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plete several different games with the same input file. Examples: * [1894M|Mega Man X, X2 & X3] – three games in one movie. * [871M|Mega Man 3, 4, 5 & 6] –
/MovieClassGuidelines.html - 2019-01-23 17:00:11 - feos

#3385: mtvf1's GBA Megaman Battle Network 2 in 1:40:14.35
first folder chips’ ID and code from [http://www.gamefaqs.com/gba/561218-mega-man-battle-network-2/faqs/19313|MMBN2 Save State Hacking Guide]. %%% I usually
/3385S.html - 2012-01-15 07:02:04 - Dacicus - published

#5193: Hetfield90 & nrg_zam's PSX Rockman X3 "all stages" in 34:42.53
gets rid of the single most difficult thing to manipulate in any of the SNES Mega Man X games, since normally during his descent he flies in a random direction
/5193S.html - 2016-08-20 21:03:07 - Mothrayas - published

#6553: scrimpeh's NES Power Blade in 13:54.01
Climb (New!) At the top of a ladder, NOVA pulls himself up, similar to Mega Man. By pressing U+D at the top of the ladder, this animation is skipped, saving
/6553S.html - 2019-12-10 02:02:11 - Dacicus - published

rn-based RPG ever) * Dice rolls (board games, casino games) * Boss behavior (Mega Man games) * Particle effects This is where luck-manipulation comes in. Luck
/LuckManipulation.html - 2017-09-18 17:23:27 - ThunderAxe31

being very challenging, and the GT code is only a way to achieve it. ''"TAS Mega Man 9 with ability to switch weapons on the fly"'' is not a justified concept,
/Feos/ConceptDemo.html - 2016-07-11 16:26:57 - feos

#2988: AKheon's GBC Robocop Interactive Game in 11:04.78
, die close to 100 times to entertain, and look like a block of garbage from mega man 3 half the time. I enjoy these glitched runs, and I think it makes a good
/2988S.html - 2019-06-13 23:09:16 - adelikat - published

replace “!http://tasvideos.org/” with “=”%%% e.g. [[=movies.cgi?name=Mega+Man+X]], [[=ref.exe?page=TODO]], [[=forum/]] * __Footnotes__: create links to
/TextFormattingRules.html - 2019-06-17 01:35:27 - adelikat

aborados y a menudo incluyen corrupción de la memoria. Ejemplos: * [2601M|Mega Man (JPN) "game end glitch"] * [3264M|Super Mario 64 "1 Key"] * [3497M|Crash Ba
/ES/MovieClassGuidelines.html - 2018-09-03 13:41:41 - Cyorter

м в нужном направлении! В играх [1103M|Mega Man] и [1346M|Mega Man 2] даже потолки выталкивают вас гориз
/RU/GameResources/CommonTricks.html - 2019-06-11 16:09:22 - feos

. Elaborate glitches are very enjoyable ― it was exciting for me to make a Mega Man speedrun and I'm still thrilled to look at it, even though I know of numer
/Interviews/Bisqwit/GEE2005.html - 2019-06-13 01:55:36 - adelikat

is program puts random numbers for each byte into a file. I used this for my Mega Man X submission and one of my avatars. garbagegenerator.cc: %%SRC_EMBED c_wh
/FractalFusion/Source.html - 2011-06-26 16:39:39 - Ilari

me have a hundred thousand or more! > In addition some TAS, like the one of Mega Man 2, use Bots to find the optimal inputs. Did you use additional tools? No,
/Interviews/LordTom/GamersGlobal2010.html - 2010-10-28 11:51:02 - Critical five

#2068: CtrlAltDestroy's NES Widget in 05:35.62
r all. !!! Basic Mechanics This game basically works the same way as Mega Man: you can visit the first four planets in any order, collecting powerups an
/2068S.html - 2008-11-06 09:18:05 - TASVideoAgent - published

after finding out 5 hours later. See [DesyncHelpTAS]. !! Case Study: SNES Mega Man X: Eliminating a missed shot At or near frame 58090, [user:DeHackEd] disc
/InputFileEditing.html - 2017-10-23 22:33:32 - Cyorter

ee below). ! Walking is faster than jumping (MM1, MM2) In Mega Man 1 and Mega Man 2, Mega Man walks precisely at speed of 1.375 pix/frame. (See [GameResources
/GameResources/NES/Rockman.html - 2010-11-27 02:58:00 - adelikat

#6040: lapogne36's PSX Wild Arms in 1:07:32.68
Boss : Zeik Tuvai (49200 HP) First on a little side note, the Mega Berry from the Hollow Man is really handy to get back at full HP. Now about this boss
/6040S.html - 2018-07-22 15:24:17 - feos - published

=2805&v=Ukq29ePnTqI| |[GamesDoneQuick/AGDQ2017|AGDQ 2017]|Mega Man (1987)|NES|TASBot dominates Mega Man 1|dwangoAC, total, Ownasaurus|http://www.youtube.com/wat
/TASBot.html - 2019-01-14 10:37:20 - Masterjun

/DesyncHelpTAS|Ayuda de desincronización de TAS]. !! Estudio de caso: SNES Mega Man X: Eliminando un tiro errado En el fotograma 58090 o cercano, [user:DeHac
/ES/InputFileEditing.html - 2018-09-30 00:57:37 - Cyorter


/RU/LuckManipulation.html - 2017-09-18 17:11:16 - feos

450 results. Results 381..400

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