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It is a requirement that new publications be placed on a streaming media site. This page documents current site best practices for uploads to one of those sites.

Streaming media sites currently in use

List of uploaders


Encodes intended for publication on streaming media sites have some special requirements to ensure they are processed properly by the site in question. Where possible, high definition encodes should be used to ensure the maximum possible video quality is provided by the streaming site's post-processing. For YouTube and Dailymotion, videos may need to be segmented (consult the streaming media encoding guide for details on segmentation).

After adding the link to the movie's data, make sure the "watch using" buttons appear and work properly.

Adding Movies



Shortening the Name





Although suffering from many limitations at this point in time, YouTube is the streaming media site most commonly used by our encoders these days due to its support for high definition videos.



  • The site now fully supports YouTube playlists in most of its modules, so please link to the playlist.


  • Dailymotion has no batch uploading. Each segment will have to be done one at a time.


  • Add to the group "Tool Assisted Speedruns"


  • If the movie obsoletes a published movie, remove the movie from the Tool Assisted Speedruns group and add it to the TASVideos-obsoletions group.


  • For segmented videos, link to Part 1.

Motion Maker

  • Although not required, it is highly recommended that you obtain a Motion Maker account and upload TAS's as Creative Content. If you do obtain a Motion Maker account, you will be able to upload videos longer than 60 minutes without splitting them, assuming you put them under the Creative Content label. A Creative Content video can also be uploaded in 720p High Definition.
    • If you get rejected Motion Maker status or a video gets rejected as Creative Content contact zwpypauleienpyhm5n.herg36@dnandqtez@daxjmu9ilympeyyotioqahn.com to rectify the situation.


  • Upload the files using batch upload. Viddler's simple upload won't allow MKV files!


  • Add to the TASVideos.org group.


  • If the movie obsoletes a published movie, remove the movie from the TASVideos.org group and add it to the TASVideos-obsoletions group.

archive.org normally post-processes MP4s/MKVs into a streamable "512kb" encode, which is automatically linked to from the site if the archive.org link is added as a mirror. Unfortunately, archive.org normally does a very poor job of deriving these encodes, so you may need to provide your own. Consult EncodingGuide/StreamingMedia for information about what is needed for this.

Other streaming media sites

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