Tool-assisted game movies
When human skills are just not enough


Games I would like to TAS

If I'm ever motivated to do them;


Magic Sword (maybe? start from floor 33)




Ring of Power (huge planning to do)



Games Possible Improvement

Sword Master (NES)

I'll be pointing out where would be possible to improve by according to my current run.

1150 - Skeleton battle, maybe it's possible to make it faster just like frame 14310.
2230 - Another skeleton battle, again maybe it's possible to make it faster just like frame 14310.
3740 - Attacking the fireball seem to be cause of minor lag, check to see if avoiding to kill it will gain any frames faster?
5160 - Dinosaur battle, check to see if he would dash up any quicker if not attack him at all?
9360 - Flying demon battle, do not grab explosion magic - it was never used in the run.
12530 - Jumping in ceiling, it seem like I had slow-down there - it could be jumping too high back there. Fix it there? Also try to be in air as much as possible, landing cause 1~2 frame behind each time.
13630 - Red axe man battle, I think it would be possible to manipulate him into throwing axe as soon as possible so to get around behind earlier.
16600 - Red armor battle, I am thinking that it could be faster if this enemy didn't duck and shoot so often, try to manipulate him?
18040 - Blue wizard, use thunder special twice - should be big time improvement.
18980 - I had switched to explosion magic, but it was deselected when final boss shows up. Should save at least 5 frames not doing that.

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