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System Pages

This page documents all the system pages and also lists them to keep them from appearing in WikiOrphans.

These pages must not be renamed, because some code in the wiki refers to them by name.

Pages which everyone knows

FrontPage The front page of the wiki
RecentChanges The recent changes page
WikiOrphans The wiki orphans page
Login The login page
SubmitMovie The submission entry page
TextFormattingRules The page which documents text formatting rules

Pages for administration

SystemTVCControl The page to control uploads to our YouTube channel

Secret pages

These pages used to be hardcoded to the PHP files, but now they are brought here so they can be edited by all editors if needed.

Pages secretly used by page loading/rendering engine:

SystemPageNotFound Error "page not found, create it?"
SystemPages Links from this page are used to decide whether a page is a system page
DeletedPages This nameprefix denotes deleted pages

Pages secretly used by the layout:

SystemLayoutTinyMenu Contents of the tiny main menu
SystemLayoutMainMenu Contents of the actual main menu
AccessBlocked Shown instead of the content if the page requires referrer check and it fails

Pages secretly used by movies.cgi:

SystemMovieEditingFailure Error "you can't edit this movie"
SystemTagEditingHelp A help text for vested editors
SystemFilesEditingHelp A help text for vested editors
SystemMovieWhyHowReference The "read the Welcome page" message
SystemMovieBittorrentNag The "please seed" message
SystemMovieLinkInstruction The "please link to front page" message
SystemMovieMoreMovies The "more movies here" message
SystemMovieNoMovies The "no movies to be displayed" message
SystemFilesEditingHelp The guidelines for movie screenshots
CacheControl The cache manager center (link only seen by editors)

Pages secretly used by rating.exe:

SystemMovieRatingGuidelines Instructions embedded on the rating page
SystemMovieRatingAccessDenied The page shown when user is not authorized to rate
SystemMovieRatingViewAccessDenied The page shown when user is not authorized to view someone's ratings

Pages secretly used by players.cgi:

SystemPlayersHeader The players.cgi header

Pages secretly used by user editor:

SystemUserEditRole Reminders for editing the user permissions
SystemUserEditHomepage Reminders for assigning the user homepage
SystemUserEditRank Reminders for changing the user rank

Pages secretly used by queue.cgi or SubmitMovie:

SystemSubmissionEditingFailure Error "you can't edit submissions"
SystemSubmissionViewingFailure Error "you can't view submissions"
SystemSubmissionVotingHelp Explains what the voting data means
SystemSubmissionImportant "what to write at explanations"
SystemSubmissionDefaultMessage Default message template for submission
SystemSubmissionHeader The queue.cgi header
SystemSubmissionWarning The "make sure you follow the rules" warning
SystemSubmissionComplete Message "thanks for submitting"
SystemSubmissionZipFailure Error "too many files in zip file"
SystemWikiEditHelp A short version of TextFormattingRules
TODO New published movies link to this page
SystemSmvVersionTooOld Error about snes9x .smv files

Pages secretly used by wiki.cgi:

SystemRestrictedPage Error: "You can't view this page"
SystemNotPageEditor Error: "you can't edit this page"
SystemViewPageSource "Viewing page source" notice
SystemWikiEditHelp A short version of TextFormattingRules
SystemWikiEditNote Describes what happens when saving the edit
SystemIsSystemPage Warning, "you're looking at a system page"
SystemIsDeletedPage Warning, "you're looking at a deleted page"
SystemNewPageTemplate The default contents for every new page

Pages secretly used by diff.exe:

SystemDiffLineLengthNote Notice for diffs to keep line length short

Game resources:

SystemGameResourcesFooter For the GameFooter module for Game resources pages
SystemGameResourcesHeader For the GameHeader module for Game resources main pages

Pages secretly used by Search:

SystemSearchInstructions Search instructions

Pages secretly used by =Uploaders-List

SystemUploadersAll Header of Uploaders-List page
SystemUploadersModule Instructions for putting the module into another page
SystemUploadersParameters More instructions about the module

Pages used by uploader Bot:

SystemYTMovieDisclaimer Used as part of description in TASVideosChannel videos
SystemTVCControl Edit metadata for TASVideosChannel videos (restricted)
SystemYTTags Built-in tags configuration for TASVideosChannel videos

Pages secretly activated on some circumstances:

OldMovies Loaded when attempted to load an obsolete .torrent file

Pages hosting things related to gamenames:

NoGamename Hosts the NoGamename module
GamenamesEditor Hosts the GamenamesEditor module

Pages used by assorted modules

SystemLanguages Defines languages for language module
SystemNotice10Bit444 The blurb printed by Notice10Bit444 module
SystemWelcomeText The blurb printed by Welcome module

Links from random.cgi:

Random Redirects to random page
Random Movie Redirects to random publication
Random Sub Redirects to random submission
Random notMovieSub Redirects to random page other than publication or submission

To use random links over and over, drag the links to your browser's Links or Bookmarks toolbar.

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