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Total uploads: 61

[291] NES Battletoads (USA) "warps, 2 players" by nesrocks in 15:29.03TAS HD: NES Battletoads (USA) 2p 'warps' in 15:29.03 by FODA2011-02-13 13:53:46
[306] NES Mega Man 2 (JPN) by Morimoto & FinalFighter in 25:34.65TAS NES Mega Man 2 (JPN) in 25:34.65 by Morimoto and FinalFighter2011-02-13 09:39:24
[310] NES Battletoads (USA) "warps, 1 player" by Phil & Genisto in 13:27.98TAS HD: NES Battletoads (USA) 1p warps in 13:27.98 by Phil & Genisto2010-11-07 09:17:16
[571] NES Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game (USA) "1 player" by Baxter in 27:03.42TAS HD: NES Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II (USA) in 27:03.42 by Baxter2010-12-14 19:54:57
[696] Genesis Pulseman (JPN) by TwistedEye in 25:16.02TAS HD: Genesis Pulseman (JPN) in 25:16.02 by TwistedEye2012-06-12 14:05:39
[762] NES Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse (JPN) "Grant path" by Samhain-Grim in 28:57.55TAS HD: NES Castlevania 3 - Dracula's Curse (JPN) "Grant path" in 28:57.55 by Samhain-Grim2010-12-30 17:39:35
[769] SNES Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose! (USA) by TwistedEye in 20:40.68TAS HD: SNES Tiny Toon Adventures - Buster Busts Loose! (USA) in 20:40.68 by Twisted Eye2010-12-15 17:11:16
[797] NES Contra (JPN) by adelikat in 08:57.98TAS HD: NES Contra (JPN) in 08:57.98 by adelikat2010-10-16 17:52:33
[978] Genesis Vectorman 2 (USA) by mmbossman in 09:01.57TAS HD: Genesis Vectorman 2 (USA) in 09:01.57 by mmbossman2010-11-03 21:47:33
[985] NES Mitsume ga Tooru (JPN) by xipo in 16:11.17TAS HD: NES Mitsume ga Tooru (JPN) in 16:11.17 by xipo2010-12-12 12:18:18
[1013] NES River City Ransom (USA) "playaround" by adelikat & JXQ in 12:55.38TAS HD: NES River City Ransom (USA) "Playaround" in 12:55.38 by adelikat & JXQ2010-11-06 15:38:24
[1014] NES Journey to Silius (USA) by klmz in 09:32.03TAS HD: NES Journey to Silius (USA) in 09:32.03 by klmz2010-11-03 17:21:40
[1028] NES Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers 2 (USA) "2 players" by dragonxyk in 11:04.65TAS HD: NES Chip 'n Dale - Rescue Rangers 2 (USA) in 11:04.65 by dragonxyk2011-03-17 05:07:49
[1041] Genesis RoboCop versus The Terminator (USA) by Cardboard in 14:06.92TAS HD: Genesis Robocop vs. the Terminator (USA) in 14:06.92 by Cardboard2012-06-30 20:25:11
[1043] NES Tom & Jerry (USA) by HHS in 08:37.22TAS HD: NES Tom & Jerry (USA) in 08:37.22 by HHS2010-10-26 18:54:58
[1098] Genesis Contra: Hard Corps (JPN) by adelikat in 14:11.9TAS HD: Genesis Contra - Hard Corps (JPN) in 14:11.9 by adelikat2010-11-09 17:59:18
[1101] Genesis The Lion King (World) by Mukki in 14:02.73TAS HD: Genesis The Lion King in 14.02.73 by Mukki2010-11-10 15:10:56
[1120] SNES Super Turrican (USA) by Cardboard in 11:30.58TAS HD: SNES Super Turrican (USA) in 11:30.58 by Cardboard2011-02-21 16:14:33
[1128] NES Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers (USA) "2 players" by dragonxyk in 09:25.73TAS HD: NES Chip 'n Dale - Rescue Rangers (USA) 2 Players in 09:25.73 by dragonxyk2010-11-03 15:59:36
[1207] NES Zen: Intergalactic Ninja (USA) by max12187566 in 12:28.07TAS: NES Zen Intergalactic Ninja (USA) in 12:28.07 by max121875662010-11-21 09:56:52
