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The Corey Burton

Hi, I'm TheCoreyBurton.

About Me

My real name is Corey (yep, Corey Burton - just like my extremely imaginative username implies). I'm a Publisher here at TASVideos. I'm from Australia and I have "absurdly amazing PC specs" (feos, Spikestuff).

Right now, that introduction is terrible and there's not much going on in this page. I'm hopefully going to have a bunch of guides related to emulation, encoding and various other tips and tricks up here eventually - but it'll be some time before I get the change to write everything out.

Emulators I can encode for: Bizhawk, Dolphin*, DOOM, Famtasia, FCEUX, Final Burn Alpha, Gens, JPC-RR, lsnes, Mupen64, Snes9x & VisualBoyAdvance - and potentially others.

With all of my encodes, I follow a pretty strict archiving practice. Each encode has the standard MKV and MP4 downloads, the HD stream - and extra encodes available at varying multiples of the console's internal resolution (with the NTSC SNES for example, I have extra encodes at 448p (2x), 672p (3x) and 896p (4x. These are all stored locally on my HDDs and are available upon request. This applies to all of my encodes as of September 2017. Encodes prior to that date are also available, but in order to achieve the same setup they had to be redone and therefore the content may vary from the original publication slightly. I also store screenshots and custom encodes done for my own personal viewing.

If you have a question for me or need to chat, message me on the forums or pop in to IRC and see if I'm online. Thanks for stopping by!

Total publications: 4

2017-09-08 05:54:39[3514] NES Platoon (USA PRG1) by RobynS in 07:37.13
2017-08-29 02:30:01[3506] N64 Paper Mario (JPN) "All Cards" by Malleoz in 2:30:33.83
2017-08-12 12:03:39[3493] N64 Super Smash Bros. (JPN) "Break the Targets & Board the Platforms" by Isotarge & Mittenz in 08:05.92
2017-06-02 14:34:57[3411] N64 Donkey Kong 64 (USA) by RingRush in 27:37.6

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