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Vanilla Coke

Hi, I am a tasty beverage who also happens to do many things including TAS.

I came across Nitsuja's run of Sonic 2 on YouTube in 2009. I found out that this speed run was a TAS when I clicked on a link in the description (which lead here). I immediately recognized TASing wasn't a foreign concept at all. I had RNG abused in games like Final Fantasy VI with savestates for almost a decade, but then I would wonder what the game would look like played back without all of the saving and loading fluff. That's exactly what a TAS can provide, but much much more.

I didn't actually start on any kind of TAS until December 2010 due to a lack of a good computer. Even so, I was still exposed to TASes by being subscribed to channels like webnations and Swordless Link's and watching them on my phone. If a computer would ever land in my lap, I decided that I jump in the frey and make my own TAS. Shortly after building a computer in November 2010, I also finished up Sonic Colors DS 100%. I remembered TASVideos and to my surprise it was possible to TAS DS games.

Since finishing Sonic Colors, I have been working on Rush off and on the past six months. I'm also currently working on a secret project on the DS. It's nothing that I've suggested I may run, it's something completely new.

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