[1220] Genesis Castlevania: Bloodlines (USA) "John Morris" by Samhain-Grim & Truncated in 27:36.17TAS HD: Genesis Castlevania: Bloodlines "John Morris" in 27:36.17 by Samhain-Grim & Truncated2012-06-30 17:21:17
[1221] Genesis Castlevania: Bloodlines (USA) "Eric Lecarde" by Samhain-Grim & Truncated in 27:41.93TAS HD: Genesis Castlevania: Bloodlines "Eric Lecarde" in 27:41.93 by Samhain-Grim & Truncated2012-06-30 12:17:02
[1267] NES Disney's DuckTales (USA) by Aglar in 07:06.02TAS HD: NES Duck Tales (USA) in 07:06.02 by Aglar2011-01-25 18:54:33
[1282] NES Zen: Intergalactic Ninja (USA) by max12187566 in 11:46.65TAS HD: NES Zen Intergalactic Ninja (USA) in 11:46.65 by max12187566 [FIXED palette]2010-11-06 15:57:09
[1310] Genesis Wolverine: Adamantium Rage (USA) by mmbossman in 10:47.68TAS HD: Genesis Wolverine - Adamantium Rage (USA) in 10:47.68 by mmbossman2010-12-26 18:39:49
[1409] Genesis Disney's The Jungle Book (USA) by maTO in 08:17.17TAS HD: Genesis The Jungle Book (USA) in 08:17.17 by maTO2011-03-16 16:56:02
[1491] Genesis Universal Soldier (USA) by maTO in 10:38.7TAS HD: Genesis Universal Soldier (USA) in 10:38.7 by maTO2011-06-03 17:39:49
[1495] Genesis Mega Turrican (USA) by maTO in 12:51.95TAS HD: Genesis Mega Turrican (USA) in 12:51.95 by maTO2010-12-26 15:28:06
[1521] Genesis Vectorman (USA/Europe) by cpadolf in 11:06.6TAS HD: Genesis Vectorman (USA/Europe) in 11:06.6 by Cpadolf2010-11-04 06:45:18
[1553] NES Shatterhand (USA) by Cardboard in 17:43.23TAS HD: NES Shatterhand (USA) in 17:43.23 by Cardboard2011-02-23 14:25:58
[1575] NES Tiny Toon Adventures (USA) by Kyman in 11:01.88TAS HD: NES Tiny Toon Adventures (USA) in 11:01.88 by Kyman2010-10-12 16:24:47
[1594] NES Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (USA) by adelikat in 16:26.89TAS HD: NES Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (USA) in 16:26.89 by adelikat2011-03-18 14:08:02
[1701] NES Astérix (Europe) by Aglar & Randil in 05:43.05TAS HD: Aglar & Randil's NES Asterix in 05:43.052010-12-19 17:50:01
[1716] NES Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game (USA) "2 players" by x2poet in 30:20.92TAS HD: NES Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 "2 players" in 30:20.92 by x2poet2010-12-31 08:04:39
[1765] GBA Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance (USA) "in bounds" by sksk1990 in 28:27.17TAS HD: GBA Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance 'In Bounds' in 28:27.17 by sksk19902011-03-13 06:10:20
[1767] Arcade Metal Slug (World) by x2poet in 12:10.23TAS HD: Arcade Metal Slug - Super Vehicle-001 (World) in 12:10.23 by x2poet2011-03-25 14:10:00
[1769] Genesis Chakan: The Forever Man (USA) by Sonikkustar in 12:08.52TAS HD: Genesis Chakan - The Forever Man in 12:08.52 by Sonikkustar2011-03-26 20:21:51
[1773] Arcade Top Hunter: Roddy & Cathy (World) by x2poet in 12:49.1TAS HD: Arcade Top Hunter - Roddy & Cathy in 12:49.1 by x2poet2011-03-30 14:40:23
[1783] NES Contra (JPN) by zyr2288 in 08:51.73TAS HD: NES Contra in 08:51.73 by zyr22882011-04-08 06:41:53
[1787] GBA Metal Slug Advance (USA) by x2poet in 12:52.62TAS HD: GBA Metal Slug Advance in 12:52.62 by x2poet2011-04-11 14:34:44
