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TAS Maniac

Hello TASVideos! I'm TASManiac, your friendly mentally unstable aspiring TASer! I plan on eventually becoming an experienced TASer and possibly even a judge!

I'm also the administrator of the Elder Yoshi's Island competition forum: http://elderyoshisisland.forumotion.com

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Current TAS Projects

NES Final Fantasy (with TheAxeMan)
Status: Finding ways to better handle lag, optimization, etc.
WIP: None yet!

My Rating System


10: The definition of entertainment.

9: Superb. I could watch this multiple times without a problem.

8: Very entertaining. I could watch this 1-3 times, and then get bored of it.

7: Average. It was a solid watch

6: So-so. Some people will like it, some won't.

5: The TAS is somewhat boring

4: Only diehard fans of the game in question should watch.

3: Ugh.

2: Don't watch this in order to retain sanity.

1: This site is to offer entertaining videos, not these!


I'll do this later.

Well, thanks for dropping by, and stay happy!

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