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Hello, my name is Josh, aka "Chaos Crusader" Velitha. I'm currently a Publisher for TASVideos. I make a good guinea pig for what I call "Idiot-Testing", as when it comes to building computers I'm good at it, but when it comes to get things like AVISynth to work, I'm kinda clueless. Don't mistake me for being a total noob at computers, I've been working on them for a long time, but most of it is just minor stuff.

My nickname originally came from the RNG from World of Warcraft. I was making a Belfadin (That is, Blood Elf Paladin... yes I make chicks, if I'm gonna be looking at somebody's behind for 6 hours a day, it'd better look... 'nice'...), and clicked on "randomize" and came up with "Velitha" as an RNG result. Since that name is taken on nearly EVERY SERVER, I had to use "Vanitha" (Vanity is a word I like to describe myself as :) as my pally on Aerie Peak. I since moved her to sh1tty Velen (server self-joke). The "Chaos Crusader" part is my self-title from a 'book' I'm writing... I can call myself whatever I darn well wanna in writing :)

People do mistake my love of writing for me being a girl >.> I can't help it sometimes lol. I write like I talk. I also have a tendency to get wrapped up in something and never put it down till I've strangled every last ounce of enjoyment out of it.

I used to live in a cherry orchard, but have since moved out to be with Stephanie Watson (she goes by Joelle on IRC and the like, her middle name is Joelle), but things have not worked out between us, and she has moved out. It has broken my heart (supposedly this makes me a stronger person >.>).

I'm a long time TAS fan. I started visiting when I learned of a tas that I have long since forgotten which one it was :/ . When I learned the site was 'closing' (LAME APRIL FOOLS JOKE BTW) I came out of the darkness to voice my opinion. It was around 2007 when I first visited, and lurked around. (I remember the "Teddy survives" encode hehe)

I took a break from TASVideos now that the drama has died down to deal with some RL stuff. I'm almost always on the IRC channel, and I usually respond quickly to PMs.

Oh and one more thing... I have Asperger's Syndrome. Kinda like ADHD, on crack. IRL, I take stuff kinda literally, and in conversations, I usually end up saying something 'dirty-sounding' innocently/accidentally. People also say I have a hard time interpreting 'body language' (and not the song neither) and verbal cues. In english: I sometimes have problems understanding what you say if you word it wrong.


My Dailymotion Account.

My Youtube Channel

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My notable encodes include:


I've been heavily working on the Hybrid Encoding Script as of late, along with an amazing Batch File. Currently, I'm eyeing automated encoding. While encoding will probably never be truely automated, the progress I've gotten is amazing. Currently, after subtitles are placed in, my batch and the script work together to produce all the needed encodes.

I've also modified my batch file for the user to be able to pick and choose which encodes to do. I even added a simple file check to help with troubleshooting.

Every time I get close to releasing it "to the public", I find some major flaw, or do some drastic change. Like a TAS, I want perfection :P

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