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TODO / Php BB3 Upgrade

Converting the current forum (phpBB 2.0.22) to phpBB3 (3.0.0)

All of these are features that are found at the current forum, and need to be rewritten to phpBB3, unless explictly mentioned as a "New:" feature.

phpBB3 does not support HTML posts

This is significant, because it breaks Workbench posts

  • Add support
  • Create a program to convert NesVideoAgent's posts and those posts that are automatically mirrored from the site (such as ForumRules). Or change the automatic upgrade procedure. The automatic upgrade procedure in phpBB3 converts the HTML tags into HTML entities, so it cannot be used without changes.

Actually, phpBB3 doesn't support posting HTML, but it will display any HTML code that exists in the database, i.e. code inserted by a mirroring script or NVA. You can't edit those posts using the forum's edit feature though. -Tub

  • This is good. Though users will probably complain that they cannot post HTML. Maybe unavoidable. -Bisqwit

Forum extensions

Post content

  • Enable avatar flag and mood avatars
  • Minor edit flag


  • Mood avatar listing page
  • New: Ignore users
    • supported out of the box -Tub
  • Privmsg backupping (rewrite/update)
    • there's an option to export your privmsgs to CSV or XML -Tub
      • But doesn't seem to export all messages, just a viewful... -Bisqwit
  • URL rewriting
  • [img_left], [img_right] and relative [size] bbcode tags (possibly can be done through phpBB3's admin panel)
    • custom bbcodes can be added directly in the admin-panel -Tub
  • Skype username
    • adding custom user fields can be done through the admin panel (adding the skype-link is another issue though) -Tub
  • Forum shortname (for IRC announces)
  • Vote tracking (so that abusive votes can be reverted)
    • supported out of the box. You'll even see a small mark on your vote after voting. -Tub
  • Custom message for trying to login on an inactive account
  • Permit showing ratings flag in user profile

Functional changes


  • Custom captcha and other user registration modifications
  • Certain robot protections
  • Check the state of username limitations in phpBB3 (length, allowed characters)
    • varchar(255), utf8 is the limit, admin-panel allows further restrictions -Tub
  • Password complexity evaluator
    • Only a forcing feature exists in BB3
  • Preventing non-moderator editing of posts that have been edited by a moderator
    • supported out of the box - when editing someone else's post, you have the option to lock the post (or you can do it manually without editing) -Tub
  • Prohibit posts of little content on user 202
  • Sandbox feature (user's posts are automatically ignored by everyone else)
  • Posting prohibition (also privmsgs) that doesn't prevent from reading
    • possible by adding a usergroup without posting/msging rights
  • Voting prohibitions
    • "voting" is a right that can be disabled on a user or group basis as well (but then we'd need a Lurker user group and a script that'll automatically upgrade them) -Tub
    • Possibly. -Bisqwit
  • Activation message mailer program


  • Custom pagination
  • Search to use MySQL fulltext indexing, instead of word index
    • supported out of the box -Tub
  • Rank system
    • ranks exist and can be manually set, a script that sets those based on posts count, submissions or similar needs to be added -Tub
    • Indeed. -Bisqwit

Cosmetic changes

  • Remove COPPA registration (possibly configurable in phpBB3)
    • is configurable. -Tub
  • Two-column layout for the forum listing
  • New: Use prosilver but put the avatar in the left column
  • Change [quote] and [code] formatting like it is now
  • French, Finnish, German and Japanese language packs
  • Reroute template resources through a virtual host that is logged separately

TASvideos and forum integration

  • Rewrite everything that uses inc/phpbbapi.php
    • Affected: [module:wikisearch], [module:editusers], [module:forumposters], submission list (forum voting data), movie pages (discussion URL), ratings pages (permit showing ratings flag), login and timezone handling (account info is pulled from phpBB)
    • At the same time, possibly some refactoring: Get rid of ForumExecute(), use database name directly
  • Announcing edits through NesVideoAgent
    • inc/nesvideoagent.php, doc/wiki.php, inc/publishfun.php, inc/queuefun.php, inc/wikifun.php
  • Utilities:
    • Automatic screenshots, purge users, HTML posting patcher, mass-publisher, nesv-posts, forum fixer, password strength measurer, user account combiner, poll abuse tracer
  • Advertisements that depend on the user's donation status
  • Player profile chart to user's profile

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