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About me

Hello, I am TASeditor, a 20 year old student from Germany. I discovered TASing back in mid 2008 as an result of searching for Speedruns on YouTube. The first TAS I watched was AKA and SwordlessLink's "0 star" run of Super Mario 64. From now I got interested how TASes are made and wanted to start TASing by my own. I knew that TASes are done on an emulator, but I didn't knew with which tool they're made. So I taught myself TASing, because at this time there were video tutorials of TASing in German a rarity.

The first try of a TAS by my own was the Japanese version of Super Mario Bros. 2. I really failed with all I had taught myself, because I had a false idea how I should TAS. I will explain it how I made this run: I set the speed down to 30% on FCEUX. I started a movie recording. And after a several seconds of gameplay I paused the emulator and stopped the movie recording and started another one. This is just a result that I didn't discovered that the savestate are hidden in the Hotkey configuration. I tried TASing with savestates which were not exactly the savestate used for TASing and they didn't work. When I did a mistake in my recording I had to playback the previous movie file and set it to unpause on the last frame and try the coming section of gameplay again. So this really sucks and you can't make a good TAS with this imagination how TASes are made. I made two TASes with like that.

After those two runs I luckily discovered the savestate which are used for TASing. This was the time I got more serious into my TAS projects. I planned the game better, did better route planning. Then I found the frame advance key, Ram Watch and Ram Search and got more professional from now on. I learned basic lua scripting and be able to write simple bots. But there's much more to learn to master TASing.

About my TAS projects

no. rewrite.

Special thanks to all the fluffy kittens on this site.

>> Taseditor / Fluffy Spikeystuffy

TODO: Write more!

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