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System Movie Rating Guidelines

This page is a system resource ― not a page intended for standalone viewing.

See SystemPages for details.

  • Do not rate a movie after having watched it only once. Watch it at least twice, and the second time concentrate on the rating categories given above.
  • Try to be objective. Do not rate a movie with all-tens just because you liked it or with all-zeros just because you did not.
  • Try to avoid cross-contamination of categories. Just because the movie may be superb in one category does not necessarily mean that it is superb in all categories. Again, try to be objective.
  • Use the extreme values (i.e. 0 and 10) sparingly. Give them to movies that truly deserve them; in other words, do not grant them too lightly.
  • Do not allow secondary, irrelevant things to affect your judgment. (For example, knowledge about the author of the movie should not affect your judgment in any way.)
  • Because of the obvious bias, you should not rate your own movies.
See the voting guidelines for additional notes on rating movies.

There are two rating categories: entertainment value and technical quality. Each category can be rated with a value between 0.0 and 10.0, with one decimal of accuracy. The average rating of any one user is a 13:7 weighted average of entertainment and technical quality. The overall rating of a movie, used in computing player ranks, is a weighted average of the user's average ratings, determined as follows:

  • Admins, seniors, admin assistants, judges and publishers have weight 1.0;
  • Other users with published movies have weight min( (number of forum posts + 1)/9, 1.0 ); and
  • Other users without published movies have weight min( (number of forum posts + 1)/22, 1.0 ).

The first dropdown menu is used to select the integral part of the rating, and the second one the decimal part. If a value larger than 10.0 is selected, it will be truncated to 10.0.

Ratings are optional. If the hyphen symbol is chosen as the integral part, the rating for that category will be removed (and in this case the decimal part will naturally be ignored).

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