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d the site back in April, 2005 after I found and watched sleepz’s TAS of Super Mario 2 on archive.org. I signed up to the forum on June 15, 2005 (June 16 by G
/FractalFusion.html - 2013-05-23 05:14:18 - FractalFusion

ensed):__ Garbage.%%%% __Pac-Man Arrangement (GBA|Normal):___ "1 player" __Super Mario Advance - Mario Bros. (GBA):__ ...yes. Future Stuff:%%%% __Soulcalibur I
/Spikestuff.html - 2020-05-04 06:49:20 - Spikestuff

S] (co-authored with [user:Cardboard]) ** obsoleted by [1746M|Super Mario Bros 2 in 18:29] * [1002M|Super Mario Bros. 2 USA "Warped" NES] (co-authored with [use
/Adelikat/Movies.html - 2012-12-13 17:58:44 - adelikat

#1995: Explosion Pills's NES Pipe Dream in 02:23.35
s soon as possible. I get through all 16 stages successfully. Similar to Super Mario Bros., Circus Charlie, and other NES games, this one starts over again at
/1995S.html - 2008-05-30 02:33:51 - Explosion Pills - cancelled

#5924: MUGG's GBC Survival Kids "game end glitch" in 02:45.7
and tested thoroughly. Spikeman - who has been a big help in understanding Super Mario Land 2 Pause glitch - even jumped aboard the [=/forum/viewtopic.php?p=408
/5924S.html - 2018-04-15 22:02:56 - ThunderAxe31 - published

e Battletoads *DS Contra 4 __Games I ignore__ *Metroid *Legend of Zelda *Super Mario *Mega Man *Donkey Kong Country *Gradius *All RPGs & Strategies %%TAB_END
/DeletedPages/Feos/Stuff.html - 2013-01-30 14:47:10 - feos

forum/t/2974|170 page Ocarina of Time topic] and a [=forum/t/1621|157 page Super Mario 64 topic].[#1] !! Footnotes [1] The page count for both topics is recen
/RoutePlanning.html - 2007-08-12 10:15:08 - Dada

#2831: Randil's NES Felix the Cat in 22:29.01
lso attack. You can also pick up cat-coins in the game, just like coins in Super Mario Bros. Every 5:th, 15:th, 25:th, etc., coin you pick up will turn into th
/2831S.html - 2010-09-18 12:01:09 - Truncated - published

n||Example|| |Hack of|The base game of the hack Game X|''Super Mario 74'' would add "Super Mario 64"| |Hack|A hack that has been made from Game X|''Mega Man 2''
/GamenamesEditorHowTo.html - 2020-05-07 09:59:59 - CoolKirby

oney Hunt (N64)(pray for me) TASes I would like to see: * Toy Story 2 * Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 * Donkey Kong Contry Returns * COD 4 * Mickey Speedway
/EZGames69.html - 2020-05-29 14:46:39 - EZGames69

#2684: Randil's NES Kid Kool in 13:50.03
r if he lands on it after a jump. You can jump on enemies, just like in Super Mario, however, enemies usually take several jumps to kill - they usually get p
/2684S.html - 2010-05-26 09:49:58 - Randil - cancelled

#3633: goofydylan8's NES Buzz and Waldog in 15:42.58
to play. As I said before a lot of graphics from the game are stolen from Super Mario World with a few other games and original content thrown in, but were com
/3633S.html - 2012-06-23 13:30:15 - natt - published

m/t/6401|Here's Bisqwit's Christmas present for Mario fans]. * NES [1331M|Super Mario Bros. (JU PRG0) "warpless" in 18:44.48] ** Obsoleted by [1349M] by [user:
/Klmz/Projects.html - 2011-06-12 06:06:31 - klmz

s://kotaku.com/super-mario-bros-3-beaten-in-under-three-minutes-1570074285|Super Mario Bros. 3, Beaten In Under Three Minutes] **Mentions [1590M] & [1558M] ! [
/MassMedia/Movies.html - 2019-02-22 14:11:23 - MESHUGGAH

ays of videogames? Personally, my interest sprouted when I saw the famous Super Mario Bros 3 "timeattack" movie played by some Japanese fellow called [Morimoto
/Interviews/Bisqwit/GameCritics2004.html - 2015-07-25 13:58:53 - feos

#6113: noellekiq & Masterjun's Linux Mari0 "Portal mappack" in 03:05.23
is a PC game created by stabyourself.net in 2012 that combines the classic Super Mario Bros with the puzzle-platfomer Portal by giving Mario a portal gun. The g
/6113S.html - 2019-04-04 19:09:13 - Mothrayas - published

#2604: Mukki's Genesis Golden Axe in 07:01.95
I was had grown up with. Like many, I was thrilled by Spezzafer's 16 star Super Mario 64, confused by Guanobowl's Ocarina of Time and dazzled by Quietust's Son
/2604S.html - 2011-08-27 11:15:24 - Mukki - published

#2712: Randil's NES Rush'n Attack in 09:35.9
three shots each. The gun lasts a certain amount of time, like the star in Super Mario. *Weapons are not carried over to the next level. !!The Rocket Pixel
/2712S.html - 2010-06-25 01:45:18 - Velitha - published

#1432: Chamale's GBA Jurassic Park 3: Island Attack in 27:51.62
re the screen is scrolling sideways constantly. As anyone who has seen the Super Mario 3 TAS, these make for a lot of fun. I tried to take out every enemy there
/1432S.html - 2013-02-05 23:25:36 - Ilari - published

Link, R.C. Pro-Am, Rad Racer, Top Gun, Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!, Contra & Super Mario Bros.[endif] [if:0]NES Super Glove Ball[endif] [module:displaymovie|id=34
/Alden/Exhibitions/AVGN.html - 2018-09-26 10:14:18 - Mitjitsu

917 results. Results 781..800

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