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Hello! This is my homepage.

About Me

I am an old guy who lives on the east coast. I am also diagnosed with autism.

It was about 8 years ago when I first discovered TASVideos. I thought it looked pretty cool seeing the games I grew up with being pummeled at an inhuman rate. At the same time, I was beginning to be an outcast where I lived and was getting pretty depressed. But then I remembered TASVideos. I thought to myself that this would be a place where I can finally be accepted. And seeing as how I got a total of 14 TASes published, I can safely say that it kinda worked. :)

I was originally from Speed Demos Archive, so I found myself pretty comfy here at TASVideos when I first joined. It feels kinda different the way TASVideos seems to work, but its no big change.

My runs mostly get ignored unless they're with a coauthor. So most time you might not see a run by me on the bench! >_<

My Runs


Sonic The Hedgehog


Obsoleting the 2004 & 2005 movies

Ever since I stumbled upon these movies, I felt like these are easily improvable movies but also that there isn't much interest in obsoleting these movies to begin with. Therefore, I decided to try and obsolete most, if not all movies. I know this isn't possible for one person to do, so I would appreciate all the help.

2004 Movies 2005 Movies

Runs I look forward to

Runs on the Bench:


Favorite IRC Quotes

<mogg> I farted

<funnyhair_> if apple evermakes a toilet, they should call it the iCrap

The Epic Battle

<Sonikkustar> This channel needs more bias man.

Flygon airblasts everyone off cliffs

Funnyhair is still here

Mothrayas_ is also still here

Sonikkustar lands on a robot shark unicorn rinocerous with lazer cannons.

== Mothrayas_ has changed nick to Mothrayas

Sonikkustar shoots at Flygon

Funnyhair unpublishes sonikkustar

nitrogenesis is still here

Flygon airblasts bullet back at Sonikkustar

Sonikkustar unfunnys Funnyhair

<Flygon> I love this flamethrower!

Funnyhair does a yosamite sam impression

Sonikkustar eats the bullets

<Flygon> ...


<Flygon> EAT LEAD

Sonikkustar craps homing missles out at flygon

Sonikkustar eats the lead

Flygon airblastairblastairblast

nitrogenesis un fly's Flygon

== Flygon has changed nick to Pyrogon

Funnyhair tries to make peace

nitrogenesis unsoniks Sonikkustar

== FerretWarlord [42c3ebf2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #tasvideos


== FerretWarlord [42c3ebf2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit (Client Quit)

<Flygon> I should tease what I'm TASing in the future

Flygon changes his avatar to nothing

<Grunt> I've *always* been watching you.

<MisterEpic> I'm kinda hard right now



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