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Thunder Axe 31

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Hi! I'm an elemental weapon Italian guy who likes games and programming. Nice to meet you!

About me

Someday, I've encounter an unofficial Super Mario Bros playaround TAS on YouTube. At that time, I wasn't sure about what I was seeing, and I didn't manage to find more info right away. Still, I noticed some discussion in the comments about the author using hacks or TASing.
At some point I finally discovered TASvideos.org and, you know, got absorbed in it.
After some experiment with BizHawk I decided to begin TASing, and started studying Rolan's Curse for creating a 2-players run. During the process, I found a way to improve the current single player run, so I've created my first run and submitted it.

To be continued...

The very first videogame I ever played was Puzzle Bubble (AKA Bust-a-Move), on an arcade machine. Apparently my parents struggled to teach me how to play it. But I soon got more attracted by Metal Slug 2.
The first videogame I ever owned was a tiny arcade handheld game about basketball, got together with a pair of shoes. I played it until someday I managed to achieve maximum score, which triggered a celebrating jingle. Then I continued playing, until the day my grandmother threw it in the trash bin.
Some time later, I met a guy which allowed me to play a bit with his Pokémon Red. I immediately liked it. So, I managed to persuade my parents about buying me a GameBoy. At the store, there were only 2 Pokémon games left: Pokémon Red and Pokémon Yellow. I didn't knew much about videogames, so I picked Red in order to be sure I would get the same thing as the one I already played. Even tough they told me that the Red cartridge was in Spanish language, for some reason. Today I still don't regret that choice.
For a long time I played it all the day, all days. Some time after beating the game, I found my game overwritten. Without losing enthusiasm even I bit, I started over. And then it happened again. And again. Until I figured out that changing the PC box makes your game to save.
At some point I wanted to buy another Game Boy Color game, and since I was still clueless about the gaming world (and maybe about life in general) I asked advice from the videogame seller, which pointed to Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX. That was another great game, tough it was in English since the game never got an official Italian translation. That resulted in getting stuck at getting the second dungeon's nightmare key. For years. Until I managed to get it by chance.
Then, there was Pokémon Silver. This time in my language! I liked it even more than Red, and played even more. I had very hard battles with a friend in particular, which was always a step ahead of me, and which sometimes let me play with his Pokémon Pinball. Another friend even lent me his 42-in-1 multicart, which made me know more about Game Boy games. That's how I first played Rolan's Curse and Contra: The Alien Wars.
And then I got a PlayStation One, which opened a whole new world for me. The first evening I played so much that I got fever. Over time, I played a lot of games to the bone, like Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Tomba, Ape Escape...
And then... I got a Game Boy Advance with Pokémon Ruby and then FireRed, and then a GameCube with Pokémon Colosseum, Box, Channel, XD.
The great change was when I started playing computer games. I played Call of Duty 2, GunZ international, Oblivion, but the most important experience was playing Call of Duty 4 online, which made me actually knowingly uninterested for real life. I played it for 2 years, and then I was forced to stop due to real life problems.
Later I discovered Kongregate.com, and played its Flash games for about a year.
Lastly, I bought a Wii and played Monster Hunter Tri intensely, to the point I started seeing scenes of Jhen Mohran fight whenever I closed my eyes.
Ah! And played Metal Slug X until I got an inflammation to the forearm.

Here are the amount of hours I know I've spent to some games, approximately:
Pokémon Silver: over 400
Pokémon Ruby: over 820
Call of Duty 4: over 1000 counted, but should actually be about 1500
Monster Hunter Tri: over 300, in a single month.


Total movies: 4

[Tier: Vault]GB Rolan's Curse (USA) "game end glitch" in 04:23.4 by ThunderAxe31.
BizHawk Movie (.bk2) (date: 2016-11-13)
MKV file via BitTorrent (Modern HQ) (size: 4.67 MB, length: 05:44)
MP4 file via BitTorrent (Compatibility) (size: 5.08 MB, length: 05:44)
Mirror archive.org (MKV Modern HQ)
Mirror archive.org (MP4 Compatibility)
Watch on (www.youtube.com)
Submission #5274 — Author's comments
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Obsoletes movie #1461 (04:20.58)
Rating: Too few votes (2) to display
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- Takes damage to save time
- Major skip glitch
- Final boss skip glitch
- Heavy luck manipulation
- Genre: Action
- Genre: Adventure
Rolan's Curse is like a simplified version of the NES Legend of Zelda with slower gameplay and more restricted game world, resulting in a primitive hack-and-slash experience. Nevertheless, there exists an interesting storyline: The kingdom of Rolan has been invaded by the forces of some evil being called Barius. However, in this movie the final boss is never actually seen. Instead of meeting Barius face to face, the hero dies while defeating the first level boss. The game then decides to freak out and end right there, declaring the rest of the story unnecessary.

While this run appears to be slower than the previously published movie due to more accurate emulation, it is in fact faster by 0.36 seconds if emulation differences are not accounted for.

