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[1487] 32X Tempo (JPN/USA) by adelikat in 14:52.62
In this odd but colorful game for the 32X, our hero Tempo, armed with killer dance moves and a limited ability to fly, must defend the Planet Rhythmia from the
/1487M.html - 2010-11-09 02:08:44 - Flygon

[4061] Saturn Super Tempo (JPN) by adelikat in 48:25.6
''Super Tempo'' is the 3rd and last game in the Tempo franchise released only in Japan on the Sega Saturn. It is a direct sequel to the [1487M|32X game], but is
/4061M.html - 2019-11-02 00:54:22 - Spikestuff

io Land VBoy] ** obsoleted by my[1528M|Wario Land in 18:39.56] * [1463M|Tempo 32X] ** obsoleted by my [1487M|Tempo in 14:52.62] * [1335M|Castlevania - Rondo o
/Adelikat/Movies.html - 2012-12-13 17:58:44 - adelikat

ideos/BizHawk/issues/943|#943]) * 32X ** Fix file chooser opening on unknown .32x files ** Fix auto-picking a .32x file when it is the only one in an archive
/Bizhawk/ReleaseHistory.html - 2021-02-22 04:38:31 - Spikestuff

Results 1..4

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