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TASVideos publications are included in "tiers" that roughly reflect their quality, entertainment value, popularity and goal choices.

Our judges, based on the feedback a submission gets and its eligibility for a certain tier, accept a movie into one of them or reject it. After publication, a run's tier can shift based on additional feedback or on how it relates to other runs on its system and its genre.

In order for a run to be acceptable to the site, it has to be of a serious game, with a reasonable presentation and goal choices. The run has to stand out from unassisted play, and has to reach a reasonable level of technical competence in the art of tool-assisted super-plays and speedruns.

Conversely, if the audience is utterly repulsed by a movie, or the movie is for a non-serious game, such as education by rote, or board game runs with little to offer in serious gameplay, it is rejected. The same applies to movies for games which are entirely creative (drawing), or entirely rigid to the extent that players are only offer predefined choices along a predefined path, such as Choose your own Adventure.

Our lowest tier is the Vault. It is basically a collection of movies with a standard set of goals that pass technical muster and complete serious games in record time. Movies which are not all that entertaining are included here. Movies of hacks, independently of the quality of the hack in question, or those in which the author chooses a non-standard goal must be entertaining to have a chance at being published in a higher tier, since they don't have a place in the Vault.

Our middle tier is Moons. These are movies which the audience greatly appreciate beyond a level of just merely seeing a game beaten quickly. Since this deals with appreciation, those movies of a more exotic nature are acceptable here when the audience, and by extension, the judges, deem them entertaining. Movies with sufficient entertainment levels will be accepted for this tier as long as no major drawbacks are found in them.

Our highest tier is Stars. These movies are the best of the best. They feature an entertainment level and an amount of tool-assisted finesse not widely found in other movies of their platform or genre. Popularity (not to be confused with rating) is also taken into account, as well as other factors which don't necessarily directly translate to ratings. Due to the subjective nature of Stars, not all movies necessarily deserving of one will be found here. A movie may also be de-starred if other movies on the platform or the genre are published minimizing the current one by comparison.

Despite the above criteria, as mentioned, later changes will cause the perception of a particular movie to shift, moving it up or down a tier.

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