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#4089: pirohiko's SNES Mother 2 "glitched" in 04:04.35
9 C8 00" instruction code. 0123 buttons were used before in Glitch TAS of Super Mario World, but they did not have a reaction in Snes9x. Therefore I was able
/4089S.html - 2013-10-14 15:18:34 - Ilari - published

#3494: FractalFusion's SNES Gekisou Sentai Car Ranger "Good Ending" in 07:43.17
r so. In one of the parts, you're supposed to go down in a vase, just like Super Mario Bros. 2 (U), although the going-down part is not visible. In the next
/3494S.html - 2012-05-26 07:14:45 - FractalFusion - published

v=eM8Z9e-WoFs| |[GamesDoneQuick/AGDQ2016|AGDQ 2016]|Super Mario World (1990)|SNES|TASBot Super Mario Maker|dwangoAC, p4plus2, Masterjun, Dram55|http://www.youtu
/TASBot.html - 2019-01-14 10:37:20 - Masterjun

ended game behavior such as triggering the game's credits early. * [1886M|Super Mario Land 2] * [2379M|Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time] * [2403M|Battletoads]
/MovieClassGuidelines.html - 2020-10-07 17:08:56 - feos

#6312: WMJ's N64 Shadow Man in 30:15.82
apocalypse. This game is a very non-linear action adventure. Similar to Super Mario 64 you collect Dark Souls (instead of Stars) that open doors to new areas
/6312S.html - 2020-05-10 07:15:59 - CoolKirby - rejected


/RU/SubmissionInstructions.html - 2018-05-21 16:39:10 - feos

#6796: CasualPokePlayer's GBC Pokémon: Gold Version "Coin Case glitch" in 30:01.8
ile Coin Case Glitch is about 26 minutes longer, this is similar to [6466S|Super Mario Bros. 3] where a much longer run was obsoleted by a much shorter one. The
/6796S.html - 2020-08-15 19:15:11 - TASVideoAgent - rejected

#3620: FractalFusion's SNES Mega Man X "glitched password, walkathon" in 16:56.88
oughout the site when attempted for most games. The one exception has been Super Mario Bros, where the game is pretty short, and believed to not be possible as
/3620S.html - 2012-09-06 01:39:38 - FractalFusion - published

#3496: Bernka's Windows RosenkreuzStilette "Spiritia" in 27:58.25
ast enough for me. Can you see some corns?This is also a classic area from Super Mario,and they are collectable just like playing Mario.After that a robot throw
/3496S.html - 2012-07-28 19:07:32 - Guga - published

[=forum/p/458574#458574 | 458574] | Habreno | #5617: HappyLee's NES Super Mario Bros. "PAL" in 04:55.16 | | 6 | 61987 | [=forum/p/153207#153207 | 15320
/Feos.html - 2020-10-16 18:28:16 - feos

when you let go if left/right, it will reduce down to the average (thus no Super Mario World Hop Glitch) but letting go can allow slight sub pixel advantage by
/GameResources/SNES/YoshisIsland.html - 2020-07-11 02:16:14 - brunovalads

vestate and both inputs will be recorded. %%TAB_END%% !!! Video %%TAB Super Mario Bros [module:youtube|v=OS75JLwJExk|w=320|h=224] In this introduction vi
/TasingGuide/BasicTools.html - 2018-12-30 08:39:41 - feos

nales por los desarrolladores (como las zonas de tuberías (Warp Zones) de Super Mario Bros.). Para aquellos warps generados por el uso de glitches, usa mejor [
/ES/MovieClassGuidelines.html - 2018-09-03 13:41:41 - Cyorter

#4118: WST, feeuzz and Qwerty's Genesis Sonic and Knuckles "Knuckles" in 11:32.46
ne that it can be improved that much A: Well, Sonic the Hedgehog is not Super Mario Bros. The speed here is variable; you don’t have the handy «N-frame ru
/4118S.html - 2017-11-16 17:58:37 - WST - published

* [http://www.archive.org/details/SuperMarioWorldsmallspeedrunbyjimsfriend|Super Mario World no powerup run by jimsfriend]. !! Runs I look forward to (In order
/Moozooh.html - 2020-09-12 16:10:43 - adelikat

] __Game info__ * Supports two players simultaneously. ! NES [=forum/t/18|Super Mario Bros.] __Glitches and exploits__ You can... * See also: [GameResources/NE
/Klmz/GameList.html - 2019-06-13 23:58:58 - adelikat

We label both internal and external goals. ** Super Mario Bros. {{"warpless, walkathon"}} * In ''Super Mario Bros. 3'', the author aims for fastest "game end gl
/PublisherGuidelines.html - 2019-04-16 15:47:33 - feos

#5618: Ready Steady Yeti's GBA The Morning Adventure in 08:13.02
(the circular brown objects that kind of look like one of the fruits from Super Mario Sunshine) give you extra speed and extra jump height for a limited amount
/5618S.html - 2017-08-25 01:16:28 - Ready Steady Yeti - published

. These games include: ''Pac-Man'', ''Space Invaders'', ''Mario Bros.'', ''Super Mario Bros.'', ''The Legend of Zelda'', and ''Mega Man''. These games are way
/Nach/HistoryOfGamesAndRelevanceHere.html - 2015-07-30 12:24:58 - Nach

#2982: AKheon's NES The Terminator in 06:18.39
latforms, I jump on top of the enemy's head and moonwalk briefly in a pale Super Mario imitation. Don't worry, it didn't waste time. By ducking at the right fra
/2982S.html - 2011-01-21 16:26:47 - sgrunt - published

934 results. Results 861..880

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