops: (R) Hi-Potion, not needed

Mummy x3

  • Time: 2 hrs, 46 min, 4 secs, 47 frames
  • Jobs: Thief/Blue/Thief
  • Levels: 12/12/12
  • Strat: 3 Fenix Downs
  • BAW: Fight x3
  • Commands: 3
  • ABP: 2
  • Drops: (R) Holy Water, not needed

When you get out of the Pyramid, teleport to escape from it.


  • Time: 2 hrs, 50 min, 29 secs, 36 frames
  • Jobs: Thief/Blue/Thief
  • Levels: 12/12/12
  • Strat: Dark Shock + Lv 2 Old + Lv 5 Death
  • BAW: Nothing x2
  • Commands: 5
  • ABP: 20
  • Drops: (R) Maiden's Kiss, not needed

Now you've got the Airship! , head for Tycoon Void Portal

Welcome to the N-Zone


  • Time: 2 hrs, 56 min, 32 secs, 0 frames
  • Jobs: Thief/Bard/Blue/Thief
  • Levels: 12/12/12/12
  • Strat: Lv 2 Old + Lv 5 Doom
  • BAW: Stop
  • Commands: 3
  • ABP: 20
  • Drops: (R) Diamond Plate, not needed


  • Time: 2 hrs, 57 min, 19 secs, 13 frames
  • Jobs:
  • Levels: 12/12/12/12
  • Strat: Dark Shock x2 + Lv 2 Old + Lv 5 Doom
  • BAW: Hammer miss, Charm miss + React - Magic: Nothing
  • Commands: +6
  • ABP: 16
  • Drops: (A) Soot, irrelevant


  • Time: 2 hrs, 58 min, 40 secs, 42 frames
  • Jobs:
  • Levels: 12/12/11/12
  • Strat: Dark Shock and Lv 5 Doom
  • BAW: None
  • Commands: 2
  • ABP: 21
  • Drops: (A) Soft, irrelevant


  • Time: 2 hrs, 59 min, 31 secs, 45 frames
  • Jobs:
  • Levels: 12/12/12/12
  • Strat: OLD (from sword) then Lv 5 Doom
  • BAW: None
  • Commands: 2
  • ABP: 20
  • Drops: (R) Elf Cape, not needed :(

Twin Tania

  • Time: 2 hrs, 59 min, 52 secs, 35 frames
  • Jobs:
  • Levels: 12/12/12/12
  • Strat: Hide and appear before he transform, use Lv 5 Doom
  • BAW: Atomic Ray, Ineffective x4
  • Commands: 6
  • ABP: 24
  • Drops: (R) Murasame, not needed

Use Phoenix Downs to revive everyone, and Ethers to heal MP


  • Time: 3 hrs, 4 min, 47 secs, 33 frames
  • Jobs:
  • Levels: 12/12/12/12
  • Strat: Dark Shock + Lv 2 Old + Kiss of Blessing + Lv 5 Doom
  • BAW:
  • Commands: 4
  • ABP: 0
  • Drops: Nothing

Note: With lv 12, you have 1% of connecting Dark Shock

You've finished the game ^.^ Enjoy the ending



  • Goblins in beginning of world 1
  • Lil Chariots for Big Bridge in World 2
  • The Gabbldegak at Zeza' ship in world 2
  • Mummies in Pyramid in World 3

Blue Magic Learning

Learned from most Goblins.
Learned from Iron Claw after escaping Karnak Castle (post Steam Ship)
L5 Doom
Learned in the Ancients' library from Page 64.
Learned from Black Flames
L2 Old
Learned in Ex-Death's Castle (end of world 2) from Magic Dragon.

Chemist Mixes

Death Potion
Phoenix Down + Dark Matter
Instant kill
Kiss of Blessing
Maiden's Kiss + Holy Water
Casts "Bersk", "Haste", and "Image"
Dragon Power
Potion + Dragon Fang
+20 Lv
Samson Power
Antidote + Holy Water
+10 Lv
Dragon Armor
Phoenix Down + Dragon Fang
Increase defense and magic defense & sets a wall barrier

Abilities used

60 ABP (Thief)
10 ABP (Black Mage)
100 ABP (Blue Mage)
25 ABP (Bard)
45 ABP (Chemist)

Bugs for game use

2 Galufs 2 Galufs

Infinite Steal Item Infinite Steal Item

Memory Address Values

I made a file which I host at my page


  • Everyone from my prior run
  • neo_omegon for his dual run
  • Omnigamer for those useful memory addresses

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