[1792] Genesis Ranger X (USA) by Truncated & TheRandomPie_IV in 09:32.5TAS HD: Genesis Ranger-X in 09:32.5 by Truncated and TheRandomPie_IV2011-04-24 10:51:33
[1800] NES Bio Force Ape (JPN) by RT-55J in 04:30.02TAS HD: NES Bio Force Ape in 04:30.02 by RT-55J2011-04-30 08:39:25
[1816] NES Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers (USA) "1 player" by Aglar in 09:54.37TAS HD: NES Chip 'n Dale - Rescue Rangers in 09:54.37 by Aglar2011-06-01 18:27:34
[1915] NES Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (USA) by MESHUGGAH & Randil in 02:57.56MESHUGGAH and Randil - Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade TAS in 02:57.562011-11-06 13:27:50
[1922] DS Metal Slug 7 (USA) "Marco" by mtvf1 in 23:10.7TAS HD: DS Metal Slug 7 (USA) Marco in 23:10.7 by mtvf12012-06-15 09:53:16
[1930] NES Zen: Intergalactic Ninja (USA) by feos in 11:34.21TAS HD: Zen Intergalactic Ninja in 11:34.21 by feos2011-12-03 18:27:38
[1951] NES Bram Stoker's Dracula (USA) by Randil in 13:19.85TAS HD: NES Bram Stoker's Dracula in 13:19.85 by Randil2011-12-13 16:03:08
[1978] SNES Super Metroid (JPN/USA) "X-Ray glitch" by cpadolf in 21:25.12TAS HD: SNES Super Metroid (JPN/USA) "glitched" in 21:25.12 by Cpadolf2012-06-14 15:29:24
[2060] Genesis Batman Forever (World) by Keirden in 15:27.02TAS HD: Genesis Batman Forever in 15:27.02 by Keirden2012-06-10 12:32:05
[2069] NES Clash at Demonhead (USA) by Randil in 18:09.22TAS HD: NES Clash at Demonhead in 18:09.22 by Randil2012-06-18 19:31:17
[2070] Genesis High Seas Havoc (USA) by philipptr in 19:52.22TAS HD: Genesis High Seas Havoc in 19:52.22 by philipptr2012-07-03 18:19:47
[2075] GBA Tekken Advance (USA) "Tag Battle" by AKheon in 07:38.97TAS HD: GBA Tekken Advance "Tag Battle" in 07:38.97 by AKheon2012-07-14 17:17:38
[2079] NES Final Fantasy (USA) by TheAxeMan in 1:09:57.7TAS HD: NES Final Fantasy in 1:09:57.7 by TheAxeMan2012-07-17 15:55:01
[2083] Genesis Streets of Rage 2 (USA) by Sonikkustar in 22:58.57TAS HD: Genesis Streets of Rage 2 in 22:58.57 by Sonikkustar2012-07-25 04:01:28
[2410] Genesis Sonic the Hedgehog (World, r1) by Tee-N-Tee in 14:28.6TAS HD: Genesis Sonic the Hedgehog (any,r1) in 14:28.6 by Tee-N-Tee2013-07-01 15:46:16
[2410] Genesis Sonic the Hedgehog (World, r1) by Tee-N-Tee in 14:28.6TAS HD: Genesis Sonic the Hedgehog (any,r1) in 14:28.6 by Tee-N-Tee [CAMHACK]2013-07-02 07:12:05
[2414] NES Ufouria: The Saga (Europe) by Aglar in 23:52.6TAS HD: NES Ufouria in 23:52.6 by Aglar2013-07-05 18:21:41
[2418] NES Super C (USA) "1 player" by Soig in 12:25.19TAS HD: NES Super C "1 player" in 12:25 by 陈立杰 (Soig)2013-07-10 16:59:47
[2419] SNES Super Mario All-Stars: The Lost Levels (USA) "warpless, Luigi" by KFCMARIO in 34:52.69TAS HD: SNES Super Mario All-Stars: Lost Levels "Luigi, warpless" in 34:52.69 by KFCMARIO2013-07-16 08:30:30
[2420] NES King Kong 2: Ikari no Megaton Punch (JPN) by max12187566 in 02:58.07TAS HD: NES King Kong 2: Ikari no Megaton Punch in 02:58.07 by max121875662013-07-18 12:41:27
[2425] SNES Vegas Stakes (USA) by hero of the day in 02:43.2TAS HD: SNES Vegas Stakes in 02:43.2 by hero of the day2013-07-17 20:14:47