[Tier: Moons]GB Contra: The Alien Wars (USA) in 07:37.75 by ThunderAxe31.
BizHawk Movie (.bk2) (date: 2017-07-03)
MKV file via BitTorrent (Modern HQ) (size: 12.61 MB, length: 10:29)
MP4 file via BitTorrent (Compatibility) (size: 14.09 MB, length: 10:29)
Mirror archive.org (MKV Modern HQ)
Mirror archive.org (MP4 Compatibility)
Watch on (www.youtube.com)
Submission #5555 — Author's comments
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Rating: Too few votes (2) to display
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- Uses hardest difficulty
- Genre: Platform
- Genre: Shooter
Contra: The Alien Wars is the third entry in the Contra series. Like its predecessors, it is a predominantly side-scrolling shooter with a heavy emphasis on action. The protagonist can fire in eight directions when standing still. New abilities include climbing on walls, grabbing poles and navigating tanks. Parts of scenery can be destroyed. Originally released on the SNES, this version of the game was released on the Game Boy in 1994.

ThunderAxe31 makes quick work of this game, jumping and shooting his way through aliens as fast as possible.

[Tier: Moons]GBC Bomberman Quest (USA) "game end glitch" in 06:35.66 by ThunderAxe31.
BizHawk Movie (.bk2) (date: 2017-07-06)
MKV file via BitTorrent (Modern HQ) (size: 8.39 MB, length: 08:54)
MP4 file via BitTorrent (Compatibility) (size: 7.27 MB, length: 08:54)
Mirror archive.org (MKV Modern HQ)
Mirror archive.org (MP4 Compatibility)
Watch on (www.youtube.com)
Submission #5584 — Author's comments
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Rating: Too few votes (2) to display
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- Takes damage to save time
- Major skip glitch
- Final boss skip glitch
- Uses a game restart sequence
- Genre: Action
- Genre: RPG
Bomberman Quest is a GBC game that adds RPG elements to Bomberman typical gameplay, appearing similar to Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening.

In this movie ThunderAxe31 abuses a glitch that allows to reach places that are not supposed to be accessible, skipping about half of the game.

[Tier: Vault]GBC Devil Island (China) "demo glitch" in 02:10.28 by ThunderAxe31.
BizHawk Movie (.bk2) (date: 2017-07-18)
MKV file via BitTorrent (Modern HQ) (size: 2.62 MB, length: 02:44)
MP4 file via BitTorrent (Compatibility) (size: 3.00 MB, length: 02:44)
Mirror archive.org (MKV Modern HQ)
Mirror archive.org (MP4 Compatibility)
Watch on (www.youtube.com)
Submission #5587 — Author's comments
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Rating: 6.6 (3 votes)
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- Major skip glitch
- Uses a game restart sequence
- Heavy glitch abuse
- Genre: Platform
Devil Island (惡魔島) is an action bootleg game for the Game Boy Color developed by Vast Fame. It copies Konami's Japan-exclusive NES game, Getsu Fuuma Den, with its gameplay. The game's aesthetics are styled after the Castlevania franchise, also by Konami. Much like Castlevania, the player's default weapon is a whip, except it can be held down for rapid fire.

This run abuses the demo mode of the game to get all items and reach the end of the game early, which is why it is so short. See the author's comments for some explanations.

#5317: ThunderAxe31's Windows Pause Ahead in 00:59.42
Rejected because the current TASing tool is unable to dump this game's sound effects.

#5320: ThunderAxe31 & Mothrayas's GB Pocket Monsters: Red "SRAM glitch" in 01:00.94
Cancelled because I failed to meet the game completion requirements (game freezes after the credits) and because a different version of the game can be beaten faster by using the same glitch.

#5453: ThunderAxe31's GBC Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure in 15:10.92
Submitted as an April fools joke for anyone who could have expected my GBA Crash Bandicoot TAS. Rejected because the run itself was actually just a sloppy playthrough.

Platform Game name Branch Progress Current job Collaborator Forum topic Movie file Latest encode
GBA Crash Bandicoot - The Huge Adventure any% 79% Resyncing level 10 Spikestuff =forum/t/1210 download YT1 YT2
GBA Crash Bandicoot - The Huge Adventure 101% 2% Resyncing level 2 Spikestuff =forum/t/1210 download
GBC Digimon D-3 11% Starting level 4 download YouTube
GBC Devil Island no main skip 15% Grinding and Farming Mothrayas =forum/t/18697 download YouTube
GB Rolan's Curse 2 Players 10% Planning first boss fight =forum/t/18431
NES Lawn Mower 30% Planning level 4 download
PSX Rescue Shot 10% Starting level 2 =forum/t/18857 download YouTube

Spanky's Quest
Solomon's Club
Pokémon Red "glitchless"

Digimon Rury
Mo Jie Qibing
Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure
Pac-Man World

Castle of Deceit

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team
Saga 2: Hihou Densetsu


NEO-GEO pocket
Metal Slug 1st mission
Metal Slug 2st mission

Metal Slug X


Pause Ahead
Tower of Haven

These are text files formatted as *.wch BizHawk RAM watch files, hosted on Pastebin.com.

GB Contra: The Alien Wars
GB Rolan's Curse
GBA Crash Bandicoot - The Huge Adventure
E Mo Dao (aka Devil Island)

If any link is broken, you can still find the file in my TASVideos user storage.

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