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Total uploads: 6

[753] GBA X2: Wolverine's Revenge (USA) by nitsuja in 13:57.28TAS HD: GBA X2: Wolverine's Revenge (USA) in 13:57.28 by nitsuja2011-12-27 14:54:03
[2001] NES Gargoyle's Quest II (USA) by goofydylan8 in 27:43.08TAS HD: NES Gargoyle's Quest II in 27:43 08 by goofydylan82012-03-19 18:26:54
[2007] Genesis X-Men 2: Clone Wars (USA/Europe) by Truncated & Sonikkustar in 18:46.97TAS HD: Genesis X Men 2 - Clone Wars in 18:46 97 by Truncated & Sonikkustar2012-03-23 17:50:08
[2012] GBA Metroid: Zero Mission (USA) "low%" by cpadolf in 34:42.27TAS HD: GBA Metroid Zero Mission" Low%" in 34:42.27 by Cpadolf2012-03-31 14:17:31
[2018] NES A Nightmare On Elm Street (USA) by goofydylan8 in 13:25.57TAS HD: NES A Nightmare On Elm Street in 13:25.57 by goofydylan82012-03-27 16:03:31
[2054] NES Buzz and Waldog (USA) by goofydylan8 in 20:51.24TAS HD: NES Buzz and Waldog in 20:51.24 by goofydylan82012-05-31 14:20:35