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Tasvideos Name

This site was born as NESvideos, which at the time was an accurate name. The site hosted only movies made for NES, made with the only emulator available: Famtasia.

After a while we started publishing movies for other systems. With this came requests for a more accurate name. The name agreed on was TASvideos. This happened somewhere in May 2006, but it was not implemented completely:

This "Tasvideos" is an experiment that may or may not become the primary name. --Bisqwit

This condition persisted until June 2009, when the site was transferred to new servers and new administration.

You will still occasionally see references to nesvideos, bisqwit.iki.fi/nesvideos (the old web page) and #nesvideos (the old IRC channel), in old submissions, forum topics, encoded movies etc. This will not be updated unless a link is broken or something similar.

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