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TAS Video Agent

Who is TASVideoAgent?

TAS Video Agent is a humble drone of Nach, created on 2009-07-03. It is written in C using standard UNIX sockets and pipes, for the new server.

TAS Video Agent

Its primary purpose is to sit on the IRC Channel and report on everything that happens on the discussion forums.

It also tells us when new submissions have been made or new movies have been published.

TAS Video Agent originally was not very reliable. Since bug fixes made on 2011-04-05, TAS Video Agent is extremely stable.

  <Velitha> TASVA, your connection is about as stable as my computer used to be before I got my SSD :P
  <TASVideoAgent> Velitha: nonsense!  My connection is as stable as the economy!

NES Video Agent

Prior to July of 2009, the role of TASVideoAgent was filled by NesVideoAgent

NesVideoAgent was a humble drone of BisqBot, created in 2004-04-25.

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