Tool-assisted game movies
When human skills are just not enough


Games I would like to TAS

If I'm ever motivated to do them;


Magic Sword (maybe? start from floor 33)




Ring of Power (huge planning to do)
Super Hydlide (I was close to do whole game, I still need to figure out if I need or don't need compass for space)



Games Possible Improvement

Sword Master (NES)

I'll be pointing out where would be possible to improve by according to my current run.

1150 - Skeleton battle, maybe it's possible to make it faster just like frame 14310.
2230 - Another skeleton battle, again maybe it's possible to make it faster just like frame 14310.
3740 - Attacking the fireball seem to be cause of minor lag, check to see if avoiding to kill it will gain any frames faster?
5160 - Dinosaur battle, check to see if he would dash up any quicker if not attack him at all?
9360 - Flying demon battle, do not grab explosion magic - it was never used in the run.
12530 - Jumping in ceiling, it seem like I had slow-down there - it could be jumping too high back there. Fix it there? Also try to be in air as much as possible, landing cause 1~2 frame behind each time.
13630 - Red axe man battle, I think it would be possible to manipulate him into throwing axe as soon as possible so to get around behind earlier.
16600 - Red armor battle, I am thinking that it could be faster if this enemy didn't duck and shoot so often, try to manipulate him?
18040 - Blue wizard, use thunder special twice - should be big time improvement.
18980 - I had switched to explosion magic, but it was deselected when final boss shows up. Should save at least 5 frames not doing that.

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