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[3991] NES Contra (JPN) "pacifist" by Mars608 & aiqiyou in 08:49.56
eased under different names, such as 魂斗羅 (''kontora'') in Japan, and Probotector in Europe. GryZor is also used in Europe on some other systems.
/3991M.html - 2019-07-05 19:51:37 - feos

[3726] NES Super C (USA) "2 players" by Soig in 11:25.49
This game, aka. ''Probotector II Return of the Evil Forces'', is, implicitly, ''Contra 2''. The guys who have an infinite supply of ammo and who destroy worlds
/3726M.html - 2019-01-23 18:46:56 - GoddessMaria

[3239] NES Super C (USA) "1 player" by xipo, feos & Koh1fds in 11:50.4
th an infinite supply of ammo and insatiable bloodlust is back! Known as ''Probotector II: Return of the Evil Forces'' in Europe, this game is, implicitly, [178
/3239M.html - 2016-10-20 07:30:42 - arandomgameTASer

search with a partial word. For example, ‹[=Search.html?subs=1&key=Probot*|Probot*]› will find the word Probotector. It can only be used in the end of the w
/SystemSearchInstructions.html - 2006-06-25 13:22:20 - Bisqwit

#5971: Soig's NES Super C "2 players" in 11:25.49
shortened title of Super C in North America and in Europe and Australia as Probotector II: Return of the Evil Forces. It is the sequel to the original Contra an
/5971S.html - 2018-06-11 08:58:22 - feos - published

#5656: Soig's Genesis Contra: Hard Corps "100%" in 1:17:21.79
ames. Called "魂鬥羅 (コントラ)" in Japanese. "Contra" in English. "Probotector" in European. "魂斗罗(Hún dòu luó)" in Chinese. Players have their
/5656S.html - 2017-09-25 15:58:02 - Fog - rejected

#2859: Mc GeeK's NES Probotector "1 Player Own run Time" in 13:54.18
Probotector [[E]] Game objectives : * Emulator used: <FCEUX 2.1.4a win32 Binary> * Finish no die * I Train me * 1 Player * Own Run (New member) Hello
/2859S.html - 2011-12-19 20:14:57 - Ilari - rejected

ives code". For two reasons: **# Contra isn't known in Europe at all; it's Probotector here, **# the Konami code works in many games, for example Gradius, which
/DeletedPages/Rules/Discussion.html - 2010-03-03 03:14:14 - adelikat

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