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This page lists movies that have been submitted for review.

Some of them will eventually end up on the movies page, while some of them will not make it.

Submitted movies can be published by certain people.

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Submissions found: 7

Movie name Author Submitted Status Votes
NES Fisher Price: I Can Remember "Level 1" in 02:58 Devan Wolf (devanwolf) 2012-09-07 decision: cancelled 8% (1/0/11)
NES Fisher Price: Perfect Fit "Level 1" in 01:23 Devan Wolf (devanwolf) 2012-09-13 decision: cancelled 6% (1/0/15)
NES Monopoly "Game Editor setting player's cash to $1499" in 00:07 Devan Wolf (devanwolf) 2012-10-16 decision: rejected 8% (2/2/33)
NES Toobin' in 07:29 Devan Wolf (devanwolf) 2012-11-14 decision: cancelled 75% (7/4/1)
NES Toobin' in 07:28 Devan Wolf (devanwolf) 2012-11-16 published 68% (4/3/1)
NES Fisher-Price: Firehouse Rescue "Level 1" in 01:55 Devan Wolf (devanwolf) 2013-06-25 decision: rejected 0% (0/0/12)
NES Toobin' in 07:27 Devan Wolf (devanwolf) 2013-08-29 published 50% (2/0/2)

The voting data comes from the discussion forums.
"65%" (6/1/3)" means 65% support, with 6 yes, 1 meh, and 3 no votes.
Support is ( (yes + meh/2) / (yes+meh+no) ).
To vote, click on the submission and then "Discuss this submission".