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Note: This is a legacy page for archival purposes. The Vault system was retired on August 15th, 2021.

The vault is the lowest publication tier at TASVideos. Its focus is exclusively on collecting tool-assisted speedrun records.


  • This category represents the fastest completion times for a minimum set of goals.
  • Its purpose is to fulfill the site's goal of being a TAS records site, and a central repository of tool-assisted literature and information.

Entertainment requirements

  • Entertainment value has little to no significance
  • Opportunities to entertain the audience where it does not affect time is not a requirement. However, it is encouraged and can be used as a tie-breaker for two equally fast movies.
  • Opportunities to entertain the audience where it does affect time are discouraged, though not disallowed if the overall technical quality and optimization are up to par. A movie that does not have speed/entertainment tradeoffs will always be prioritized over one that does.
  • Aims to fulfill the site's goal of being a Tool-assisted Speedrun records site, as well as be an information based central repository for the body of TAS literature.

Technical requirements

  • Must beat, or at the very least match, all existing speedrun records.
  • Must show a proficient understanding of TAS techniques and be perceived as well optimized. I.e. should not have obvious pauses, mistakes, or sloppy play.
  • In rare cases, there will be a sloppier movie that is faster than a more optimized movie due to the use of a major skip discovery. In this case, the faster of the two movies is preferred.
  • The guidelines for difficulty settings, and password use still apply.

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